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  1. Would take forever......the time in between being able to set them is too long and even if you have the time an manpower by the time you got there the AO will have dried to mention a good bomb will destroy all that hard work would be cool to see
  2. The concept is good, the result is bad. I cant see inf as they get blocked by the marker unless I aim to get rid of the marker....
  3. I agree........2+ hrs for RDP and nothing to show for it. Id rather die 20 times doing something more "productive" in 2 hrs than one RDP mission
  4. After reading this I went to check my settings..........I was using a HDMI connection to my monitor. Could not get above 60hz in my settings............ When I switched to displayport I was able to change setting to 100hz. dunno if it makes a difference in WW2OL as the frame rates fluctuate so much it isnt funny ...........BUT I have to see if it really makes a difference here and with other games
  5. Second time in a week I login at this time and its it down or is this now the regular DT for the server??
  6. No new people. Sad.........but it's been a good run.
  7. Who needs to fly that high anyway........
  8. Not that its a big issue but given how tight the community is ( and its small) and after all the funding drives to help support the game, it would be nice to have a bit more transparency about the game moving forward. Maybe its time to be upfront and get into the numbers. I dont think it would have a negative effect to see fact it may have a positive effect. Numbers such as, "how may subs are needed to at least break even", "how may subs do we actually have", "how may people sub but DONT play & what happens if they unsub", "What is needed if the game is to survive another 3-5 yrs"..............those are just some examples. Stuff like this needs to be discussed openly. This is not some megacorp boxed FPS zerg game, this is a close tight knit community of players and some players who have become "employees" to keep the game going. Unless you plan on securing some outside investors I can see maybe not wanting to post this info, but any investor would ask those questions anyway.
  9. So it was a bust?
  10. ..........amd what, if anything can be done about it now??
  11. .........Yet they still are able to change hands. Resources are needed elsewhere Im sure.
  12. Damn! Hard landings for those poor pups.....who was the engineer behind those "small" chutes
  13. OMG.....tri-wing 109's...LOL...........I remember those. I was diehard Axis then and all I did was fly. Looking back we were totally OP in that dept.
  14. Forgot about those downfall ones.....I believe there are several different varients. All good stuff and conjures up good old memories.
  15. Those days were great times......cant believe I stumbled across it again.