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  1. I don’t what you Americans call it, but in Canada and Australia and UK it’s called a slouch hat. or perhaps you get BGE cap badge? Or perhaps a stainless water bottle for vehicle cup holder. I use 4 a day , so having a BGE one or 4 would be awesome.
  2. Here is a proof of concept taken from this AM before server reset. Not everything works properly, and I had to hash the results somewhat, but this should illustrate the concept nicely.
  3. Well, I decided I would go ahead and build a different kind of map, an old fashioned information map rather than a geographic map. We'll see :D. It should still be valid after the change over.
  4. Thanks kindly
  5. Okay, well, I will leave it where it is at for the time being. When we have more information we can look at this in further detail. Is there anything else I can lend a hand with?
  6. With the announcement of the new supply system, it would appear to me that most of this data is going to be no longer valid, and no longer needed. Is that a fair assessment? I've got all the xml sources now generating tables and was going to start working on an interface and UI design this week, but after this weekends announcement I"m not sure if it is still going to be valid.
  7. Where do you all host the images for your signature pictures?
  8. I wish I had kept the screen shot. About 3 yrs ago I was shelling a tank across the small valley with my matte when a 190 decides to take a run through the valley. He flew right into my AP round, kaboom. First and only time I killed a plane with a tank. Was funny as hell.
  9. var myDeathmap = ajaxGet (wwii_xml + "deathmap.10m.xml") ; where are the global variables wwii_xml and wwii_xmlQuery defined?
  10. Getting some programmed and working. Where are the static data methods defined ? e.g. wwii_facilities[id] returns a facility array from id number. Having trouble finding the definitions for the death map. wwii_deathmap is defined in all the deathmap.js files. but, how do I call it? thought it would be with unix time but that doesn't seem to work, always returns "undefined". Yes, I'm new to Java script.
  11. Ya, never mind, it's now no longer greyed out. Have to find a better browser than Safari, too many truly weird bugs!
  12. I'm having an issue with my forum signature. I was able to edit it one time, but now I can't even get the signature setting to come up at all. How do you get to it other than from the profile setting?
  13. erm, finally got around to looking at the https://webmap.wwiionline.com, that does pretty much everything I was actually looking for. Though some aspects of presentation could be better, it's very good over all.
  14. Has anyone done any web based development for the wiretap datasets?
  15. kk, I will have something basic by the weekend, beauty comes later Is there a forum or some such for community developers? There will be questions.