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  1. OK, I have never needed 8 to blow a CP. It has almost always taken me 5. I know because it always annoyed me that I always had to respawn an Engineer just to get that last satchel on the CP. Did they change this recently?
  2. I saw a post on Steam mentioning that voting for finalists will happen during their Winter sale... so pretty soon. Please watch for this and vote for the game folks. Assuming we made it into the finals. that is. (Fingers crossed!)
  3. Apparently. I'm not sure I looked at on day one, but as soon as I saw that there was a category that WWII Online was eligible for, I started posting it on all of our group sites. It was a really short voting period, though.
  4. It looks like the voting is over. I cant find any option to vote on Steam now. Thanks to everyone who voted!
  5. We will just have to agree to disagree. I think that everyone has their own ideas of what would constitute the optimum, 'dream' scenario for mobile spawns, and very few of us would find common ground. At this point, the only ones that I'm going to concern myself with are the ones that actually exist. Heck my own thoughts for reinforcing them are complete pipe dreams unless CRS decides on something along those lines. As far as using the existing reinforcements, sometimes they can extend the life of an FMS, and allow players to spawn in that otherwise might not have the chance. It can also tie up enemies who would be otherwise engaged; so I don;t consider the effort wasted.
  6. Unfortunately, the FMSs have a catch 22. They can be easily camped. BUT, they stand a better chance if some folks spawning in reinforce them. to provide defense and cover for troops spawning in. On the other hand. ATGs that spawn in need some room to do their thing. Personally, if I can, I reinforce them, but try to leave some room for ATGs to get out as well. I'm hoping that at some point, Engineers can get berm like defenses that we can build so that when we the very reinforcements we build to help defend the FMss don't turn out to be the reason that they get spotted. Some sort of camouflaged defenses, such as a berm, could, IMO, prove very useful in the future for FMS protection.
  7. Actually, the servers will still have to track every PPO placed by every player in one way or another. They all have timers on them for one thing. I personally, am just very grateful for all the work Scotsman and his team are doing, and for the heads up peek at the Work in progress.
  8. Bump! Just to keep it on the feed and up there for people to see. Vote for the game folks!
  9. Hey everyone! I just saw that nominations for this year's Steam awards are up. One category this year is the Labor of Love Award for games that are still being developed and receiving updates from the Devs well after release. If any category fits WWII, this is it. No Dev team has ever worked as hard or as long as the rats. So if you're on Steam PLEASE nominate WWII Online for this award! It can only help our community and game pop!
  10. I don't think that's it. People like having a large variety of units. I think a lot of players could always mention a few more that we want to see. But the poll asked what we felt mattered AND made WWII Online seem unique. When playing a WWII game, most folks expect to see a lot of WWII weapons... so having them doesn't make the game unique in and of itself. Now some of our missions ARE unique...most games don't have Naval units to patrol rivers or provide coastal bombardments; Most WWII games don't have Engineers that can build and repair fortifications and AI; This is the first game that I've played where players can organize Strategic Bombing missions that effect overall supply production. We love all the units. I don't think many folks would be unhappy with more units. Some would prefer more unique units (expand the Italian units available, for example). But most of our units aren't really different from other WWII games. And as far as new players are concerned, I'm pretty sure most will view one M1 Garand the same as the other, even if ours IS more historically accurate than those in other games. Also, the poll said "weapons" and not units. I think most people will see the two terms differently. That said, map expansion is important, as well. Having such a large WWII ETO map but not having Paris has raised a few eyebrows over the years. But if asked, I think may people would consider map revision just as important as expansion. (New CP buildings. more of the revamped Bunkers... the new city blocks)
  11. Ability to play 5 different factions - US, UK, French, Italian, German Most games have only 2-3 (US, UK, German)
  12. OK... It's bad enough that people are willing to try to actually physically interfere with the FBs. But the suggestion that the FBs become a no build zone would prevent us from trying to build PPOs to protect our own FBs as well. That sort of thing is exactly what PPOs are supposed to exist for. Making it so I can't build walls and fences to protect my FB would just make things worse. This is not a reasonable solution.
