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  1. Ya I have had this set up for about a week. I have used unigine benchmarking programs, on the most ULTRA settings on those I got 130 fps average and 200 max, on lowest settings I got 320 average and 520 max, but in this old game with its potato graphics.... only 100-130 frames...? I will try and do the "set affinity" fix when I get home, hopefully that will work.
  2. I made a $1700 upgrade to my PC (not just for this game lmfao): i7 4790k EVGA 980 ti 16gb ram (up from 8) and other shizz Frames are definitely higher than before, I am mostly getting 110-130, but sometimes in cities with a lot of players my fps goes down to 60-70 (but no less than that). With my setup and this games engine... I should easily be getting 300 frames. I have not overclocked anything.
  3. i need AEF sig please ! vozz why you leave? you going axis?
  4. do you have pictures of allied tanks so i can make pak/flak/panzer guide for axis?
  5. lol? you should be honored when pulling a tormented
  6. in nandrin just now i spawned stug to kill an m10 east of town, i shot at him, saw my round ABOUT to hit him (literally 1 foot from his frontal armor, at 650m range) and he flickers out and round goes passed and then he kills me, i wont mention his name but i think server either needs restart or he is cheating.