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  1. Thanks for the comment appreciated. As a playerbase as a whole I think we all care about the game. There is no other gaming community where players and devs can hash it out and they will make changes on the fly or long term down the road based on our thoughts, opinions and observations.
  2. Pre 1.36 - I do what I do now. Because Im NOT in HC. Play the game and have fun without worrying about brigades. Post 1.36 - I do what I do now plus check supply and place AOs - Not very time consuming as setting fallbacks, shifting the line, rotating flags and thinking 5 towns ahead among the other things currently done pre 1.36. But thats not really the point.............. The point here is HC adds an extra layer of things to do to make the game function as it should. Its not working now and needs to be replaced..........has nothing to do with what I currently do. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ As it stands now I have respect for the guys that do it, it's a thankless "job", they take $hit from the pb and a whole host of other things..........but we all have to agree it is not working as intended and thats the point of this whole thread.
  3. I dont think Im missing anything.........Im not in HC atm therefore dont have an "EXTRA" thing to do that could potentially cut into setting up FMS, guard CPs, and blow FBs when needed. Fact of the matter is, its an outdated system that is no longer working in the current climate of the game. It's a "hands on" job...........and if no one is there to do whats needed the map gets fubar and one sidedness occurs.
  4. Yes...............not moving flags, not setting fallbacks that need to be set and re-set, not shifting resources up and down the line due to no HC on the night before, returning flags from training........Im sure there's more. The 2 hrs or so I have a night to play it's not what I want to be doing........some love it, most dont. Those who do are in the HC system and there are NOT alot so that speaks volumes too. But in a nutshell.........Brigades just dont work anymore. Its a system of a game of the past that no longer works in todays game.
  5. I would say both but mainly deployments. Axis tried something different. It didnt work and we paid for it. It is what it is, you just plod thru it and do the best you can.
  6. Not really sure how that would work as your dead as a result of another unit getting the kill credit. How about a stat for successful FMS's setup? we get now for Caps
  7. Boo. Boooooooo! I realize some need a break but 3 days is sort of long especially if its over a weekend. Weekends are usually prime.
  8. Just been around since 2003. I hope the above helped. I do not play on my laptop but when I tried that was the only way I got it to fit properly. I just got lousy framerates when I tried. I was away on business and wanted to see if it would run. I think there is also a sticky in the forums about it as well. I will look for the link and post back here. EDIT: here is the link:
  9. I believe a "Kill" is 1. Death 2. Taking a vehicle out of service (Death/critial damage no death) that would otherwise be put back into the equipment pool. A lot of times you can be injured despan and get an RTB per say but the unit is not put back in the pool and the enemy gets a kill credit for that. something to that effect..........not saying its perfect but it is what we have at the moment.
  10. We all......or at least most of us know this but it's not coming anytime soon so we are still stuck with what we have. If I had to guess we are still 6 months out from 1.36 based on all I have heard and seen.
  11. Bah.........way to kill the moment you fun sucker. Congrats RATS!
  12. I remember that back then.......I was always perusing the main roads for columns to bomb. You were almost certain to see 3-4 tanks moving along the road every attack every so often. i knew it was going to take place so I hunted them.
  13. I guess your stuck with what is offered then.
  14. Its not really worth getting all worked up over it.....Just play and have fun.......its not about the stats anyway
  15. Maybe it's time for a RAT/RATS to be on 24/7 until 1.36...............In shifts of course....... but otherwise it's a clusterfu*k if no HC is on on both sides. It's not an ideal situation for them but what other option is there till 1.36?