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  1. Dear everyone, Playtime says howdy and Salute to all I will try to keep this short and to the point I take after my GrandDad in so many ways such as long messages. My Grand Dad is one very determined man to keep up his positive thoughts and never giving up on his medical issues. In fact he is the one keeping my Brother and Grand Mothers hopes high when we have been down. He responded very well to some experimental medical treatments that will hopefully help many other people with his type of cancer. He looks forward to almost everyday now and even played the game for about 30 - 40 minutes one evening = Navy of course and killed 3 edds - it was as if he hadn't been away from this game. But he paid for it the next 3 days with quite a bit more pain and confusion. But he swears he will be back and prays the Navy will be better, in other words he plans on coming back full time but that remains to be seen. His stomach cancer is under control after losing almost half of his stomach to get rid of the tumors inside and cancerous tissues. He has been up and walking short distances - around the house and spends more time watching tv in our living room than he does in bed now. He told me to make sure to tell everyone he is doing - Great and he plans on coming back. Our Dad also wanted to let everyone know just how much this game has helped him sense he became ill. Playtime is doing better than any of his Doctors thought possible at John Hopkins & the University of Michigan. He has actually put on 4 pounds after losing almost 70. He was a big guy at 6'4" tall & was very muscular @ 220 pounds but to see him now it's a bit hard because of how thin he now is. But hopefully that will change. No positive thinking he will get better period. Until another update no idea when though this is where he is at. Thank You, Bockscar & B0ckscar
  2. I short update on playtime most recent condition. Our Grand Dad has stage 3 - 4 cancer at this time. It is in many parts of his body but he gave his Doctors the go ahead and try some untested treatments that could help him and or other people with cancer. I took over my Grand Dad's - playtime - name for no. Our Grand Dad felt the members in this game had a right to know what his game name had been replaced with for the time being. He still feels at sometime he will be back in this game and to be honest its the kind words from everyone that is keeping him going. He felt sence my Brother and I are twins our game names should be as close as possible. Thus bockscar that has been around for a while and b0ckscar is for now replacing playtime. We know some have seen both names on the same or different missions but my brother and I can assure you that you will never ever see one name on the allied side and the other on the axis side. If you see both of them they will both be on one side or the other period. Our Grand Dad has no issue with us playing axis as long as its not - playtime - being on the axis side. I want to explain why the name change to not replace but to not mislead members into thinking our Grand Dads name - playtime
  3. Both my twin Brother and myself started first watching our Grand Dad - game name Playtime - at the age of 10 - 12. With some of the choice of words not always being all that great we all know at age ten or what have you - if you don't use it you sure most likely have seen or heard it. Does this make it right no but there are a few not much older than you are now that really get down with those choice words at times. So I sure hope that we don't see you doing the same ok. Finally my brother and were at least our Grand Parents eyes felt we were old enough to play but only if Playtime LOL gave us some playtime in the game. He really liked and played navy mostly so my brother and I seem to grasp at that part of the game versus others. My Brother and I just turned 25 and I would not have missed playing or watching this game in action for anything in the world. To be honest it also kept us busy and wanting to stay home instead of hitting the streets so to speak with some friends we both had. Have fun and play it like it is a game and believe me you will enjoy it so much more than getting so wrapped up in like it is a real war. Let your imagination be your guide and be a kid as long as you can. After all we all are kids but only once. Salute Bockscar & B0ckscar
  4. A big howdy to everyone and I am not sure where I should be posting this information but here it is anyways. First off though my account is Bockscar and my twin brother has been using our GF's account playtime. Or each of us might use both accounts for towing when there is just one of us on. Some basic information about just how great a person our GF actually is. Our Mother - playtimes Daughter and our Dad were killed when we were both 8 years old in a terrible accident. Our Grandmother and GF Playtime adopted us and have been our parents for 16 years now. But our GF has always refused to let us refer to him as our Dad so we just call him Paw. He has never really gotten over the loss of our Mother his Daugher in all of these years and for some reason blames himself. Over the years our GF has done nothing but work but yet always flew home on most weekends to make sure we were not getting into trouble and has provided us the best love - care and made sure that we were very respectful of others which we both are. I just wanted to try and explain why my brother and I are using his account. He told us to. We have both sat next to him over the years watching and learning from him playing this game and at times he let us take part. We also recognize so many of your names and to have some of you PM us and say such kind words to us about our GF is amazing but we felt this way also. Many times he is next to me as I am playing and has read such kind PM messages about him. He is a very