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  1. The first MMO and "realistic" flight simulator to me. The german smg firing backwards. The raids with 10-20 stukas + about same ammount of 109s (took em from AFs which were more far away to save supply), 30+ armored vechiles (brought from cities more far from the front line) 20-40 boots + several nicely placed 88s to cut the supply. Preparing attack to one town, 2-4 hours before actuall attack. All these players being native finnish speakers on same TS.. damn, we gave them hell.. 2-4 towns/squad night.. Also I remember factory bomb runs, escorts etc. when there is like 10+ bombers and 3-6 fighters flying to the England. Furrballs, when you had 10+ ea between 0 to 3k etc.. Also those Bunker guard duties, where you had task to guard bunker whole time as a rifleman, for not following orders in the air... yes, game 10 years ago was something.
  2. Not very welcome back soldier, agree! We demand premium rights now! OT and HANGAR access! Or it will be FORUM RIOT!!!1
  3. Guess sometimes in 2001 played some other free accounts. 2003 had money to pay for this game. Usually only German side in the rows of Lagus. Don't remember when stopped playing half year after those HC spawns got released I guess.
  4. My view controll is in view.cfml, that was just an example, that my cfml files, not only air, but all others too, don't save changed made in keymapper into these files. BUT all changes made in keymapper are working. Problem is still that I can't find where to this new installation writes .cfml files. Because if I delete whole folder, keymaps still exist, and I dont get new cfml files for them :< I will try to dl new files etc.. but I dont think it will help.
  5. So... is it possible to answer to me? because I can't map **** to my new joystick :< Got trackIR today, set it up in keymapper, this is how my view cfml looks like <?xml version='1.0'?> POV1w POV1e x y I had mouselook view on my CH throttle, tried for while.. so, why everything works which is done by keymapper, but nothing works which is done to cfml files... still have problem with flaps :< and where go all changes made in keymapper, if not my docs/BE/CFML???
  6. Tried to search cfml, found only my cfml.rar file. Will try air.cfml if it brings some different results.. nothing.. how its possible?
  7. there is, but there is no cfml folder
  8. I reinstalled my game and had my old .cfml files in battlegroun europe folder, in my documents. When I made changes ingame, it didn't wrote them to my .cfml files but worked.. when I edit .cfml files.. it doest register changes in game.. so I zipped and deled whole folder.. no I don't have .cfml files at all, but my keymapper is still working :< Problem is that I have new throttle, and can't set up flaps by percentes now :< Where the **** my files go now?
  9. MIA e4, realized too late that I was still alive, even tho my sight went bit black. Kills: o Dmg: 3
  10. I asked for e4, still dont have my name in that list :< seems like someone did put me into e1, and typoed my name