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  1. thanks guys man it works thanks to all hoe posted the help thanks all :D:D
  2. all games work like eve online works World of Warcraft works Star craft works All works exept wwii online
  3. see i new it no ****ing replys man this is not good my dam trail ends in 1 or 2 or 3 days please tell me what to do please
  4. i have a nvida optimus and a samsung laptop samsung rc520 hou do i doe it
  5. i click on play offline and enter the game right so i go to germany and choes persona and it loads and then the game shuts down why i updated my grahpics card and my sound wat probelm it does not work on offline or online no problem with my connetion??
  6. computer is a Samsung rc520 grahphicks card is a nvidia optimus prossesor i5
  7. please i need it realy in 1 or 2 days please reply **** trail ends in 4 days
  8. i have problem whit game need help please i press enter world and then it shuts the dam game down help me its killing me please
  9. sorry for bad english
  10. hi guys i choose my personal and brige hq yea .so i click enter world game shuts down and updateed my g and s help