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  1. Yeah, you picked the sweet parts, in the other text, they notice that only the Thoughpower series can be said to be reliable, with componements from CWT and SevenTeam. Fuhjyyu seems to be the makers of the capacitators = good stuff apparently. The thoughpower 850 and 1500 have a ripple (dont know what that is) that overshots the limit value of 120mV Basicly I dont know what the heck they are talking about, but they have made an huge work for us consumers to benefit from. BTW thats a pretty hefty PSU you got there Ramsey40 With almost 100 Amps and 1200W on the 12V rails. You going for Quad SLI in the future?
  2. Over at sweclockers, two members have tested over 200 power supplies, recorded their 3rd party suppliers, what components they use, rails vs effective rails, and details you wouldnt belive. Its the best market test on power supplies probably ever performed. Basicly there is a few componement producers, some are good, as Seasonic, FSP, SevenTeam. Some you would avoid at all cost. Here is the list of the power supplies that is recomended. Avoid power supplies that dont make the list. The second list is power supplies that didnt make the list, due to low quality componement. But the reasons is explained in Swedish. --------------------- Its interesting to look at what Ampere each rail can deliver, aswell as the total Ampere on the rails with the total Watt on the rails. Properties, description: Watt - PSU Total Power in Watt Antal Linor - Number of Rails on 12V Fördelning - Distribution, Amp / Rail A +12 V - Max Amp Total on the 12V Rails W +12 V - Max Watt Total on the 12V Rails Ratio: Ratio of Watt on 12V rails vs total PSU Watt Rating: °C: For wich temperature the specifications are rated at. No data: asume 25C. OEM/Plattform: Componement maker, referens design Mod: Modular cables, yes or no. You can calculate Amp on the lines with the formula: P / U = I. (Watt / Volt = Ampere) A Power supply with 300W on the 12V rails, can deliver a total of 25Amp. 300 / 12 = 25
  3. yeah it was vista playing a trick with me. Thanks for the info. Someone can lock or delete this thread.
  4. Is it just me getting this error, or do the support forum attract unusualy many viewers today? 32 now.. Cant find any information about maintanance work
  5. hmm, interesting. I havent thought about doing this on my 8800GTS 512, the stock cooler on this is pretty hefty though and it runs fairly cool as it is. But since I already have AS5 laying around do you think it would be worth taking it appart and lapp it?
  6. Thats looks like a sweet case. I would buy one even thought I dont need one at this moment but im in sweden so I cant hehe
  7. yeah, the left and right is backwards. You can change the speaker configuration in windows, contrary to many belivs chosing headphones can reverse the sound. Try using Stereo speakers setting if this is the case cause this will reverse it back to normal
  8. Ya, Im starting a one man squad, only for the purpose to have a cool second name in my ingame handle... hehe u cant stop me!
  9. Yes its not supported
  10. Bump, need answers god damn it!
  11. I kind of expected my Logitech G5 with 2000DPI resolution to flow smooth in this game, but it doesn't make any large difference when E.I Sniping. If I run the game with lowest mouse sensitivity it still very unprecise. It doesnt seem to follow screen resoulution either (pixel hunting) So my question to the Rats is, what input DPI resolution does this game have? Is there any chanse to increase it? Am I smoking to much?
  12. I would go with anyone of these, they are all good and you get value for the money from anyone of these. These are between 200-350$ 7950GT 7900GTO x1950XT 8800GTS 320MB Your Motherboard should support Pci-e, but Im not sure what HP has to say about this, you should also make sure the powersupply can support this upgrade, you might need to change it.