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  1. i had to do a double take to realize this wasn't OT
  2. The dev post tracker hasn't been forgotten, I suspect it will be back soon(tm)
  3. A VM is theoretically possible, but it's mainly a issue of the software. Most VM software doesn't really like running anything graphically intensive - the game would run, but it's a question of if you'd be able to see anything with a good enough refresh rate to be playable.
  4. World War II Online offers two official Discord servers for both sides of the game. Joining is as simple as clicking the link! More information on our Discord services is located here ALLIED SERVER AXIS SERVER Please don't hesitate to use this forum or the official Discord support site if you need help!
  5. I use Discord personally and would highly recommend it.
  6. I wouldn't count on this being permanent; it's just a temporary solution as many of our issues are with the custom theme we were using.
  7. If you make two posts in a short period the software merges both posts into one.
  8. Sweet, we're doing some digging under the hood to try and isolate the remaining problems.
  9. The reputation system is no way guarenteed to stay - like the chatbox system we're trialing various systems and seeing what works. I can't definitively say if the reputation system will stay or go as that decision would probably come from the Producers, I just execute their decisions, but it's worth noting nothing is permanent atm and we are taking member feedback into account.
  10. There are other theme options in the works.
  11. The Knokke-Vliss corridor does this for ongoing air-to-air fighting and it's nice. I think Roermond-Roermond West has been done before for the same effect for infantry/tankers. I wouldn't mind more of that going forward.
  12. Update @tomppelix - If you're looking for a specific post you made, click on your profile then check "see their activity", then posts.
  13. Interestingly enough it's not showing up underneith your profile either. I'll go looking for it.
  14. Eh, not officially a rat but I guess right here is fine.