personal guy and finds it hard to take any positive feedback about himself. The reason is over time with his jobs they were the type or kind that he never received any positive things being said to him and if he did he always just said it's my job. Our GF was a K-handler for our Government and worked along the borders of Texas and Arizona doing SAR missions trying to save kidnapped victims done by the Mexican Drug Cartel. Many of his missions were recovery ones instead of SAR to still locate someone alive mostly very young abused girls. He had asked me to change his game name to c00per after all c00per is emotional support and Service dog that is by his side wherever he goes or next to his side in bed. My Brother and I thought it would be the best game name also other than the one he had chosen - playtime but someone at one time already has used it. This brought on issues because on his account it showed the original person's information that had the name. It also deleted all of his messages and his friends list among other things. Thus going back to his playtime game name. My Brother and I had asked him if he minded us playing axis with his new name and he told us to go for it. When we had the issues from the new game name we asked him again and also told us to go ahead but to explain to people that this was not him. We had no idea how many people were going to ask hey playtime what's up and why are you on the axis side playing or how you doing or or or LOL even though we should have known better. So we will be changing his game name again with his permission. It's not that we have just taken over his account because after all he is our Paw and our best friend. Ok I hope this helps explain some things to everyone and we both pray that you understand what is going on with us in the game. Our Paw does not want to close either account so as to keep helping support this game and he is still hoping he can actually play at sometime in the future. Until then he sits beside me at times while I am playing the game and if he see's a Navy mission you bet he wants to go to it. I took a leave from my job and moved back home to help our Grandmother care for our Paw but my Brother is not so lucky his job will not let him take a leave. My Brother loves the navy as for me I like everything but I am not as good as my brother is playing navy. We have learned so much watching our Paw play navy yet to him he feels it's the only thing he was kind of decent at. Ok enough our person stuff and let's move on to our Paws condition ok. I am just trying to clear up somethings by sharing this with you all. As many of you know he first had one brain tumor and then another one. The second one came after he was suppose to be in remission but not true. The first tumor was removed the second one was reduced in size by way of chemo and is all but gone. Things were looking up until this past April he had one heart attack and a second one while he was undergoing a chemical stress test. This damaged his heart but with surgery he seemed to rebound pretty good and was on his way to recovery. But about the end of May he began having severe stomach pain along with chest pains. Doctors thought he was having another heart attack so the checked him out only to find he has stomach cancer. His cancer has spread to his pancreas and he is again going through different types of chemo. For some reason he is having reactions to the chemo so they are and have been trying radiation treatments with some success. He has lost almost 45 pounds and almost half of his stomach had to be removed. But he is a fighter and is for the time being being fed by way of a tube. Sense this his weight loss is holding and he is getting much stronger. Like I think I mentioned he at times watches the game with either my Brother or I but at times becomes very sad. The Doctors say this a natural from everything that he has been through and is still going through. He has such great Doctors that he see's at the University of Michigan they at tops. This game along with everyone in it has basically been his life and something he even played while out of state while on his off time on his laptop. To say that this game is over for him would be a big mistake because he still enjoys watching names pop up that he knows and at times him asking for the joystick while a navy battle is going on. I wish that I could tell everyone that he will be fine but to be honest from what his Doctors tell us he hopefully will be able to somehow get back to a somewhat normal life whatever that means. He knows that I am writing this message and he has been reading on and off - well kind of he is back in bed as I continue to try and write this. He just wants to make sure I am not telling everyone all of his personal life's story which would be pretty hard. I hope that this message although long helps explain what has and is going on. It's just to hard to try and type things while in the game by way of PM to someone and then try to repeat it to the point that something or someone might not understand from things being unsaid. He is a wonderful man and an even better Dad if only he would let us call him this. But he has his own children our Uncles and well our Mother that is no longer with us. Once a new game name is figured out we will let you know what it is or if no one objects he might let us keep using playtime even on the axis side. He is funny about the axis side. He kicked me out of his British squad for playing axis while being in an allied squad oh my he was pissed LOL. But he feels as long as he is not the one playing the dark side it's ok now. Take care writing on behalf of our GF playtime, Bockscar Any questions please write me a message and I will try to reply. I just pray everyone understands how hard this has been and just how hard it is going to be in the future. Peace to everyone from our family to everyone of you.......