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  1. That's what happens when a game's reputation and playerbase hit rock bottom many years prior but was never allowed to die.
  2. Whip out your camera, do some short interviews with the new team and give us a glimpse of what CRS is working on, then publish it to youtube and share it around! I'd be interested to see you guys hard at work and it would fit nicely in line with modern development and advertising/hyping techniques.
  3. How to add a signiture and a profile picture to your world war 2 online forum account: ADD A SIGNITURE 1) On the ww2online forums, click your name in the upper right corner and select 'Account Settings'. 2) On the next page, select 'Signiture' from the options on the left 3) Now open a new browser tab and go here and upload your desired signiture by clicking the big green "New Post" button at the top. 4) Once uploaded, right click the image itself and select 'view image' from the dropdown menu. That will open a new page with just your signiture on it. Copy the URL from the search bar (highlight it and press ctrl+c to copy). 5) Now go back to the browser tab with ww2online forums open on your signiture page as per steps 1 and 2. Paste the URL you copied into the signiture box on that page and make sure the button "View Signitures" is green. 6) Press 'Save' at the bottom. Congratulations! Your signiture will now be displayed on all of you posts, old and new! ADD A PROFILE PICTURE For this you must create a Gravatar account, do so here (it's free) Once you have created your account, you can upload your desired profile picture to Gravatar. The following instructions will explain how to get that to appear on the ww2online forums. IMPORTANT: When you upload your image to Gravatar it will ask you what age rating you want to give it based on the image content. You must select the top option, viewable by everybody, else it will not appear on ww2online's forums. 1) On the ww2online forums, click your name in the upper right corner and select 'profile'. 2) Find the profile picture box on the left of the page and click the little photo button in the bottom left corner of the profile picture box. 3) Select the 'Use Gravatar' tickbox 4) Write your Gravatar email address (the email address you used to register your Gravatar account) into the box labelled 'Gravatar Email' 5) Press 'Save' Your profile picture will now update within an hour or so, if not instantly. If nothing appears and your profile picture remains grey/blank, then you either have not uploaded an image on your profile on Gravatar's website, or you rated your image as PG, 18+ or whatever. THE IMAGE MUST BE SET AS FRIENDLY TO ALL AGES TO SHOW UP HERE. Did you know?! On your ww2online profile page you can also set your own custom banner! Click your name in the top right corner on the ww2online forums and select 'profile'. Then just click the grey area where a banner would be and select an image and you're done! I hope that helped! <S>
  4. I hope you're enjoying the game, tuesdaysgo!
  5. I built a proper fortified FMS position today... Was great fun and seemingly a tough cookie to crack!
  6. Thanks for your hard work, though I personally think you were too nice. Planetside 2 dealt with harrassment from clans threatening to leave if so and so wasn't done, by banning every single one of them and publishing a very strict no tolerance policy to go along with it. I would go full ww2online'emon ... Gotta ban'em all!
  7. This this and so much more this, you need to spread these ideas throughout the server. I know I for one will be adopting them right away!
  8. Thanks everyone! That clears that up nicely!
  9. Artillary was a heavilly used tactic by all fronts, though to most success by the Red Army on the eastern front, and it posed a significant threat to defending forces, threatening to dislodge them from their encamped positions. I imagine it working like an ATG firing mortar shells over greater distances (most likely from FB's into target towns), with much larger shells. It would give more tactical availability to high command, setting up artillary barrages to remove AI positions and break up defending forces without needing to risk the lives of men or armor. It would provide targets for the airforce to focus on and annhilate, also enhancing the AA game at FB's. It'd add dramatic, large explosions pounding the town for the infantry and armor fighting it on the ground. And it could be used to provide creeping smoke barrages with more effectiveness than mortars. Supply would need to be very limited, no more than 3 guns per flag perhaps, to avoid spam. And the rank of artillary usage would need to be set to atleast 5, possibly even being restricted to HC staff only? I can't speak for how easily it would be to implement as I have no idea, but it's something i'd like to see added none the less!
  10. So last time I played things were abit different, I need some help here regarding building different 'structures'. When I play as infantry, I press '9' and get the option to build one of those lying down cover positions, with the ui telling me "aim to cycle | fire to build", the problem is that aim doesn't cycle anything, I only get the option to build that 1 type of cover position. I see other people running around building sandbag walls and atg bunkers, but I have no idea how to select them. Is there only a specific class that can do more than 1 type? Like engineer? Or am I missing something? Thanks! <S>
  11. hahahaha that's brilliant!! xD But no! This is my new signiture! I made it already! D: I'm playing allied though... It's all kinda backwards, leave me alone! lol!
  12. Anyone know if there's a PDF or somewhere to find this damage info on all vehicles?
  13. Could always reduce the supply of SMG's in the game, rifle fights are more fun than spray and pray anyway if you ask me!
  14. Thanks alot! =)
  15. I decided to start playing again yesterday and i'm enjoying being back, just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone, I look forward to fighting alongside you once again! I hope all is well, and good luck to CRS with the upcoming Steam launch! Very exciting stuff and I hope it yields results! See you on the battlefield! P.S Think it's time for a new forum signiture? Edit: I've made my new signiture already!