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  1. Do you know if your squad Has tools for training new players? Do you know how has it in ur squad? Find out about said tools for training new player !! CAREER OF EVIL
  2. Whats this vodkaace ..guy talking about.. what jk lol the names great and i hope you get the squad off the ground lol CAREER OF EVIL
  3. so ur saying download it again? i just dl 3 or 4 days a go. and set my video card setting to low? what did you download and what dl do i dl first? ill do just what you did. xp home here. what you use?
  4. i get that same thing .lucky we never payed for this lol
  5. i cant get in the game? i just get kicked back to the desktop or Unable to connect to the patch sever
  6. hi 116th Division iam lookin to join a tank team. if i every get the game working . if you guys like ill try help out ? PM ME ANYTIME CAREER OF EVIL
  7. hi Canada here ILL JOIN IF I EVER GET THE DAM GANE TO WORK? I UNINSTALLED AND REINSATTED THE GAME LIKE 40 TIMES . WORKED ON IT FOR 3 DAY NOW . I HAVE FREE ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW IF I DONT GET IT TO WORK BEFOR 2 WEEKS IS UP TO SEE WHATS ITS LIKE LOL..i tryed every way to install the game .i would have gave up but i like wwII. BATTLEFIELD 2 PROJECT REALITY.starting to look the best thing to do . lucky i never payed for .battle ground europe yet. its 3 day gone from my free try out lol