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  1. There used to be an award called Air Force Metal. B2Ks site lists both current and discontinued awards, so that individual awards can be viewed as far back as possible. People will see a number of awards in their awards list that no longer exist.
  2. There are so many things. You guys have posted a lot of great ideas. Mine are: 1. Fix: Let Navy infantry Spawn AT their own Docks! Currently, Navy infantry spawning in to defend a town often have to fight their way to their own Docks. Many times, the enemy is already inside before they can even try to set up a defense. In a town that is solely defended by Navy, this makes such a defense at least twice as hard as it would be for an Army or Air unit, both of which can spawn at their own facilities. This is a serious Achilles heel for Navy players. 2. Feature: High Command Officer Infantry units. The idea of Officer uniforms for HC Officers has been mentioned a number of times. It was even on the road map awhile back. We also have the issue of keeping High Command slots filled. One thing that has been mentioned is that HC volunteers work hard and get little in return besides HC Chat and in game rank. But, what if, instead of just getting a uniform, HC members were able to access a unique infantry unit for each side? This would give a physical incentive for volunteering and staying in HC. This unit would have some sort of Officer's field uniform, and a unique loadout TBD. (ex: US Officer with M-1 Carbine, Pistol, Knife, Grenades, and HE satchel) New players would also be able to recognize such units and be more likely to follow them in game.
  3. Allied High Command Headquarters Attention Allies! In recognition of gallant and distinguished service, the Allied High Command hereby presents the following awards for Campaign 141 ======================================================================================================================== Campaign 141 Ribbon awarded to all participants ============================================================================================================= CinC Special Commendation to Mobius57 This is the highest decoration that can be awarded by the Allied High Command. It is bestowed only by the Commander in Chief, in the name of the Allied High Command to Allied members who have distinguished themselves through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty. Allied Player of the Campaign to Aunghous This award is the rarest and most unique award, presented ONLY by the CinC to ONE officer or player at the end of each campaign. The recipient must exhibit dedication, loyalty, and unselfish service in support of the Allies while serving during the campaign. Allied Officer of the Campaign to Brady This award is only presented by the CinC to one officer at the end of the campaign. The recipient must demonstrate singularly exceptional leadership, dedication and support for the Allied Forces throughout the campaign. Cross of Great Britain to Crashzzz Awarded by the Commander of the British Expeditionary Forces to Allied personnel for exemplary actions above and beyond the call of duty in service of King and Country. God save the King! Croix de Lorraine (Cross of Lorraine) to Maxq Awarded by the Commander of the Armee Francaise to Allied personnel for exemplary actions above and beyond the call of duty in the cause of the liberation of France. Vive la France! Army Cross to Mandrill The Army, Navy and Air Force Crosses are the second highest decoration that can be awarded by the Allied High Command. It is awarded for extraordinary commitment by any Allied Member who distinguishes themselves through extraordinary measures of devotion to the Allied cause over the course of an entire campaign. Awarded by CinC. Silver Star to Malvoc The Silver Star is the third highest decoration that can be awarded by the Allied High Command. It is awarded to any Allied member in any Branch who distinguishes themselves for Valor in the face of the enemy throughout the course of an entire campaign. Awarded by CinC Bronze Star to Bloodybill The Bronze Star is the fourth highest decoration that can be awarded by the Allied High Command. It is awarded to any Allied member in any Branch for acts of merit or meritorious service throughout the course of an entire campaign. Awarded by CinC. Distinguished Flying Cross to M1g Jughead Awarded by the Commander of the Royal Air Force or the Commander of the Armée de l’Air to specific individuals who have achieved outstanding combat achievements while serving in an allied air force. This is the second highest Air Force award for combat actions. Combat Merit Recognition to Luxanna Awarded to recognize exceptional feats of courage or nobility of purpose in the face of enemy forces. This is the fourth highest award for combat actions. Combat Infantry Ribbon to Nily5000 For Allied infantryman who demonstrate quick thinking and show no fear, running headlong into the enemy. Combat Engineer Ribbon to Sorella Ella Bludnguts A combat engineer, or sapper, is a soldier who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions. This award is presented to those Allied combat engineers who brave enemy fire to repair defensive AI positions, blow bridges and destroy enemy forward bases. Military Commendation Ribbon to Bludnguts Awarded for commendable service to the Allied forces. Presented to an excellent team player and a potential leader who sets an example that encourages others to follow. Allied Airborne Paratrooper Ribbon to Malvoc Awarded to those Allied personnel who display outstanding combat achievements while participating in airborne operations against the enemy. Forward Observer Ribbon to Maxq "The Forward Observer decoration is awarded to any Allied Member who, through stealth and knowledge of the map, reports on Axis movement first-hand. Through their observations Field Commanders can utilize such enemy movements to the good of the Allies while saving vital supply resources." Defense Ribbon to Zbus Boy For individuals showing sustained commitment to the critical task of defending Allied positions. Whether it is defending a city, a cp, a bunker or a FB, those who dedicate themselves to defending Allied positions against the enemy are vital to the Allied war effort. Squad Liason Ribbon to Aunghous Awarded to those Squad Leaders who display outstanding leadership and teamwork in coordinating their squads while serving along side other squads or AHC units during Allied High Command operations. Mentioned in Dispatches With Bronze Palm to Mike0me Kenq Awarded to those members whose commendable service merits special mention in After Action Reports or other official Allied communications. ========================================================================================================== Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff