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  1. Add an option to remove mouse acceleration please. I want the ironsights to move at a constant speed rather than slow when moving the mouse 10 centimeters as to longer when moving the mouse the same 10 centimeters faster. I've been addressing this for YEARS now.
  2. Wow this is some extraordinary work I say! Looks very interesting. CRS is having the Wellington in their roadmap so the allies finally get a medium bomber.
  3. can't wait for the teathrical trailer
  4. THIS
  5. what suffocates the real problem in this discussion is that a beginner can rank up playing just as rifle, never ever having played a panzer and all of a sudden can spawn a Tiger in a camped AB, again and again until the supply is depleted, and most dreadfully never learn something.
  6. same with FlaK 30 and 38 but that's irrelevant. they're working on so many nice things and here's the proof and we just got proof of delivery. We need to bring all our friends to play, all the old farts that we know. This game is still without a doubt the best online game there is. period.
  7. Wow, here one can see what major tasks the rats are always working on when people are whining about "this and that" and that things move "slowly". I'm amazed, truly amazed. Whenever I get my money I'll go platina for sure
  8. GJ Majes
  9. welcome back!
  10. I am useless, I have no skills and I go to community college plus some AFK (yes, I use the term AFK because I think everything that happens in the internet is considered real life) issues, I know some people with programming skills but they work hard and have very limited free time. I'll beg them to apply to CRS
  11. I have high ping but game played normally, perhaps even a tad smoother. BUT! I noticed some warping, especially with EA as I was FlaKing. Nothing new but it was definitely more frequent than say 6 months ago
  12. The routing to end connection is subject to be set by your local ISP? Is this true? good thing to know as I will be changing ISP for a new location.
  13. used to have around 135-160 ping now I have 190-220. haven't noticed any difference though but as I was playing yesterday there were some warping EA that were difficult to hit edit: I'm in sweden btw
  14. this thread is becoming better by each entry!
  15. a BIT, bad joke, couldn't resist