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  1. Oh there are many others.....most of which wont happen cause it just cant be done.
  2. LOL......people already hate spawn you want a world delay? Good Luck with that.
  3. No......I said the only guaranteed solution is server "maintenance" during TZ3. Cant have cut off's, towns taken with no opposition and whathave you if the server is "offline" now can you. Auto balancing while a concept other games have adapted will never happen here, but that too would assure even sides during any TZ. Any other attempts have NOT worked.......and some attempts have run people off. If there was a real solution then great but in all the years here....especially the last 5 years overpop cant seem to be fixed even with the current "fixes" already in the game.
  4. First.....trying to get that even coded...forget it. Second......even if it were an "easy" code it wont happen. It just wont. So many people have had so many ideas.......the only guaranteed way to stop it is to have the server offline in that period or auto side balancing which will never happen for good reason.
  5. Nothing anything currently has worked obviously. Honestly, the only thing that will work is having the server in "maintenance" during the peak OP TZ3 time. No one wants auto side balancing so the only other alternative is "maintenance" Yeah you may ostrisize the 20 people that play TZ3......BUT would you rather lose the TZ1 or TZ2 people who are the main source of income?
  6. True........but it ALWAYS is a factor in TZ3. Umm no, wrong. Unbalanced or overpop in TZ1 or TZ2 has less of an impact the TZ3 where the difference can be significant enought to make a big swing.
  7. Do that and you just might as well shut the servers down
  8. This billing issue, by no fault of the Rats, is going to hurt the game.
  9. 1. Lower the sub price for NEW subs and subs that have been inactive for 1-2 years. All current accounts not subject to the lower sub price. 2. All gear available at the start of the map. 3. Concentrate on getting new subs NOT new toys. 4. Fix any outstanding bugs before concentrating on new toys.
  10. At this point fixing or changing game mechanics and gameplay only affect those who already sub. While maybe certainly is NOT a priority now. The priority is to get new and old players back. Only way to do that is LOWER the sub price for NEW accounts and OLD accounts that have not subbed in over say 1-2 years. Come Nov 2 my sub is up. At the current state I am not resubbing. Lack of players and battles are just not there for me. Ill login and sometimes its just dead. I dont want 10 vs 10 small firefights and searching for ei.....I can do that elsewhere for $0 SUBS NEED TO BE LOWERED FOR NEW & OLD PLAYERS.
  11. For all comes down to population. Something needs to be done to increase it. As it stands now........its not good. I would normally play USA EST time and sometimes its just dead. I cant justify my time or money when this occurs. Onlyway would be to reduce sub prices for all NEW accounts. Nothing else will attaract more people other than the pricing. To many other games out there you pay one price and thats it. Hell Let Loose comes to mind. 50 vs 50. Sometimes thats all we have here.
  12. I have to agree with syd. I dont think its so much of a price issue as much as a simple fact that people grow up, peoples lives and situations change and just move on. Nothing lasts forever. There is a lot of out with the old blood but no in with the new blood. Its just a fact. There are more ww2 games out there that dont require subs, extensive time commitment and what have you. You can still login for a few hrs have fun and go do RL stuff.........albeit this game has a more combined aspect to it it may be just to much for 2020.
  13. State of the union address is needed by the RATS.
  14. So.......was this goal to lofty? This may be the first time I remember a funding goal not reached (correct me if Im wrong) Now what? Do all those people get their contributions back? Will it towards some of the proposed ideas? Will it just be status quo with what we have? I think the time has come for some real life transparancy about the game, its health and future survival.