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  1. And your point is....?
  2. Well........good luck. Hope you can resolve it quickly.
  3. Nope not old. Some or a lot of those games are either B2P or P2W games. For a subscription based game like this that wouldnt fly. You would see a wave of rage here in the forums
  4. Im beginning to think sidelock might be a good idea. Pick a side for the map and your stuck with it. This way there is a least some hard numbers on each side and timers, and SD and whatever can be adjusted to reflect the "active" numbers per side.
  5. I haven't really been in game much but still visit the forums and look at the webmap: Population : LOW even during prime time. Cant bode well for the game.
  6. MOtel? MOfoe MOhoes? MOmoney....
  7. Ok....Ill hang in there...BUT what GrAnit said: what are the mid- to long- term plans to significantly increase population?
  8. I havent had much time at all to play...maybe a few sorties the last two maps or so. If there was an option to drop down to the starter sub from the premium I would do it until I had time to play.....but from I gather you cant do that so I may just pause my sub for the time being. When I have popped in not much is happening. seems the population is stagnant. Still mulling it over. Some $$ is better than no money but I guess thats not an option.
  9. Wait for it..... I for one agree with the change.
  10. Then pull the plug on to play or go away.
  11. I didnt even get to login this campgain due to work and other stuff going on but Its clear something needs to be done to try and balance out the sides. Seems only 1 out of 3 maps is somewhat even....Either Axis come and play Allied or vise versa to help the other side out when a steamroll occurs the previous map. Its not good for business.
  12. I tried it...........didnt really like it. Lets just say it wasnt for me.