Leadership Badge to Oxford09 The Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff Leadership decoration is awarded to any AHC Officer attaining the position of Theater Chief of Staff, or Deputy Chief of Staff and remains in that position for no less than one full campaign. CinC Retirement BIRDMAN26 Country Command Leadership Badge to Westy91 Spacecam DFADD Toxaway The Country Command Leadership decoration is awarded to any AHC Officer attaining the position of Country Commander or Country Chief of Staff and remaining in that position for no less than one full campaign. Branch Command Leadership Badge to Dragoz Striker4 Drfunken Rabitldr The Branch Leadership decoration is awarded to any AHC Officer attaining the position of Branch Level Commander and remaining in that position for no less than one full campaign. Command Excellence Medal to Brady Martigan Awarded by the Allied High Command to recognise meritorious and distinguished service by officers that show excellence and dedication in Command roles and positions of responsibility. Awarded by Country and above. Strategic Operations Command Cross to Dfadd Adam1168 Brady Rabitldr Awarded to those gallant few who lead the Allies into battle as Map OIC on 10 or more different days in a campaign. Awarded by DDOP and CinC. Air Operations Command Cross to Adam1168 xHammerx Awarded to those Air Force officers who regularly assume the role of Air Map OIC. Awarded by Branch CO and above. War Office Medal to Arno Martigan Capco Alvar HG Kilemall Awarded by CinC to those AHC Officers whose sustained and unrelenting contribution to the administration of AHC greatly improves the performance of the wider Allied war machine at the expense of availability on the battlefield and personal free time. ============================================================================================================= Allied Squad of the Campaign to 7th AST This award is only presented by the CinC to one Squad at the end of the campaign. The recipients must demonstrate singularly exceptional teamwork, dedication and support for the Allied Forces throughout the campaign. Valorous Unit Citation to Lancers 4Wing The Valorous Unit Citation is the second highest decoration that may be awarded to an Allied Squad. It is awarded to Squads that display extraordinary determination and teamwork over the course of an entire campaign in such a manner as to set it apart from other Squads participating in the same campaign. Meritorious Unit Citation to Allfor 13th Infantry The Meritorious Unit Citation is the third highest decoration that may be awarded to an Allied Squad. It is awarded to Squads that display exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service, deeds, or valorous actions over the course of an entire campaign. ============================================================================================= CinC Medal of Honor for Retirement to Birdman26 For a lifetime career in AHC,raising through the ranks,demonstrating at every turn to be a good person and leader of men. Cinc stepping down is awarded this ribbon by his serving officers in respect for all the dedication given to the playerbase. =========================================================================================================== This concludes Part 1 of Campaign 141 Please feel free to comment below. Cmdr Quincannon, USN CinC Administrative Staff War Office, London
  4. Allied High Command Headquarters Attention Allies! In recognition of gallant and distinguished service, the Allied High Command hereby presents the following awards for Campaign 141 ======================================================================================================================== Statistics and Achievements Elite Infantryman Rifle Nily5000 SMG Xohorvath LMG Tr6al ATR Spirittu Sniper Eccles Mortar Zoulou Grenadier Pmike Engineer Bobstav Awarded to each top ranked Allied Infantry player in a campaign. (Rifleman, SMG, LMG, Mortar, Engineer, Anti-tank, Sniper) Awarded by Country or above. Elite Tank Commander to Canukplf Awarded to the top ranked Allied Tank Commander in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Elite AA Gun Crew to Randy59 Awarded to the top ranked Allied Anti-Aircraft gunner in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Elite ATG Gun Crew to Devo730 Awarded to the top ranked Anti-Tank Gunner in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Elite Transport Driver to Marshalz2 Awarded to the top ranked Transport Driver in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Military Medal Awarded to the top 10 ranked Allied Army players in a campaign. (In each category) Awarded by Country or above. Rifle Nily5000 Haubitsi Maxq Smooth12 Aceharts Papagaeio Muet Murzick Mobius57 Pfcroya SMG Xohorvath Anusiya Pfmosquito Marshalz2 Brady Mobius57 Crashzzz Mundagurri Wegue Dougyfarm LMG Tr6al Brady Eccles Martigan Jlangemann Xohorvath Frikshun Bus0 Gandy Sw1 ATR Spirittu Sirnelson1 Dubane Robincz Wolfv Angie Aenlic M1g Goreblimey Gandy Mortar Zoulou Randoh Domcap Khbeowuf Yosagi Zuviel Masonj Fortyrds Bragg Jcoleny Sniper Eccles Poker Sgtmedic Zep33 Zep34 Spirittu Madeuce65 Rpetersn Frikshun Volcol Grenadier Pmike Bragg Articfox Engineer Bobstav M1g Skipa Itdanilo Crashzzz Aomercy Bludngut Dfadd Membrain Spowie Armor Canukplf Tiger004 Brady Slickie1 Robincz Liukl Dubane Goreblimey Bus0 Hengli ATG Devo730 Flyer14 Blkhwk8 Membrain Jb64 Skipa Yogie Marshalz2 Ibshot Stankyus Truck Marshalz2 Mobius57 Dandare9 Mundagurri Hotblack Colsmith Blkhwk875 Martigan Maxq Wolfv AAA Randy59 Sirnelson1 John7fox Bart68 Oldzeke Mwhitman Munchkin Bus0 Mundagurri Ness =========================================================================================================== Distinguished Fighter Pilot to Jcd04 Awarded to the top ranked Allied Fighter pilot of a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Distinguished Bomber Pilot to Rans Awarded to the top ranked Allied Bomber pilot of a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Air Medal Awarded to the top 25 ranked Allied Fighter and Bomber Pilots in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Fighter Jcd04 M1g Chzacc Zoomy1 Foto1 Acm Slowhand Hotrod Jughead Rebel357 Bomber Rans Ke3p3r Oldzeke Soyo102 Rebel357 Zep34 Khbeowuf Impact Mandrill Sparkyk ============================================================================================================ Elite Destroyer Commander to Playtime Awarded to the top ranked Allied Destroyer Captain of the campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Elite Fairmile Commander to Mwhitman Awarded to the top ranked Allied Fairmile Captain of a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Elite Freighter Commander to Greyman Awarded to the top ranked Allied Freighter Captain of a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Order