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  1. Well done and well deserved!
  2. Well said Capco! I very much agree.
  3. Thank you for this. Congratulations to the other medal winners as well. It was a lot of fun!
  4. Well done fellow Canuck!
  5. I liked it! Well done !
  6. Well done and congratulations to all of you!
  7. Very cool! Thank you for putting that together for us CHIMM! It was neat to see the flag movements over the course of the campaign.
  8. Well done!!
  9. Welcome Blkhwk8! I look forward to playing with you on the side of goodness and all things holy.
  10. The suicide bombing was starting to get out of hand, especially with one individual who targeted Axis panzers, especially Tigers. In fact he destroyed so many Tigers this way he was awarded a medal by the Allies. I am assuming AHC did not know he was killing Tigers this way or he never would have gotten his medal. Suicide bombing against armour has occurred by both Allied and Axis pilots throughout the games history. This one player though was taking it to extremes however and it was a major topic of discussion on the forums this spring.
  11. Well done lads! Congratulations to all
  12. Well done soldier!
  13. Necro250 is a beast on the battlefield! Well deserved sir!
  14. Well done kchip!! A awesome squaddie as well as a fine Axis soldier! Congrats to the mentions as well. Sinewave is another awesome squaddie!!