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  1. Capco is dead on with his statement.
  2. Don't forget Bingo! Tuesday and Thursday afternoons before nap time. Then there's crafts and cards on Fridays!
  3. I certainly would fit the 'old men' part of the Volksstrum. Would 'Depends' be a part of the uniform?
  4. I have destroyed a Vickers with a LMG and a rifle by shooting up into the rear of the vehicle. It is a known means to take them out.
  5. I rear killed a Vickers, jeez that sounds preverted, a few weeks ago stankyus. He was stationary and I just stuck my LMG up through the rear downward angle part of its body and fired away. He brewed up after a drum and a half. I have done it with a rifle as well, but that was about 5 years ago.
  6. I use it more and more as I play this game. It can stop me from blindly rushing about like a headless chicken and fattening the enemies K/D stats. Although I still do that on occasion.
  7. I trust the Rats!! Don't let the haters get to you.
  8. We have all seen this happen and it can be infuriating. If a cheating player has two accounts, of course its hard to stop it from happening. However, I believe that most two accounts players do not play unfairly. Bringing in a 1 hour side-lock could effectively stop most unfair side-switching.
  9. I have been away for a few years for a variety of reasons. You know, getting a divorce and everyday stuff like that. However WBS has brought me back into the WWII Online community. I look forward to raising everyone's K/D stats. rpw1
  10. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro on my iMac. What I had to do was this. Shut down and restart my computer with the joystick unplugged! Then I plugged in the JS and started up WW II Online with out entering the GAME!! Make sure you do not enter the game, just have the start up screen loaded, then go to "settings" and calibrate the JS. From there go to your key mapper and set controls as you want. I hope this helps you.
  11. Hi Poker!! I have a iMac 7 as well and I run it on the Apple OS system. It has only ctd'ed on me 2 times since March 2012. I have no problems running BGE on it and I love it! No need to use the poor PC platform for this game. Yes, I am a Mactard!
  12. Well done! Its obvious to me that you put a lot of time and effort into this topic. I salute you for your commitment to this game.