of Maritime Merit Awarded to the top 25 ranked Destroyer and Fairmile Commanders in a campaign. Awarded by Country or above. Destroyer Playtime Gatorbmc Fairmile Mwhitman Jcd04 Oldzeke Greyman Skee53 Abysmal Rans Zuviel Crashzzz Meirenbao Transport Greyman Khbeowuf Timbo69 Zuviel =========================================================================================================== Sharpshooter Badge Awarded to Allied infantry who score 100 kills with an Infantry weapon in a single campaign. (Rifle, smg, lmg, ATR, semi-auto, rifle grenades, sniper rifle, or mortar) Pmike Doch Ukshanks78 Local103 Mothbone Iamcoming Dajini Ibe37 Yige Nzyjpg Twcgump Plummet Braeden Rockz Cooperhawk Stovocor Sofficino Crosbycz Asaladin Mutleyk Lb1968 Kortezapo Gadman Portion Zignzag Squirrelxd Canukplf Reddog4321 Timbo69 Drake1 Jappeto Randoh Oldsteiner Karpatov Beny Bulwark Olefin Jw Impact Talvisota Bigvalco Rogue187 Xhammerx Meanpete Shemashkoo Imded Knight31 Fergalious Victorys Deathclaw Smallover Kid2a2a2b Wozza815 Jcoleman5 Chrispy Fortyrds Bobthefish Sgtto0tall Oatneal22 Yorslo Chris867 Youshigo Mad7 M1g Hen16 Wstriker Sbd2 Oddball22 Movis Acm Lipton Cptrick Judgexg Flyer13 Lyfoopster Olddog Dfadd Hetierre Sculpin191 Slickie1 Thecat Miming Howlingmad Jakfrost Cecil09 Kilgar Blahto1 Jetty Romanii Spowie Ke3p3r Azaeldaman Ndb93 Dropbear Snuffy4 Cosian Snkeyes Rolltide Lordjim Ratzilla Lionhart18 Extrathicc Onur20 Hawki7295 Bb2002 Variable88 Lenyun Explorerex Merlin51 Wewak Eroberts7 Daokoth1 Pryanuk Cdough8 Moe5000 Fdstalker Django75 Ptebush Nightcrest Ncha Sturmer Razerzd Matts222 Hemoptysis Tandel Razorslid Papacherry Dahlski Dustyhc Sgapple231 Juba Gripfast Ostriches2 Helloboom1 Omahautah Galiang Bots Tencap Jtnumba1 Casthor Dogface Zzt61 Chzacc Zzreaper Warhammer Rgbman Slvck Zeushammer Zbus Rebel357 Buckmain Garahun Kosty Ghosthaze Dogg99 Df2 Yarxie Syds Aomercy2 Noff Novanuts Bludngut Thekraken Wldweasl Jamm40 Chitownkid Z80 Eeghead Tcmann Jimmyjo Bobstav Alexbelt Paturuzito Adelmaro Wxr Patriot32 Frisou34 Tyler2345 Hajilee Reddog11 Coleman1 Septick Unit102030 Druv Shakybaz Akarin Flyingwolf Tobeaucu Foe2 Drumerdude Hiro31 Wignit Damonkey F8 Grouch Patick Raven4 Nebbyy Audio Snipieeeee Dread114 Hauns Leeuw Mwhitman Alex2028 Ukshanks79 Julfr1 Richmarsh Blitz92 Solitare Pcarol Smithy Aomercy Lutenint Clark0995 Kentskie Dampfrolle Dasquirrel Jck2 Sy111 Grandan Tazzemt Thesarg Sydspain Zac74 Benis Elric Smalski Shiloh17 Flyer14 Nedzissou Khandman Ostriches Goshxd Weakend3k Visegrad Macalex Rvaghini Maxwolff Sabe Metal Dondergodd Lordghee4 Arbiter311 Ricardobco Drloon Simcha Reddog1234 Blkhwk875 Bloodeyaxe Pvtballs Bisonbison Worldtrip Dobiegilis Dawkinar Bigbarf N0s Drfunken Jennings Ton18th Sadfap Overdorf Morant Madgan Sidw Jt037 Demame Nativeman Octadrone Johnsparta Mrq38 Pzmause Army14 Kybosh Abshirej Andjan Trm20 Oneeagle Mrj2012 Patriot97 Deafidue Nmglhjack Tomellis Redhalf Phalanxbg Snort Avengers Axewolf Razor101 Luz9cia Maximt Andeerock1 Piro53 Firekast Wskytngofx Duke995 Oorang Yakmacaque Jackbo Sharples Alpinetsar Popperson Khaz Sid41 Venttale Blazer3120 Bxy Klem57 Terriers Zjylegend Khymiir Gossas Kangz Mixmano Ismitesi =========================================================================================================== Expert Marksman Badge Awarded to Allied infantry who score 250 kills with an Infantry weapon in a single campaign. (Rifle, smg, lmg, ATR, semi-auto, rifle grenades, sniper rifle, or mortar) Huolong13 Hicksey Toi1ets Redones Itdanilo Oxford09 Mariposa Wblaur Dwalin Grayco Fatsmacfly Dimitriz75 Wildcat382 Darkm1 Bubbalarue Zerva01 Gridiron Agentwade Hippogriff Mandrill Zoulou Vate13 Usmcdoc8 Dubane Jakeob Zep33 Chrispy2 Tinjo Trinquon Ch4 Noseeme Akashg5 Marshal Keekers Fracku2 Masonj Hmungus34 Ckdex Usmfan08 Rabitldr N44b Ukshanks75 Bearster Ccjeffgcs Zeller Potts Stromy Burdysback Lowiz Ace12 R4ndy Sepe74 Im2bad Blkhwk8 Sy1011 Fwb29 Uraifenn Nixerot Godsloth Aunghous Jcoleny Blkfalcon Kenq Pvtzoller Lousyshot Khbeowuf Findaway Malvoc Tylerab Dagunny V4huni Bulldoo Noparty Lobob23 King4t Arenholt Dakernel Dedeyedony Ness Jandel Adler01 Mc77 Poptart21 Badbill Oddyss Ambiguousb Liukl Skers Jollymon Lamisere Walken Deletesome Bigruss420 Robincz Sicion Sigity2 Rothos Doeylama Pwnstarr Scuffed Stdaime Hayeska Yisunshin Mike0me Toytwo Musorian Redrum Volcol Hater Ballock Yoav Oldzeke Koroed Oldmax77 Stonyen Chimm Tiger004 Grant21 Spideruk Sameg Jrodster Z1232 Bigcreek Boxrat Aldo365 Urzael Fuhror Yunge Shakerip Kyotee Shott Gearten Logear1 Shorty1 Davros10 Goathill Gelock Boomstuk Ceifador85 Jaypee Partyon1 Opus24 Arkansas Alvar Bragg ======================================================================================================= Combat Rifleman Badge Awarded to Allied infantry who score 500 kills with an Infantry weapon in a single campaign. (Rifle, smg, lmg, ATR, semi-auto, rifle grenades, sniper rifle, or mortar) Nily5000 Haubitsi Eccles Maxq Anusiya Xohorvath Marshalz2 Bar Mobius57 Spirittu Brady Robhood Frikshun Wegue Pfmosquito Wirelad Muet Yosagi Pulfer Aceharts Mundagurri Rolfi250 Vicmorrow Goreblimey Dandare9 Crashzzz Cabby Dorigil Erasmo Anarquista Localghost Zep34 Dougyfarm Sirnelson1 Colsmith Angie Pfcroya Leon Hotblack Rpetersn Stankyus Spacecam Unkownname Wolfv Zuviel Skyhawk7 Mcafeed Skipa Bigrow1 Ibshot Murzick Strike69 Slon02 N8r Skee53 Sw1 Papagaeio Avulsion Sdowney Robjb40 Martigan Madeuce65 Gretnine Ltsolina Aenlic Pickaway Maxios Westy91 Pictboy3 Pwnography Floogen Njd1 Domcap Rocafortti Ruckrova Smoothie Tr6al Mustang Articfox Gces Bez5678 Neale Gandy Manhattan Mystert Etester Dontmove Bajalucas Madphatter Maca Nc0gnet0 Radical Choad Stfuaxis Monsjoex Poker Themouse Dilbert1 Croman99 Gpmelville Toxaway Blakeh Sgtmedic Mabarker Bus0 Rans Smooth12 Dinglepik Dmw2 Noobface99 Grunt768 Piattoni Jlangemann Adam1168 Carterhall Agenda21 Ebert100 Rexargod Uehawk1 Scoundrel Codycody Nyjets Elsass67 ========================================================================================================= Tank Destroyer Badge Awarded to any player for 100 tank - to - tank kills in a single campaign. Canukplf Tiger004 Slickie1 Dubane Brady Robincz Liukl Daokoth1 Goreblimey Wolfv Unpilot Hicksey Wildcat382 Cabby Bus0 Dandare9 Guevara Wegue Stankyus Abysmal Bursar Sepe74 Fwb29 Macalex Chinabaoqi Shorty1 Kenq Thesarg Monsjoex Richmarsh Pwnography Domcap Usmfan08 Hengli Walken Pictboy3 ======================================================================================================== Tank Hunter Badge Awarded to any player who scores 50 tank kills with Anti-tank infantry weapons in a single campaign. Spirittu Sirnelson1 Dubane Robincz Wolfv ======================================================================================================== Tiger Killer Medal Awarded to any player who kills 10 tiger tanks in a single