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  1. Placing waypoints returns "Invalid Placement" under all conditions. Unable to place either Rally here or Attack here waypoints at all. Changing keyboard shortcuts results in client crash. It does save the setting change you made on restart, but he client crashes. I have not tested this sufficiently yet to be sure, but Pz vs some allied ATGs you do not get any directional information from the hits. I was getting hit multiple times from an ATG but could not discern the direction. I was able to repeat the event 2 more times. It appears only to happen with smaller British ATG. But that may just have been a lag issue that happened to repeat. I could see the ATG but there was no muzzle flash, no tracer, no dust up. On the other hand it may be a range related issue. The new rendering at range may consider that gun too small to render the firing detail. Anyway, worth a boo I think.