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  1. In settings make sure its set to your monitors resolution
  2. I use these and have for a long time http://www.kxproject.com/index.php?language=en
  3. If things here are so bad then why do you keep coming back? If i don't like something i leave and don't return. Obviously something makes you want to play but you don't have the $$$ to subscribe don't want to pay $$$ to subscribe just want to complain and hope CRS gives you something for nothing
  4. My apologies if this sounds harsh. If you can't afford to pay $9.99 a month then you probably shouldn't be spending time playing video games:confused:
  5. If you like a coordinated defense of a town, then this is where you need to be. Just returned to the squad after a long hiatus.
  6. Not sure free to play accounts can create a squad.
  7. Jay, Blitzkader does that on a regular basis. Hook up with fsjr02
  8. TRy rightclicking and "run as administrator" first time
  9. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/Library/Windows/Hardware/ff570088(v=vs.85).aspx Also google it;)
  10. Get that badboy OC'd from 3.4 What size monitor you running? Whats your AA and AF settings on? Turn shadows off/low Infantry LOD low i think. Old threads but the info is still good http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=356181 and http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=381068
  11. Is this the uber that used to be part of Der Tiger with OJ and 6?
  12. https://secure.wwiionline.com/users/password/index.jsp
  13. SPD, is TS mandatory?