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  1. At the moment am a trial, first trial account in about 7 months. I quit before because I didn't have the money to pay for the game and didn't want to make a ton of trial accounts and look like a freebie. So, decided to start back up, and within about 4-5 in game hours hit rank 3. When it comes to supply, I remember once that anyone could make a mission and for some reason there was never any supply. Rank 3 is a perfect rank for making missions, as it is a NCO rank. It is very useful after rank 3, but before that it's pointless. Getting 400 points to get rank 3 is not hard at all, and shouldn't be an issue for any decent player. As stated, rank 3 is perfect for mission making, as it is truly a low NCO position and that is about as low as the COC, Chain of Command, gets. However, implementing a way to limit supply to these lower ranking player missions would be nice, to prevent fast levelers from killing supply. Overall I stand by my point, rank 3 is a good rank for minimum mission making, and having a limit on the amount of supply to those missions would be nice. I'll be checking this thread for more discussion.
  2. Hey, complete pilot noob here! Title says it all, I can fly the 110 and strafe, using mouse and keyboard, but can't dogfight what so ever. Flying isn't the hard part, it's the combat part that screws me up. I can't fly strait, don't know how to trim or anything, and the 109 is really getting on my nerves. Getting a proper joystick in a week or so, so any pilot training after that would help me out a lot. Particularly the combat techniques of the 109, and how to easily "boom and zoom" those spits and hawks. I usually play from 9pm to 11om MST, Mountain Standard Time. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but that's my usual. Hope that someone can help me out seeing as how I always either crash or get shot down. Thanks in advanced.