campaign. Dubane Canukplf Robincz Rans Tiger004 Wolfv Sirnelson1 Liukl Daokoth1 Goreblimey Cabby Dandare9 Bus0 Slickie1 Spirittu Robhood Chinabaoqi Hicksey Macalex Hayeska Aenlic Unpilot Thesarg Wegue Pictboy3 Mandrill M1g Stankyus Flyer14 Abysmal Jw Wildcat382 Hengli Shiloh17 Pwnography Oldzeke Frikshun Marshalz2 Bez5678 Localghost Fwb29 Angie Pickaway Erasmo Monsjoex Rebel357 Devo730 Yunge Skyhawk7 Bursar Arkansas Membrain Dropbear Boxrat Shorty1 Blkhwk8 Jt037 Malvoc Bludngut Brady Ukshanks75 Ndcfs39 Portion Plummet Usmfan08 Walken Flyingwolf Zep34 Avulsion Impact Khbeowuf Heyden2 Ballock Soyo102 Themouse Bar N44b Meirenbao Kenq Chzacc Iamcoming Zerva01 Radical Itdanilo Madphatter Victorys Tys Nc0gnet0 Arno Pzmause Bigruss420 V4huni Hetierre Aunghous Ibshot Domcap Adam1168 Cultjon Gelock Ness Slon02 Bigvalco Di11on Ukshanks78 Mundagurri Ammo Fatsmacfly Yarxie Richmarsh Toxaway Rockz Gripfast Grunt768 Lordjim Chrispy2 Ccjeffgcs Sepe74 Timbo69 Firekast Haubitsi Desouk Smoothie Xhammerx Etester Bobthefish ======================================================================================================== Gun Crew Badge Awarded to any player who scores 25 enemy vehicle kills with Anti-Aircraft or Anti-tank guns in a single campaign. Randy59 Devo730 Blkhwk8 Marshalz2 Impact Robhood Flyer14 Dubane Ibshot Themouse Zgunner Hayeska M1g Stfuaxis Aenlic Sirnelson1 Stankyus Dandare9 Jb64 Yoav Vstrider Boxrat Pickaway Jt037 Spowie Oldzeke Robincz Membrain Chrispy Fatsmacfly Bragg Domcap Doeylama Khbeowuf Skipa Heyden2 Wildweasel Ratzilla Skee53 Bus0 Alvar Itdanilo Eccles Arland Bart68 Malvoc Moscone Shiloh17 Iamcoming Chrispy2 Twcgump Solono Mosconejr Mundagurri Chimm Uehawk1 Blazin1 Fwb29 Piattoni Malikai Yogie Lastranger Lipton Shorty1 Dropbear C0cksmith Nc0gnet0 Pictboy3 Bigrow1 Jokur Mcafeed N44b Yige Madphatter Mwhitman Wegue Tom3 Slakbladdr Scoundrel Jaxom Bearster Oddyss Aunghous Zerva01 Bmbm Buzzcomm Adam1168 Asaladin Dawkinar Jcd04 Lordjim Flyingwolf Arkansas Etester Munchkin Cultjon Brady Huolong13 Bombasaur Pwnography Wewak Eroberts7 Daokoth1 Gridiron Ammo Freezing95 Cabby Wolfv Tiger004 Colsmith Chzacc Dontmove Goreblimey Bludngut Sw1 Crashzzz Smu Ness Skyhawk7 Forrest3 Spirittu Blkhwk875 Bubbalarue Django75 Toxaway Ambiguousb Opus24 Gelock Jb66 Yisunshin Mustang ========================================================================================================= Flak Screen Badge Awarded to any player who scores 50 enemy vehicle kills with Anti-Aircraft guns in a single campaign. Randy59 Zgunner M1g Hayeska Flyer14 Vstrider Yoav Heyden2 Wildweasel Impact Spowie Stfuaxis Themouse Domcap Solono Bart68 Ratzilla Shiloh17 Oldzeke Stankyus ==================================================================================================== Field Gunnery Badge Awarded to any player who scores 50 enemy vehicle kills with Anti-tank guns in a single campaign. Blkhwk8 Marshalz2 Devo730 Robhood Ibshot Dubane Impact Flyer14 Jb64 Aenlic Pickaway Dandare9 Sirnelson1 Themouse Membrain Robincz Skipa Boxrat Itdanilo Chrispy Stankyus Stfuaxis Jt037 Yogie ========================================================================================================= Paratroop Wings Awarded to any Allied airborne personnel who complete 5 airborne drop missions in one campaign. Spirittu Razorslid Gandy Yosagi Gces Garahun Hater Findaway Nily5000 Randoh Bart68 Dogg99 Marshalz2 Ratzilla Fcb Mariposa Alvar Ambiguousb Aunghous Killer1234 Lipton Choad Helloboom1 Angryscott Zoulou Aarond Z80 Hippogriff Jaypee Ndb93 Grant21 Movis Paturuzito Dontmove Floogen Kaneusau Kesic Usmcdoc8 Grassman12 Anusiya Slon02 Sonikaise Noobface99 Gman2513 Actiongame Dedeyedony Blotbokt Cptrick Smallover Fizzinator Etester Adrian262 Victorys Skyhawk7 Vicmorrow Phantomtky Elias04 Tylerab Ltsolina N8r Mundagurri Scuffed Jcoleny Kosty Kilgar Colcody Wegue Panos1374 Rexargod Cdough8 Logear1 Gustavas Dark142 Anarquista Ismitesi Hotblack Omahautah Oxford09 Vate13 Hen16 Griffith11 Brady Cakebread Shakerip Shawn17380 Im2bad Agenda21 Snipieeeee Bibbakila Papacherry Bigeye Intouch Sekt0r15 Falconfall Markaris N44b Lino76 Robhood Washnats1 Popperson Masonj Oldsteiner Redneck321 Dadesmith Antoniodc Rgbman Nebbyy Haubitsi Chappell Oorang Venttale Fharley Frikshun Rothos Partyon1 Ton18th Unit102030 Mhowie Namniar20 Turppin Nyjets Cslenky Ace12 Volant Leon Dakernel Sgtto0tall Mc77 Victorzulu Saber21 Deangelis Bogues619 Blazer3120 Hetierre Gamerkid21 Sigity2 Rocketman2 Lobob23 Pomba Clost3r Maclean2 Devil30 Graveson Agrest1cx Muet Fwb29 Jokea222 Toytwo Phalanxbg Rracm Bulwark Rvaghini Localghost Jennings Pronoob32 Goreblimey Karpatov Skers Hugeay Takedown5 Coventry Lt1sobek Kortezapo Wolfv E64crew Jandel Rayela Boobafeet Mustang B2k Khbeowuf Dampsrb99 Yisunshin Tulio Saykh Jambo71 Pangpond Newman24 Rieper Xuxuii Ceifador85 Kacproski1 Saulius Patriot97 Flanker7 Ncmuggets Audio Goset Slowhand Raven4 Ness Keekers Burdysback Blkhwk8 Falltout Psfanatic Razerzd Kyotee Hmungus34 Oz13 Gonzer Warhorseog Adamchamp Drake1 Ballock Jb64 Adami Analfungus Tyranno1 Thekraken Zambah Balinstaln Bludhound Huolong13 Scottb Buckmain Oddyss Corbynchov Rpetersn Lrivero Grandan Radical Tenno Braddle Mitchzilla Bareet Eleos Carry Jb66 Juba Cooperhawk Ostriches2 Mabarker Crashzzz Fatsmacfly Colblue Def157 Jone Solitare Piattoni Stiglitz2 Tenderweeb Fatcakes Rangelx97 Tinjo Bambi41 Frostv Madphatter Dadiscumiz Guevara Akashg5 Nens Zuviel Firebird06 Spectre232 Karx Aronnax Helloboom Zzt61 Moitao Stonyen Manx Nigaobese Rifflord Natev Cirne Tomanitor Oseh Jester22 Buttons Stdaime Oatneal22 Yellowfox Jphartt Spatzable Boss1396 Papakush Ncha Binders Saltlife Keelhaul Pvtgranpa Ndcfs39 Komas33 Icewarp44 Fuzzycoco Scoundrel Patick Herrgeurin Redcheese Recon15 Stfuaxis Aenlic Hotzendork Grayco Musorian Malrek Colo16 Dinglepik Twezday Elric Harryballs Xgetna5tyx Devvv F8 Loka Moscone Boxrat Warhammer Codycody Blakeh Captgordo Dawkinar Alex1415 Blitz92 Uraifenn Riplg Anguslad Patriot32 Ferte Maximt Abcdefghij Dropbear Jcoleman5 Romeo503 Bigrow1 Ckendell10 Bb2002 Pulfer Ltgrim Xhammerx Gabewabey Dogghound B0werfield Rogueomen Smoothie Mixmano Qazwsxlion Yige Sidw Grex Trooperdav Bacanater Deathwaits Mrno1 Bobcat790 Hussardco Nzyjpg Darthfrog Batapolho Zalth Binpladen Godsloth Nolan32 Faltout Flyer14 Zeushammer Gearten Threeboots Twcgump Markh Rolltide Spandaya Allliedbot Lordghee4 Lastranger Legion1122 Reddog11 Theforload Lipservice Raptor1202 Speops Huskii Nicktrains Chacal3108 Hdy1996 Oddball22 Sebaelpro Dustyhc Openbob Robojihad Smooth12 Merlin51 Iamaskrub Squidcat Leedee Ptebush Airsoftdud Patton97 Lordtim Arghos95 Ebert100 Coldface Avulsion Pecadorl Buste14 Rughead Waliddz Gombabomba Pacifcloud Girordy Lamori Jerrytay69 Bonolazer Damonkey Malvoc Snort Poolee18 Bluekike Ninjadewd Knight31 Cesarcosta Super6heau Ghosty231 Gregjohn Keeo Ussr Johannes Crifefive Worldtrip Mrk3tchup