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  1. Also, defensive players have a huge advantage with the caps stat. Resetting a CP even from just 1% will give you a full capture in stats. Most of my caps are from attacking which is much harder. I am clearly the better rifleman.
  2. what I am saying is that the top rifleman calculations (or any other infantry unit) factor in captures with every unit, not just the rifleman. So slpk has 184 captures with all units, yet he is also listed as having 184 with just the rifleman. This is unlikely considering the vast majority of his kills and sorties are with the LMG. And yes some of my captures shouldnt be counted on this list either (although like 90% of my captures are with the rifleman)
  3. They count captures with all units. So even though I have 16 times as many rifle kills as slpk in second he is number 1 because he has capped 180 some CPs with his LMG. Seems stupid to me that his LMG stats make him top rifleman when I am clearly a better rifleman.
  4. who plays for points? lol
  5. sorry, that is not enough to be stats
  6. Cant blame allies for overpop, its not fun to play turtle mode.
  7. Bump for an amazing squad.
  8. Ill be coming for the beer.
  9. KGW and 22sas get my vote.