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  1. Hmm. The MP40 wildly inaccurate? Really? I test fired it at the range today. Using single fire I was able to shoot very tight groupings indeed. Far tighter than any other smg. Cannot for the life of me understand what you are talking about.
  2. I don’t get it. I played axis for years before creating this allied account. The MP40 is a fscking fantastic weapon, you can easily snipe guys at 400m with it, and I have a massive tremor disorder! On full auto the barrel jump is very easily controlled.
  3. IF CRS wants to make the changes proposed regardless, if I were them, I would stage the changes. Start with altering the stamina. Then alter dispersion to force barrel raise, not just make the rounds disperse spherically. Then alter the reloading behaviour to require a stationary reload. And so on.
  4. That was sweet, great work all round.
  5. Need the forests back. On the map they are marked, but when you go there, not even a bush. Also need the rivers fixed so that Fairmille can once again see across the landscape and provide effective fire.
  6. I wish I could be there for festivities. It sounds like it will be a really good time. I'm sure you'll do fine, no matter what happens, you will learn to make the next one even better. So relax, have a tea and enjoy the experience.
  7. I am William I’m 55, I work now as a photographer, synthesist and bobcat operator. At weekends I like to play music. I am married going on 31 years, very very happily. I have played this game way too long.
  8. Bar congrats
  9. Great work!
  10. The US did field:: Universal carrier with US 50cal, some with 80mm mortar, some with Recoiless, some with british 2lb at gun Halftrack with similar weapons so UC, as well as 1/2T with larger ATG and that's just the obvious ones. There are also the all various APC the US experimented with throughout the war.
  11. 1) terrain issues: deploy atg to have it flip, clipping all over the place, axis lmg being able to deploy behind berm and shoot through front of berm, cps wiyh broken stairs, ab spawns with broken stair, ab spwans with blocked doors, vehicles flipping in open fields, fmbs floating below river banks, etc 2) axis LMG is seriously bugged. It can be deployed from standing, to lying to bipod setup and fire in less time than it takes to shoulder a rifle. It can be deployed on a window ledge and taken down faster than you cna shoulder a rifle. The LMG42 could not be fired from the hip due its weight and very high cyclic rate, this is specifically why the MP43 and 44 were developed. The MG42 was specifically used as a squad weapon, and because its high cyclic rate the barrel had to be replaced approximately every 50 rounds. I don’t mind that it fire from the hip, but it should be fired only in 7 round bursts, and once the 150 rounds are expended it should have a 2min cool down. Or, it should be replaced with the MP43. 3) HE effects: axis grenadier is actually a trench gun, just rename it and we’re all good. Brit grenade is completely useless. I’ve seen many times axis soldier in bunker room live through 4 grenades, get up and run around the corner and hose down all of us. 2lb HE round should kill anyone inside 10ft, larger rounds more so. Can’t wait for HE audit.
  12. Had this, deleted preferences and program, reinstalled and it fixed the issue, though I had to redo the preference settings in game.
  13. Well earned each and every one!
  14. Thanks for the work Quin