Mecanita Capitanogi Dz2000 Tiger004 Paratruper Simcha Pvtzoller Syompan Saurs21 Hanglow Kenq Gadman Potts Youshigo Insacolado Darkmike24 Xpixinfamy Braith Notzim Panzerkarn Nukeboom Comathius Mints Snkeyes Arealraven Gopnik Dragofish Tomgreat Ashfighter Shotgungmr Warmaster Serj Eukithor Karma99 Snichblast Daldwin Toi1ets Gpmelville Suntzu57 Helvan Carterhall Yakmacaque Mcafeed Luxanna Euggen14 Geldurs Blanch1 Usmfan08 Catass Jackbo Marshal Kuba11279 Lamisere Chimm Dyonisx Septick Hbfdsbfhsh Hunter998 Abstain Goaste Jacksansan Trustme Starfox64 Kracunv Benedictin Sharples Kekvarov Memy1251 Pmike Morant Skewgear Mrj2012 Diizz N4iiikooh Unled Chitownkid Sylvain82 Kutulu66 Bigwalnut Buzzcomm Sayumi Verlich Bobthefish Sniper62 Pekhota Derp75 Gauge6321 Grimeldus Martigan Bombasaur Andrade Jeffery Mrsparta Ratzafratz Deathclaw Thexreaper Sunthai Sartor Goshxd Zhaomouv5 Warthawg Domcap Chainsaw09 Tatska Aussiezach Jnksalad Bearster Beninonovo Zerokill Darkm1 Wblaur Ciphurus Ltlongdong Robjb40 Adam1168 Rolfi250 Redrooster Gnem Sakrison Dogface Navidson Gunnybunny Kemper Bigcreek Lula Pickaway Mas Fergalious Tommygames Erityinen Lordjim Sideout Zgatoxuxu Gibill Stridder Lordrundle Slvck Sgapple231 Dubane Monsjoex Catsss Doc1168 Pudim Lucashammr Antoniodc1 Perdyn Alllycat Devildog Sgtham Bigvalco Vinterwar Trm20 Qzwx Xach Sexycrab Flyer13 Miming Thanir Marasnes Ismo Asdeath Jasper44 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Surgelly Dillon03 Reamer Skips22 Dimitriz75 Rhudepandu Funguy404 Noseeme Seabeee Dustydust Themuffin Mosconejr Zbus Crazyilya Skee53 Stumbolawl Dada12 Nedzissou Chapsfxo Mascaradox Flaminks =========================================================================================================== RAF Pilot Wings Awarded to any RAF pilot who completes 5 missions with at least 1 air-to-air kill or bomb on target. M1g Slowhand Foto1 Jcd04 Ms3 Drake1 Jaypee Waznot Oldzeke Acm Xhammerx Sparkyk Fizzgig Adam1168 Dandare9 Spirittu Wolfv Tchebagual Hayeska Rebel357 Drfunken Tazz Themouse Thesarg Bus0 Kinlightin Robhood Tsurani Rikocn Romanii Zoomy1 Mandrill Zep34 Gces Oddball22 Tinjo Sirnelson1 Jughead Makoshark Miked420 Daokoth1 Realm Ndcfs39 Milo Chzacc Impact Warthawg Airslayr88 Buzzcomm Khbeowuf Z00k Lobob23 Dontmove Greg1488 Nfdowns Bigruss420 Badanimal Erasmo Ace12 Scking Szyporyn Piro53 Panda1k Shew0lf Md Rockz Stankyus Codycody Ianman123 Walken Ajax101 Soyo102 Thekraken Fuzzycoco Matts222 Macalex Tudoufx Johnny70 Jt037 Frikshun Yarxie Subrat17 Xdeusvultx Shorty1 Dwalin Aceace12 Tinkeruk Manhattan Jakeob Bobthefish Reddog11 Jonzar Krum Solono Lutenint Patriot32 Papakush Omahagold Malvoc69 Crimdor Sideout Ccjeffgcs Eroberts7 Liukl Lordjim Flyer14 Ammo Dubane Blazin1 Lainiao Doc50 Bludngut Usmfan08 Sorebone2 Revrin Movis Mustang Jphartt Badbill Mariposa Bmbm Sirsnipy Docslugger Sorebone Risker Poka Andeerock1 Bigcreek Shiloh17 Hankman911 Dasquirrel Hinkel1 Dezone Xoom Oxford09 Tlx Diabolbr Damonkey Downtown Z1232 Deathrecon Smithy Mrno1 Akashg5 Eagleghost Skip19 Romeo503 Bearster Jaxom Chaptow Snowlep Rolltide Mitchsw Rans Monsjoex Timbo69 Serrallong Klem57 Hetierre Abysmal Dahlski Di11on Ke3p3r Snort Hack22 Uehawk1 Mjdixon Cixlysid Skyhawk7 Konrad Buckmain Unchained Wiking5 Zzt61 Deathclaw Ozow N8r Garf0 Manx Morant Garuda01 Major0noob Obsidian Blitz92 Boxrat Bombasaur Radical Kidd27 Sgapple231 Markh Cann76 Baz27 Mmarchi1 Wildweasel Enfield303 Ibe37 Revor83 Sniper62 Skyguard Surly02 Beny Sgtto0tall Warrior25 Karita Waldojr Brady Lemurian Stridder Desouk Miming Zekerulz Ropo Burdysback Shasta18 Aunghous Varron Spug Xredonex Ness Pzmause Awbell Deathman28 Kemiozz Forrest3 Moortz Vmanstein Yokilla Shmonkey Neale Parisean Ellias825 Jarve Batek Hawk2099 Doc1168 Chris867 Widowmaker Canukplf Sneak03 Richarson Skypiolt Wewak Jineng77 Duvel666 Qest333 Kumako Knight31 Mavdar Hidesuru Zeushammer Dangler Mrzogs Leeuw Ah64e Maxios Zeller Ukshanks75 Alisg1 Landser3 Guevara Ballock Cw4bower Uraifenn Eihort Oldsteiner Partyon1 Raven Overlord21 Domcap Velonus ================================================================================================== FAF Pilot Wings Awarded to any FAF pilot who completes 5 missions with at least 1 air-to-air kill or bomb on target. Hotrod Rans Ke3p3r Jaypee Mandrill Bmbm Jt037 Ianman123 Panda1k Bus0 Tinjo Waznot N44b Badanimal Thesarg Milo Nfdowns Maxios Konrad Partyon1 Thekraken Kidd27 Shew0lf Impact Piro53 Fuzzycoco Jineng77 Tazz Forrest3 Blkhwk8 Snar Sniper62 Chieftom Fruty Zalth Badbill Stonyen Beny Jonzar Duvel666 M1g Garf0 Poka Hack22 Mrzogs Burdysback Fransis Leadpoison Redwing Kyotee Fuhror Wewak Risker Lewdcat Docslugger Tlx Zippy Warspite70 Realm Ramses16 Tys Gtaylor9 Harrison Munkeemoo Scking Alisg1 Zeller Suziki07 Sepe74 Drake1 Mustang V4huni Fwb29 ============================================================================================================ RAF Naval Aviator Wings warded to any RAF fleet arm pilot who destroys 10 enemy naval vessels. Romanii M1g Oldzeke Oddball22 ======================================================================================================== FAF Naval Aviator Wings Awarded to any FAF pilot who destroys 10 enemy naval vessels. Soyo102 Hotrod ========================================================================================================= Transport Pilot Wings Awarded to any Allied pilot who completes 10 Airborne drop missions. Mariposa Jandel Oldabe101 Malvoc Wolfv Adam1168 N8r Ismitesi Partyon1 Timbo69 Daokoth1 Khbeowuf Dubane Yisunshin Monsjoex Yosagi Zoulou Kosty Nyjets Wegue Manx Bigvalco Tylerab Oddball22 Fharley Snipieeeee Liukl Dontmove Flyer13 Blkhwk875 Harryballs Huolong13 Cptthomson Hetierre Lobob23 Slowhand Shott Akashg5 Abysmal Bigruss420 Syompan Usmfan08 Snort Zeushammer ============================================================================================================ Coastal Defense Ribbon The Coastal Defense Ribbon is awarded to any Allied member in a naval unit who, through exceptional abilities and commitment, provides defense of an Allied coast by destroying 5 Axis ships during a single campaign. Rabitldr Flyer14 Playtime Johnhole Gandy Ness Uraifenn M1g Ibe37 Aenlic Mwhitman Greyman Vstrider Sirsnipy Rans Oldzeke Dandare9 Erasmo Gatorbmc ============================================================================================================= Naval Fighter Screen Medal The Naval Fighter Screen decoration is awarded to any Allied Member in a naval unit who destroys 10 Axis aircraft while defending a Port or City, during a single campaign. Mwhitman Oldzeke C0cksmith Fwb29 Skee53 Jcd04 Greyman Ibe37 Rabitldr ========================================================================================================= Sea Wolf Badge Awarded to any Allied member who, through skill and daring, destroys 10 Axis ships with a destroyer during a single campaign. Rabitldr