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  1. IMO 1.36 is not around the soon is subjective.
  2. Thats fine............but Im disapointed in the statement in General. No decision means 1.36 is still a long ways off and we need this sooner than later............whatever the decisions are.
  3. Several hundred meters? I like the fact we are getting there but AF camping will also come into play with these as well
  4. Just make it the same mechanics as the to where you want to launch (shoreline) hit "z"......wait............wait...............and boom FMS is up. Despawn boat and spawn infantryman and attack
  5. Makes sense considering a truck can do it.
  6. So you mean every Lt Col out there?...............thats like almost everyone.
  7. Dynamic cap times due to population is probably not possible or it would have been tried by now.
  8. It better not be. Insta-stealth FRU's popping up everywhere not good for the game. What we have now works fine.
  9. How about giving the Allies a foothold somewhere instead of half of assuming they have already stormed the beach. Numbers will dictate the succes of either side anyway. Doing this in intermission is moot.........a lot of people dont do intermission.
  10. LOL.........under Issued awards all my awards are wonky......its all Allied and I have played Axis for quite a while now.
  11. Will the work that is being done on the HE and ballistics audit be included with 1.36 or sooner?
  12. Happend to me before several times but only after I had been damaged.....guessing my engine. Hit escape and BOOM! I didnt have a CTD though. I was having major lag issues last night in game for some reason and eventually just logged off...........maybe something was up?
  13. That used to be funny.........were at the point where it needs to be true.
  14. Not for nothing but it probably would have happened even if we had advanced warning. Allies are just way overpop it seems these days. Hard to stomp out all the fires More to shoot at I guess.