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  1. For god sakes, before we all start whining about about we give it a try and see how it goes.
  2. Good news
  3. there have been many times where Im sure a crit damage has been done on me....I can barely see but I can still shoot and kill EI. So maybe that was the case?? Just guessing here.
  4. To be honest I only see who kills me when I die.....dont venture over to CS&R very often to check the killer/killed lists. Maybe go once every two weeks or unless I have an unusually good sortie. I guess a looksie is in order in regards to the OP question
  5. Great concept..........except we barely have enough bodies to cover CP's let alone AI pits..........not a dig, just sayin'
  6. Krazydog is right.......... Its not an Axis or Allied's an overpop thing. I think iirc only once has a side won when the total average campaign population of one side was underpop compared to the other. Overpop has no bias it is what it is.
  7. The "concept" of the FB seems outdated now. We need a new mechanic or somrthing to that effect. FB's shouldnt even be required to attack a town if the linking town is owned by the attacker. If the FB is up...........then great its a place to spawn heavy guns, tanks etc..... from, but if its taken down the attack should still be able to take place on the AO'ed town. You want your tanks and heavy guns closer then take back the FB but let the attack continue from the FMS that are in the field per usual.
  8. Shorten the cap timers a little .... - Yes ...Raise the bunker hot timer to 20min. - No 10 min is fine Guaranteed fun, guaranteed good battles. - Yes All your problems are solved now, good night. - maybe
  9. I could see a CinC uniform...............but Darth Vader??.........thats pushing it a bit.
  10. Thats an interesting idea........
  11. Any Lawyers in the house wanna shoot this "turd" a defamation letter pro-bono for XOOM.......... XOOM I dont know what happened or what was posted or said where, but you have always had the games interests at heart...........I have complete trust in your leadership. Must be disheartening to hear this stuff.
  12. While I agree fixes to the spawn points need matter what "spawn" is placed in the field it will be eventually camped. We need to get the fights into town quicker which may take pressure off the spawn points.
  13. No one is forcing you to drive the 15yr old car.............but if you dont have one its better than nothing. Fact is.....your here for a reason and lobbying for more free options which means you like the game. This game is dependent on subs plain and simple. Too much free stuff for f2p and the game goes under for lack of funds. Cash shop and microtransactions are not possible.
  14. As far as Im concerned this a a subscription based game. You get what you pay for which is everything. You pay the full sub you get all the toys. You choose different subscription models you get whats offered thru that model. You choose free to play you get whats offered thru that offer. Why is this so hard to F'ing understand. All you F2P trolls are either here to bash the game or you actually see value in the game but still want it for free. It's what.....$150.00 per year. If people cant afford $150.00 a year then you have other problems you should be worrying about than playing a game.