Flyer14 Playtime Johnhole Gandy Ness Uraifenn M1g ========================================================================================================= Gunboat Warfare Medal Awarded to any Allied member who, through skill and daring, destroys 10 Axis vehicles with a Fairmile during a single campaign. Mwhitman Oldzeke Greyman Jcd04 Ibe37 Skee53 Rabitldr Zuviel ========================================================================================================= Wound Ribbon "Goddam it, you'll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me!" - Captain Henry P. "Jim" Crowe (Guadalcanal, January 13, 1943) The Wound Ribbon is awarded to those Allied personnel who have 1000 deaths in a single campaign. Marshalz2 Nily5000 Aenlic Robhood Nc0gnet0 Mobius57 Yosagi Wolfv Colsmith Skyhawk7 Maxq Spirittu Zuviel Leon Eccles Mundagurri Muet Robjb40 Toxaway Dandare9 Mystert Vicmorrow Rolfi250 Goreblimey Dubane Hotblack Pfcroya Pwnography Pickaway Etester Aceharts Adam1168 Martigan Gandy Cabby Huolong13 Crashzzz Ruckrova Floogen Sirnelson1 Wirelad Slon02 Choad Stankyus N8r Dorigil Wegue Zep34 Yisunshin Dontmove M1g Brady Findaway Lordjim Oxford09 Wildcat382 Marshal Dmw2 Sdowney Dilbert1 Grunt768 Bez5678 Localghost Pfmosquito Kenq Skipa Spacecam Ebert100 Madphatter Ibshot ========================================================================================================= Tanker Ace Ribbon Awarded to any player who scores 5 tank kills with mechanized units with an RTB in a single sortie. canukplf tiger004 daokoth1 hayeska dubane major0noob malvoc chinabaoqi gripfast erasmo dorigil arno walken wegue hengli django75 sw1 hicksey brady stankyus fatsmacfly avulsion ukshanks79 xhammerx flyingwolf pulfer doc1168 v4huni wolfv shorty1 malvoc69 robincz pictboy3 oddball22 bigvalco mundagurri wildcat382 iamcoming unpilot grunt768 sgtsnock canary1 bus0 tom3 hater smoothie desouk yunge arkansas lolbo591 exodiuss richmarsh dread114 terriers raoa gelock hotblack usmfan08 dwalin manhattan bigruss420 goreblimey localghost monsjoex victorys cabby jt037 firekast papakush uberian hetierre fwb29 sangreal volcol jamm40 fergalious thesarg aunghous lipton liukl miming plummet gpmelville snowlep guevara galiang mad7 sepe74 martigan2 rebel357 dfadd dropbear kenq domcap ballock portion drolbuket yucca angie bobthefish abysmal impact neale nwstar2 cultjon malikai bigal63 leadsptr timbo69 jck2 di11on khbeowuf skyhawk7 mandrill radical itdanilo ambiguousb smithy slayter capco bursar uehawk1 hbpencil deathclaw smooth12 glaxi rockz beny dandare9 etester frikshun simcha zerva01 boxrat legioss judgexg angie ndcfs39 kenq macalex tollroad no76tic yarxie serrallong slickie1 quekojones pzmause spideruk peat no76tic chzacc shott kesic scuffed wirelad haubitsi n8r bar shinichris meirenbao sgtstyrker alisg1 bez5678 oddyss rolfi250 falloutgod yodan bonghunter sirnelson1 gefa68 bxy =========================================================================================================== Pilot's Ace Mission Award Awarded to fighter pilots who show exceptional skill in the cockpit, scoring 5 confirmed Air to Air Victories in a single sortie, as verified by awarding officer. Awarded by Air Brigade Commanders. zep34 rebel357 chzacc soyo102 makoshark gn001139 hotrod ke3p3r kinlightin waznot zoomy1 m1g xhammerx fizzgig jcd04 milo surly02 unkownname usmfan08 bus0 zippy foto1 tazz miked420 mandrill themouse duvel666 panda1k foto1 slowhand tinjo ianman123 poka smithy xdeusvultx tsurani ========================================================================================================= Naval Warfare Medal Awarded to any Allied Member in a naval unit for their commendable performance by destroying any combination of 5 Axis War Machines, in the air, on land, or on the River and returning safely to base. blkhwk8 flyer14 soyo102 skipa judgexg frikshun vstrider badbill oldzeke df2 ============================================================================================================= This completes all awards for Campaign 141. The Allied High Command has made the decision to use statistics derived from the 7th AST website http://www.7thast.net/awards/ when determining awards. When it is possible that there may be conflicting data, it has been reviewed and the best available information has been used. It has been noted that the Sapper unit has not yet been added to the statistics. We apologize for this omission and are hoping to have the unit added to the list in the future. In addition, the population increase from Steam has shown us that some requirements for awards will need to be amended in the future. As of this list, our top awards lists have been changed to reflect the top 10, rather than the top 25 in a category, as we have done in the past. I wish to apologize for the delay in posting this list. This was due in large part to the incredible increase in volume of awards to be edited after our Steam release, and to the extended length of this campaign. I will work to process future campaigns much more quickly. Thanks to everyone for their patience. Congratulations to everyone! Cmdr Quincannon USN Public Relations Officer Cinc Administrative Staff War Office, London
  5. This is a pain in the kiester subject. On one hand, trying to set an FMS in a good spot can be hard to do... and way too many times, there is only one at an AO. True, it might get camped, but pulling it at the first sign of trouble can kill the AO. It's a tough call whether or not to drop an FMS when you know there isn't another one, people are trying to spawn in, and you are pretty sure there won't be another one if you drop your FMS/mission. A few points from my perspective... 1. This is the most important: Calling other players names... insulting their intelligence or ability... and just plain putting them down because they aren't as good as you when you have played for 5-10 years is the WORST thing that you can do to them or for the game. Period! 2. A LOT of players don't belong to squads. It will always be this way. That means that a LOT of players have to learn to play on their own. And there is precious little that will teach them the ins and outs of the finer points... example .orders Who exactly shows people about how this works? I know it exists, but have never really used it because I'm not sure what I'm doing with it. Personally, I watch what's going on and send such instructions over mission chat. But the point is that you can't expect everyone to know all the commands when there is NO overall basic play guide that includes those commands. Heck it takes weeks for some to learn the abbreviations we use. 3. I understand running a new FMS. It's a great idea. Taking someone else's mission because you don't like the way it's going? THEY did the hard work getting it there and setting it up. If you don't like it, set up your own mission. Personally, is someone grabs my mission and drops my FMS without even communicating with me? I will definitely be done helping with that battle, and I will remember that person and avoid playing with them in the future. 4. One of the problems is camping versus suppression. Suppression makes sense. Shut it down, mark it, call for engineers to blow it and take it down ASAP. That's decent play. Camping it just to rack up kills on new players? It's a great way to make sure that a day one new player never logs in again. The first time I was camped like that I got so frustrated I didn't log in again for over a week, and only logged in then because I had paid my subscription and felt I would be wasting my money if I didn't. The fact is that camping only hurts the game, no matter how much fun it is for you. 5. If everyone spawning into an FMS spent just long enough to build one defensive POI, they would survive longer and be a heck of a lot harder to kill.
