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  1. ok CRS, please tell me NOW whats happening, before I get too angry. Its been "syncing" for 5 hours (really 5 hour, not joking) now so please tell me whats happening:mad:
  2. When I try to play online, theres this syncing stuff happening right now. Why is the server unavailable atm? is it maintenance or bugging? If its a maintenance, when will it end?
  3. oh ok, thank you ancord, At least CRS is doing something about it:)
  4. of course, I know about the fru cool down, I waited the cool down and it becomes green. And it doesn't work.
  5. Ok, I found a bug ingame. When I was the ML, I setted an fru, after minutes or so, my Fru got destroyed and when I tried to set fru, IT DOES NOT WORK! I'm the ML, the fb is still not destroyed, and it is green but when I click, it doesnt do anything. Because of this, I got killed and I needed to do another long travel with a truck. Can someone tell me if they got the same thing or is it only me? Please help