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  1. 1999 0r 2000...way more than a year before the pay to play started or campaigns. No trees. mariemburg was where i was born in game as it was the farthest town to the east at the time. I think profondeville was the farthest town north. No army bases..only one radio with no cap timer. Just touch it and town was capped. I rode in my uber-char and had over 50,000 kills in it. it was uber and OP. Played till...uh...maybe...2009 or 2010. Jumped back in on a few elcome back soldier and have always enjoyed my time back in game. Best mmo war game ever was in squads 1st allied special forces group 1ASFG...then for many years Lafayette LAF
  2. mine crashes at splash screen/startup. fresh install. windows 7. no error messages. just a quick peek at splash screen then poof.
  3. I uninstalled and reinstalled..its working now. Hope it helps you germany.
  4. I have the same exact problem..just started this morning dec 1 edit: just noticed my join date..that not right. I started day one of ww2ol. New forums since then?
  5. I lost rank points and complained. Its been a few years now..I think maybe they forgot about it. Even telling rats I will stop playing didn't do anything to get a response. So I quit for more than a year..I had lost more than a years work worth of points. I was on the way to being the first player with an earned general rank...then all the points to general were gone. I understand the rank structure has changed since then..I wonder if they still have the records of my lost points. Imagine if you log on now and the last year worth of points are gone...uh huh...pissed off I bet. Then Imagine you will never get them back...I tried for months before I quit ww2ol. Well I'm back and it don't matter if I get the points now or not.Im staying either way...This just to let them know Ive not forgotten losing all those points. great work with the game..its better than ever..just dont lose anymore of my rank points.
  6. /me twitching "hurrryyyuuuuupppp"!!!!!!
  7. I double click the reg or brigade that takes you to the mission list..I dont get the mission list. It stays at brigade selection. Also Im not getting chat besides my own.
  8. Im in brigade screen and select brigade. It does not proceed to mission screen. I wait and wait. My chat shows in chat box but no chat from anyone else.