  6. I know that this may sound dumb, but in the entire time I have played, I have only seen 2-3 ATGs that were willing to use these pits, and had some players tell me that they were actually a bad idea for ATGs. Now I always thought it would make sense for ATGs to have such cover; but assuming that the majority of players feel this way... The ATG pit would likely serve better and be more useful as an infantry position. At present a lot of infantry use them for cover. The PROBLEM is the massive hole in the center that exposed the inside. While that hole makes sense for ATGs, it leaves infantgry exposed. I would suggest simply redesigning this fortification with the center covered. It would then be very useful both as cover and for a firing position. I imagine LMGs would be happy to be ablt to use them if they weren't quite so exposed. All things considered, I would imagine that this would take little redesign. AS an alternate to this... maybe leave the ATG pit the same, but redesign it and make the inf version deployable by LMGs and the incoming Browning MG. It would make sense that they would use the equivalent of a "machine gun nest"; a purpose that the current foxhole PPO is simply inadequate for.
  7. On the other hand, they have to keep the lights on. They need a certain minimum of the main accounts just to saty in business,. Ther aren't a huge number of people willing or able to get Hero accounts. Getting more low paying accounts can be good, but only if you get enough of them to overcome any losses from the Primary payment subs. Otherwise they lose even more money. They have offered Welcome back soldier subs at a reduced price relatively often. They offer the starter sub. Imagine if say 10-15% of current subs are air only players who never play ground? Now CRS offers an Air only sub at a reduced rate.... Why wouldn't an air only player switch to that sub? What if 10-15% of premium subs did that, and there weren't enough new air only subs to at least cover that loss? It would be a big risk. I agree that it would be great if there were ways to do things differently. I have a heard a bunch of folks who wish that their old accounts with favorite names could be swapped from pay tp F2P when they aren't subbed, and back again when they are, like other MMOs do. Unfortunately this isn't the case, and one reason that unsubbed vets have to play on a second F2P account. If I were CRS and working to modernize the payment system, that would be a priority. Then again, WoW has had a similar system. F2P up to level 20 and then sub or be stuck. At least here every campaign...every battle is a little different, and F2Ps have a variety of things they can do. No unrepeatable missions that leave you unable to advance or endlessly repeatable low level gathering missions. (Blech!) I think the Rats do a great job, and they try as hard as possible to provide a good play experience for as many people as possible.
  8. CRS did begin development on High Command/ Mission Leader uniforms. Unfortunately, staffing concerns and more necessary projects have caused this to be on the back burner for now. Hopefully CRS will be able to look at this again. I would not look for it any time soon, however. That said, I like the idea that HC officers could be worth more points.
  9. Thanks to the GMs for what you do. It is appreciated. But I have to ask, and if it doesn't belonmg on an open forum would someone PM me.... WTH is a Buzzard sortie?
  10. The problem with ONLY registering a kill on a tank or ship (Even if you disregarded the Captain): If I am playing a tank and someone double tracks me and I can't get to an effective position....My unit is effectively useless. As a player.. there is no reason that i am going to stay logged into that unit until someone kills all 3 crew. I'm in a tank and someone kills my gunner and driver. Nothing I can do. If the enemy see that and doesn't continue to pound me until the tank blows or they get my commander... I am still helpless... again I will despawn... This is effectively the same even if just the gunner is killed. It works very similarly in a ship If you were required to kill the entire crew, it would take forever. And until I actually sink, I can get an RTB. I agree that the system coud use some revamping to consider what qualifies as a kill on a vehicle that doesn't allow an RTB. I guess it should have two factors: What stops the vehicle from being able to fight? Consider that a tank or ship with no engine/ driver can still effectively shoot at the enemy, but they cannot move. They are, in effect, sitting ducks. That said, one COULD surmise that until the unit is completely destroyed, the crew has survived to man another vehicle; hence the RTB.
  11. Hey folks, Y'know, like it or not people swap sides all the time. Sometimes a few times a week, sometimes only every campaign. When that happens, if they really want to know what's going on and they are subscribed, they then have to request secure forum access on the new side, and request that they have their secure access for their previous side be removed. It then takes from a half hour to the next day (say the play TZ3 and no HC is on the forums) for the new access to be granted and old access to be removed, a period during which they are playing one side with secure forum access to the other. These changes need to be made manually. Now magnify that by the number of new Steam subs we are hoping to get. New players are going to be frustrated trying to navigate the system. I know some people won't like this, but remember that this iS just a agame. I suggest that we consider simply giving all subscribed members access to both secured forums. We make it an "honor system" not to log into the opposing Secure access while playng on one side or the other. This would help prevent more frustration for players who like to swap sides at will and who don't want to jump through hoops to do it.
