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  1. axis para smg, or rifle... unless there is a sniper para... sorry dont para much! and when I do, I get smg for bunker rush!
  2. Attached are my netcheck and dxdiag files. They are both in one zip file. Aric420 4TH PD KG1 CO
  3. Have not been able to play more than 5 mins since 2 patches ago. before i was able to play for 2 hours before cthl. I am using dialup connection, speed is 44.4 most of the time. Using a Smart Link 56k voice modem. Visable limit is on low No file sharing programs are running period cthl on both primary and secondary servers lastly this is kind of a bigger pain for me, since I am in HC. I have not been able to lead my troops for over a week! I cant post/attach my netcheck or dxdiag because they are too big, if there is somewhere I can send them plz let me know! Aric420 4TH PD KG1 CO