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  1. Waste of money. Both 10.7 and 10.6 users reported the problem so it's not OS related.
  2. Well apparently it's not all mac users that are affected so it must be considered a 'minor' issue. Clock is ticking.
  3. The thing here is it's not the one time that this happens where everyone freaks out. It's the addition of all these bugs and things that go wrong, unfixed bugs for long periods of time that start to build up for the PAYING customer.Add to that the way CRS handles things in the forums and you get unsatisfied/angry customers. We have been in a beta-testing kind of environment for the best part of the last 2 months and yes, we're paying for it (or have been in my case, some on wb soldier free play) so you'd expect CRS to show a bit more initiative in communicating about bugs and possible fixes. Then there's always the save that it's 'community support' so it's not considered the right place to ask for bug fixes/reporting and basically means these forums can be ignored at will... Anyways I've had it. 1 more week on trial and if this thing isn't fixed by then it's good bye for my sub for an extended period. It's not the fact that I'm paying to play a bugged game/beta test but the way the company continues to handle these issues. In a way that really makes me not want to continue supporting them with money. And by the sheer time this thread has been up and not locked or vanished one can assume how many times a Rat has read it.
  4. Well after about 10 tries it did log on. So if you manage to find some patience you might be able to play a bit...until you right click on the map.