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  1. welcome back!
  2. I am useless, I have no skills and I go to community college plus some AFK (yes, I use the term AFK because I think everything that happens in the internet is considered real life) issues, I know some people with programming skills but they work hard and have very limited free time. I'll beg them to apply to CRS
  3. The routing to end connection is subject to be set by your local ISP? Is this true? good thing to know as I will be changing ISP for a new location.
  4. AA gunning is easy enough. use the commanders binoculars and you can identify EA close to full circle
  5. this thread is becoming better by each entry!
  6. a BIT, bad joke, couldn't resist
  7. If you look closely, you can see the processing power has gained a bit
  8. thanks, I came up with the idea to search for it using a searchengine aswell, after the whole night has passed^^ cheers!
  9. I reinstalled windows, wiping my drive. doesn't load for me, must be a server outage from the move. does anyone have a direct link to the launcher so that I can install and play?
  10. I guess not, no WWII Online for me tonight
  11. PM and Email sent. Also some Kölsh have mysteriously been shipped to Coila as part of standard procedure.
  12. I like where this is going
  13. I'm very content with the FlaK 38 but delems is making a valid point, it's already 1/4th into the game. I'd love to see it but there might be other priorities at this moment. I enjoy playing AA, probably more than anything else in this game and the Flakvierling would be a great, yet natural successor to the FlaK 38 (1938).
  14. I would like to present the following medal to this dedicated Axis player. Please step forward: Oberleutnant Globuster For continuous service as Fallschirmjäger, both as pilot and trooper, the recent effort to assure capture of Mettet and the assault at Suippes I present you with: Bronze Fallschirmjäger Medal[/IMG] Can be awarded to a player or officer who has dedicated their time conducting Fallschirmjäger operations to support Axis Victory! Bronze designation signifies this soldier constantly answers the call for paratroopers, whenever the call is heard! Please join me in congratulating this player for his contributions for the Axis side. S! Base21
  15. Can this topic please be moved into the forum category "Player Awards" since globuster is free to play and cannot see this thread? That would be great @KMS @HEAVY265 @WESTY91
  16. December 2009, 41st Panzerjäger. Stayed there for 9 years, was a great swedish/nordic country squad
  17. we should get a fundraiser up to get these audios ingame!
  18. Gute Arbeit, Sajuk!
  19. Well deserved medals. You did a very good effort holding that town
  20. looks really good. thanks for this and thanks for the more you did for AA gunners! LOVE IT!
  21. Well done! Important town to cap!
  22. I finally made it. I somehow managed to update the windows updater and installed over 150 updates. after that WWII Online would run just fine thank you for your time!
  23. Well scheisse... all the other games work fine on this machine but I wanted to play WWII Online especialy. I don't know, my friend installed windows for me during the day because I had to attend some stuff. Key is Authentic though
  24. Yes gives me the download. When I start it it asks which program should be used to install. There's only one option and it's "Windows Update Standalone Installer" when I open it with that program it just goes on an endless loops saying it's "Searching for updates on this computer". I cannot cancel it either, need to restart PC for it to stop.