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  1. If anyone wants to multicrew with me on the San Francisco, I'd love the company.
  2. I've requested the San Francisco on the other thread. Email on the way...
  3. I'll take the Maryland. Opps, it's taken. I'll go with the San Francisco then...
  4. yeah, I was flying ENE toward Frank at around 4k or so and saw you crossing behind me high heading south. I has hoping you might not have seen me, but saw you bank left and start a circling dive and got in behind me. IIRC we did several rounds exchanging passes with me unloading with my TG and then circle diving/spiral to my right. On your last pass, I lost all power on my left engine and almost lost control of my bird, but recovered, dropped my gear and flaps and executed an emergency landing. about 3k W of Frankfurt. I then either gut strafed by someone else, or my engine was on fire and the fuel tank finally blew. Couldn't tell since my TG died on your last pass, (had maybe 50 rounds left on the last drum) so I couldn't see if the engine was flaming or not.
  5. Early or on time depending on your perspective. Was intented to start at 2pm Rat time, but because of confusion between CST and CDT, I'm sure quite a few showed up for a 3pm start.
  6. were you the one who finally got me about 5k west of frank by the river? I kept doing corkscrew dives to to the right to shake you, but you always would jump right back on after I leveled off.
  7. Nice! Looks like you guys kept your group pretty tight.
  8. Yeah, I think we had a decent turnout of the bomber pilots and TGs, but not a single Low group escort showed, and heard the rest didn't fare better. Low would have made it I think to bomb release if we had at least 2 fighters with us.
  9. I'll take an Allied bomber, any group is fine....