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  1. Congrats Dandare! You are tremendous player for the Axis! Well deserved!
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations XOOM! Thank you for your dedication to the game.
  4. @SNIPER62 My apologies sir for not including you in my thanks for fixing the webmap. Your work is appreciated.
  5. @XOOM @PITTPETE Thanks for the quick action on this problem. It's very much appreciated.
  6. Web Map @ WWII Online is down
  7. propa asked what could be seen as objectionable after another member wrote about propa's original post. I pointed out what I thought it could be.
  8. For me I think the torchlight parade can be seen as 'fascist'. Especially after recent events held by violent alt-right groups in America. There is also a similarity to [censored] WWII torchlight parades.
  9. Well done
  10. Well deserved !
  11. Well done redlegs!! Enjoy your tea and crumpets tonight!
  12. No thank you.
  13. Great video CHIMM. Nicely put together. Thank you for your work in making it.
  14. Great fighters those 3! Well deserved!