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  1. That was sweet, great work all round.
  2. Need the forests back. On the map they are marked, but when you go there, not even a bush. Also need the rivers fixed so that Fairmille can once again see across the landscape and provide effective fire.
  3. I wish I could be there for festivities. It sounds like it will be a really good time. I'm sure you'll do fine, no matter what happens, you will learn to make the next one even better. So relax, have a tea and enjoy the experience.
  4. @BLKHWK8 Appreciate the update blkhwk8. I know you guys are working on possible fixes for a [censored] ton of stuff. I also know that most of you are volunteers, and that I'm sure, blows everyone's mind considering how much has been done in the last couple of years. Personally, I can't wait for some of the terrain bugs to be fixed, woot! Keep up the hard work, and keep up the updates, even if they are just "we are working on stuff" They are TRULY appreciated by most! It also gives us something to pass along to other players in game who don't bother with forums.
  5. I call it “lag” because that’s what everyone in game calls it, when in fact it appears to me to game mechanics issue. There will always be cases when actual network lag comes into play, but I’m betting that what we actually seeing is an energy transfer issue. Perhaps some rounds pass through the infantry model without transferring the correct energy. Perhaps that code simply needs an audit. However, in the mean time, a hot fix may be to simply lower the threshold. Of course CRS will have to balance the change with our concepts of injury vs mortal wound. And they could probably setup the timer with its own energy threshold. lets look at finding ways to fix things, tweak ideas that may make them work. Or present alternative fixes. I really don’t want to have yet another flame war or negative nanny thread, we’ve had way too many of those. I get it, my solutions are just ideas. @jwilly ya, good suggestion to not treat all wounds as eventually mortal, but perhaps they can find a threshbetween injury and eventually mortal, since I doubt there is a game mechanic for wound type, it is most likely an energy transfer model. @Zebbeee that is a good suggestion. @merlin51 lots of good points and lots of food for thought. As to the ultra fast deploy, I’ve seen it frequently, very frequently. It happens, it is clearly some form of bug, the only fix for that has to be audit of that code. Not fun. But if you have any ideas for how to regulate these “issues” I for one would love to hear them.
  6. I also want to make clear that CRS staff and volunteers are doing a fantastic job of keeping the game alive and pushing it forwards. This game deserves to advanced and improved, and CRS is battling an uphill battle with amazing resolve. I only hope to help improve issues that are currently causing players to leave the game, or threaten to leave the game. I also hope to start a discussion that focuses on solutions, or at least ideas for solutions. They don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be workable. Yes, I’m an allied player, and I can only point out things that I see from the allied side, so please, allow some leeway here. We don’t need acrimony, we need to be together, helping find ways for CRS t retain players, whether new ones or old ones. Together I am certain we can come up with solutions, and refinements rather than arguments. After all, we all love this game or we not still be here.
  7. @merlin51you are correct, the same solution could apply across the board easily. And would introduce even more balance. However, we have to exclude smg s from this discusssion. They are designed to be fired from the should and the hip. One might argue for the French LMG to be fireable from the hip, as that was part of its original design purview. Never the less. Any fix has to take into all sides and weapons in the class. So ya, it would be certainly balanced and realistic to include the same limitations on all LMG. There is certainly a bug with the axis lmg that I have observed on the allied lmg. Axis lmg can be deployed on the bipod instantly it seems, much faster than an allied rifle can be shouldered.
  8. 1) Lag: when you shoot someone and the blood spatter, but they don’t die, ever. Fix: lower the death threshold for energy transfer, that way, when some one is hit, they will die more often. At the same time, when you are wounded, a timer starts, you have a fixed amount of time before you die. 2) Axis LMG: it is just not credible that anyone can fire an entire magazine from the hip with any kind of accuracy at all. Solution. When not on bipod the weapon can only fire 5 round bursts. When the magazine is spent, like the real weapon, you must change the barrel, resulting in an extended reload timer. 3) Perception of CRS. It’s a big one, so I’ll address only two points here: 3.1) .reports : you should encourage CRS report workers to respond to dot reports, all they need say is “thank you” or “looking into it bud” “or actually tell the player what happened if you can figure it out. Contrary to your current policy, directly responding, even with just a thank you will MASSIVELY improve your reputation and greatly ease feelings of CRS bias and involvement. 3.2) Game Monitors should watch chat, and when they see some one having a difficulty understanding how the game mechanics work, explain it to them, on side or chat. For all to see. Eg: yesterday “why are my rounds disappearing from sight before they hit that tiger, but I can see him firing.” If a GM simply explained the game mechanics this would never have escalated like it did. You just need to be able to interact with players openly and honestly, with a touch of humor.
  9. Bar congrats
  10. Great work!
  11. The US did field:: Universal carrier with US 50cal, some with 80mm mortar, some with Recoiless, some with british 2lb at gun Halftrack with similar weapons so UC, as well as 1/2T with larger ATG and that's just the obvious ones. There are also the all various APC the US experimented with throughout the war.
  12. 1) terrain issues: deploy atg to have it flip, clipping all over the place, axis lmg being able to deploy behind berm and shoot through front of berm, cps wiyh broken stairs, ab spawns with broken stair, ab spwans with blocked doors, vehicles flipping in open fields, fmbs floating below river banks, etc 2) axis LMG is seriously bugged. It can be deployed from standing, to lying to bipod setup and fire in less time than it takes to shoulder a rifle. It can be deployed on a window ledge and taken down faster than you cna shoulder a rifle. The LMG42 could not be fired from the hip due its weight and very high cyclic rate, this is specifically why the MP43 and 44 were developed. The MG42 was specifically used as a squad weapon, and because its high cyclic rate the barrel had to be replaced approximately every 50 rounds. I don’t mind that it fire from the hip, but it should be fired only in 7 round bursts, and once the 150 rounds are expended it should have a 2min cool down. Or, it should be replaced with the MP43. 3) HE effects: axis grenadier is actually a trench gun, just rename it and we’re all good. Brit grenade is completely useless. I’ve seen many times axis soldier in bunker room live through 4 grenades, get up and run around the corner and hose down all of us. 2lb HE round should kill anyone inside 10ft, larger rounds more so. Can’t wait for HE audit.
  13. Well earned each and every one!
  14. Thanks for the work Quin