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  1. Thought it was on automatic renewal
  2. Isnt rule 1 of harrassing foreign invaders giving them laxetives?
  3. Its what happens when we get bored.
  4. Ich Mag
  5. Mr.Moustache is Stalin you realise?
  6. I hope he draws canuks beaver shoving a flaming sword up your arse. Willy? Can I see this by chance?
  7. My laptop shuts down then says "Making repairs" Then I have to force shut it down and then click "Start Normally" DOS is a programme that is so outdated it makes this game look brand new.
  8. Take away the giant spike wheel and call it done.
  9. Your website hates me.
  10. Website link?
  11. Then ask for it. The High Command is designed to ensure you are enjoying your time in game. If you need help with something please PM (private message) a officer. -Nurgle of the Fallschrimjager OKW
  12. Is this a yay or a nay?
  13. Soviets are land hungry monsters. The bolsheviks were eager to sign that so they could try and snatch Finnland and the other eastern countrys. The "armpit of the east" would have attacked america or germany, they just were going to wait and see who won, and try and muscle them out. Better that Mr.Moustache invaded instead of letting them go for the allied countrys. Still the communists put scars on europe that will never heal.
  14. When SAMCRO gets togethor we can table the Zeeland Islands in a day.