  12. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Rats! Here's to another 16 years and more!
  13. The minimum number of hours ina 24 hr period to even get to vote puts this squarely in control of those who have a lot of disposable time on their hands. A lot of players don't have more than an hour or so a day to play... a system with a requirement that shuts them out doesn't sound like a really fair or viable option. Also, trying to ignore the potential for popularity abuse.... what would this really do or achieve? Players don't follow someone because of their in-game earned 'military' rank, so why should they feel obligated to follow players based on this proposed system? What would make players who log in to play feel like they should participate in this vote, and if it really had an effect, how would players know in-game?
  14. It's not just explosions in tanks... I can't remember how many times people have tried to talk to me while I was driving a truck and there was no way that I could hear them over the engine noise.
  15. XOOM has mentioned the possibility of Medics in the future. No idea when or how, but it has been mentioned. We can discuss it to death (and I have in previous threads); but right now all that some of us can do is hope that the company does better, can implement the current items on the road map, and eventually be able to look at the idea further down the road.
  16. I have seen what happens when 4-5 Tigers enter a town. They destroy pretty much everything in their path. ATGs get taken out ridiculously easily. The Tigers sit out and play artillary until the Allied tanks that can spawn get chewed up, and then they roll in. At that point the only thing that can do much are the RPATS, and each brigade gets, what? 2-3? I have been in full agreement regarding getting rid of FRUs, which did a lOT towards getting rid of the instaspawn anti-tank infantry, but they are historical units, and they should have a place in the game. That said, i would be all for a mechanic requiring a reloader or an inability to move once loaded iF the number of Tigers in game were reduced to historically accurate numbers for the Western front.
  17. Unfortunately this has been this way fort a very long time. The stats reset at the moment that CRS starts to reset the servers for intermission. It would be great if stats from previous campaigns could be preserved, but I don't know if they ever will be.
  18. I've always thought that it would be a good idea to look at setting a time limit on campaigns of about a month. That would be a week per tier, and at the end of that time, if it's not over, they could declare a winner based on percentage of map ownership. I know it's not a perfect system, but it would allow for people, especially new players to get a feel for every tier. It would allow squads to plan schedules for play based on tier progression, and almost guarantee that we see the later tiers more often. This might be more popular with customers, as sometimes we go a couple of campaigns without ever having the Americans in play. Alternatively, have the first three tiers each last a week and then let Tier 4 take as long as it takes. (On the other hand, my personal favorite idea would be to introduce some sort of resource system that links rdp and tier progression per side. Each HC could decide how much of their resources go to resupply speed and how much to tier progression. choosing to have a faster resupply rate could give an advantage in resupply, but would slow down tier progression, potentially allowing the enemy to reach higher tiers faster. This would also make strategic bombing and inderdiction important. Neither side should be able to shut the other's rdp down entirely, but even a reduction of 10% could matter. But this is just a fairy tale thought)
  19. I am well aware that some naval personnel were issued OD uniforms under certain circumstances, and that the Navy wore a version of the M-1 helmet. They also often stenciled their OD uniform blouses and jackets with USN as well. The standard US Navy utility jacket was the same OD color as that used by the Army or Marines . However, the fact remains that the USN DID use shipboard personnel for infantry and artillery, when necessary, and it was not guaranteed that they were always issued ODs. I still believe that if a naval base were attacked, that any naval infantry would have had a good chance of being in the normal naval uniform of the day.
  20. I am not arguing your point on the German land units of the Navy; and I admit that i have not researched too closely into the British and French, beyonf finding the images that I have shown in this thread, but I KNOW that the United States Navy DID use shipboard Naval personnel as infantry. Point of fact: Sailors as Infantry in the US Navy ~ Patrick H. Roth (Captain, US Navy, Ret.) Some quotes: " On June 7 2005 Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark, directed development of a “Navy Expeditionary Sailor Battalion Concept” with the goal of standing up a combat battalion in fiscal year 2007. This is return to the past. Up through the 1970s, competency as naval infantry—sailors performing as infantry, and sometimes providing land based artillery support—has been an integral part of the Navy’s operations. While this competency has been gone from the fleet for a generation, its return can be facilitated by an examination of a rich history. " " In 1891, the Bureau of Ordnance issued “Instructions for Infantry and Artillery, United States Navy." Besides providing instructions for drill and tactics for infantry and artillery, “Instructions” general regulations directed that: "Each ship and squadron will have a permanently organized landing force composed of infantry and artillery….” “ The section, consisting of one officer, two petty officers, and sixteen men, is the unit of organization. All sections are drilled both as infantry and artillery." " The largest operation during the early years of the 20th century involved the occupation of Vera Cruz Mexico in 1914. A seaman brigade of some 2,500 bluejackets conducted the landing and infantry assault alongside a 1,300 man marine brigade. " " Guidance on amphibious landings continued to be included in Navy Landing Force Manuals until 1938. By then amphibious landing tactical doctrine had been subsumed by publication of the Marine Corps developed “Tentative Landing Operations Manual” of 1935, which was adopted by the Navy in 1938 as “Fleet Publication 167.” Landing party organization continued to be required and infantry drill and tactics continued to be part of the Landing Force Manuals. Bluejacket infantry continue to have a role, albeit much more minor than it had been decades earlier. In China, infantry operations ashore by sailors continued as an integral part of the Asiatic Fleet’s operations along the Yangtze River even though the marines had taken over the bulk of activity. " During WWII: " ...a Naval Battalion, formed from the remnants of the shore establishment of the 16th Naval District in the Philippines, performed bravely and effectively on Bataan in late 1941 and early 1942. The USS Philadelphia landed a landing party to assist the 47th Infantry in capturing airport at Loa Senia, Morocco, during Operation Torch. Admiral Halsey’s Third Fleet sailors, organized as three battalions of infantry, assisted marines and a British Landing party with the occupation of Yokosuka Naval Base at the end of World War II. " USS Houston (CA-30), ship's landing force reembarks from a motor launch, after exercises ashore at Dumanquilas Bay, Mindanao, circa 1931-33 Note that they are not dressed in Marine OD or camo uniforms, but Navy ones. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/s/sailors-as-infantry-us-navy.html
  21. Just tell an HC member... lots of our awards aren't the kind that could be used as Steam achievements and are not stat based.
  22. I'd be fine with that if they also changed the Allied version to one that could be stuffed into the tracks of a tank and be powerful enough to actually destroy some lighter tanks. The Allies did have such satchels, and there is no reason to completly remove them from the game and leave the Axis one in.
  23. Why does this matter? The only thing I can see posting this stat when people log in doing is telling new players which side wins more, effectively acting as a recruitment tool for that side. I do agree that it would be good to be notified of intermission status before I have to log in all the way, saving me the time and letting me log off until there's actually a campaign in progress.
  24. There could be some debate on which uniforms would be used. In game, there could also be debate about the land forces used by the navy. We have often referred to them as Marines, but in all actuality, the way they are designed in game, these would simply be land garrisons to support and protect the various fleets, rather than dedicated marines. In such cases it is quite possible that both types of uniforms would have been used, as land combat uniforms would not have normally been issued for shipboard use, or even for general shore duty; rather, they would most likely have been issued in advance of planned inkland assaults, or to those assigned specifically to base security. In general, most sailors in the various navies would have worn normal Navy uniforms on duty. If their base were attacked, they would likely simply have grabbed weapons and combat gear and worn it over their normal duty uniforms. That is what I imagine in our game.