  13. When I spawned into the same spot YEARS ago. I didn't know what was happening. I thought that I was not completing spawning in. Why does no one get that? If I had understood that I was spawning in and then dying...I would respond appropriately. If I believe that the spawn in is not completing properly,,,that is then a TECH issue with the game, and requires a different response. One does not respawn somewhere else in response being unable to spawn into the game in the first place... which is what I believed was happening at that time. I had no one to ask questions... Try to realize that before saying it was "on me." I was a brand new player dealing with something I didn't know was possible. If it appears to be a tech issue... why would I try to spawn somewhere else? If any other computer program doesn't seem to work right I reboot it. Why should this game have been any different? It's one thing to completely spawn in and then die. It's another for the spawn in to appear to not complete, and if this is complete with incomprehensible graphics... it will make no sense and may appear to be a bug or glitch, especially if you are new to the game. TRY to imagine you are a FIRST day player (This is my baseline for considering how any of this crap really affects the game) Imagine being NEW and trying to spawn in for the first time, and not only not being able to do so, but then seeing the camera swirl around and it looks like you are inside a tank...The graphics make no sense. You didn't get into the game and THEN die... OK you try that again... same result...no spawn... swirling graphics of the inside of a tank? (IF you know what the inside of a tank looks like) You weren't inside a tank...why would you be seeing inside a vehicle? You were trying to spawn a rifleman... OK maybe you try one more time... the same thing happens... You are now convinced that something is buggy and you can't log in... you don't know anyone in the game... You CAN'T ask questions. You don't know how yet. At best maybe you should delete and reload this new game... Maybe something didn't load right... At worst you say " the hell with it" and delete it and move on. Either way, your first impression of the game is a bad one. Preventing new players from spawning into the game at all is bad... it only takes one bad experience to lose them.
  14. I get killed at an FMS all the time but there is a visual and I see that I got killed. INormally when spawning into a spawn camp, there is at least 1 second to know you have made it into the game. But when someone is doing what is described...it can prevent that verification. THAT is the issue. If I'm trying to spawn in and can't make it all the way in to GET killed...then to me that is a tech issue. Several years back when I was new, I started to spawn into an army base. But I died. I didn't hear sound... just dropped dead inside the spawn. I attempted to respawn about a dozen times... sometimes I just went black... sometimes I ragdolled...my graphics flipped all over a few times. I did hear a couple of explosions, but died so fast to tell if they were related, and they were a staccato sound, instead of a big one. As far as I could tell I never fully spawned in. I reloaded the game and tried again... same thing... My response was to delete the game and reinstall and check my whole system... but I didn't get on again that night. The next day I found out that an ET had a firing bug and had somehow got the right angle to just whammy the inside of the spawn point like a giant HE LMG. But I had no way to know that.
  15. Did you miss the part where it's impossible to know what's going on if you try to spawn in and die before you can even render visually? If it happened to me...I'd try again a couple of times...if it kept happening, I'd have to assume my game was screwing up...That requires me to 1. Shut down the game. 2. Reboot my system (Why take chances?) 3. Check the game files for a virus. 4. Reload the game. This is about a TWENTY MINUTE process. If I'm not really into the game... the odds are it's better for me to call it a night and reverify all my drivers as well. Killing other players in such a manner doesn't always let them know they are camped. It IS a great way to make them worry about their computers and game files though, and to get them completely out of the game for at least half an hour. Multiply that by say two regular players and 2-3 new players...well them, you have got 2 regulars out of the game for 1/2 an hour or more and potentially guaranteed that 2-3 of the new players find something else to play and post a "very buggy game. I couldn't even spawn in. 10/10 Would uninstall again" review on Steam. Congratulations!