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  1. Well done soldier!
  2. Necro250 is a beast on the battlefield! Well deserved sir!
  3. Well done kchip!! A awesome squaddie as well as a fine Axis soldier! Congrats to the mentions as well. Sinewave is another awesome squaddie!!
  4. Well done Mook!!
  5. Well done!
  6. Congratulations Dagnabit!
  7. Congratulations VAPUR6
  8. Well deserved! Congratulations Sinewave! You are beast on the battlefield.
  9. Well deserved!! Excellent Axis fighters all!
  10. A fine Axis soldier! Well done Dagnabit!
  11. I like this stat! I could be high on the leader board for this one. How about bonus points for flipping a tank on the AB gate barrier ?
  12. Thank you so much for this. Many other Axis fighters can share in this. I am grateful and humbled by this award.
  13. LOL !! I like it!
  14. I hope they did too Merlin. It was a blast!!