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  1. FMS = steady trickle of troops reaching town over a short period of time. Hot Drops or Truck drops like the past deliver 5-10 troops quick BUT..........the time it takes to load up make another trip is just to long, not to mention the chance of getting spotted and an AA gun can easily take it out not to mention waiting tanks and the like. FMS is here to stay Im sure. Its a better concept than no FMS's and going back to truck troop delivery. With the current population it the most viable solution.
  2. WOW.....omg. What a loss. Sympathies and prayers go out to his family.
  3. Not really..........people with 2 subs can still spy.
  4. AFAIK.........all the data was collected and worked on by Scotsman.........not sure what happened but he is no longer associated with the project. From what I heard CRS has all the data but no word on what is going on as far as this update. I dont think it was ever "formally" addressed
  5. Maybe the code cannot differentiate between a "knife" kill and a different type of "kill" A kill is just a kill as far as the code goes. Im mean to me its not a real high on the list priority to be changed. There should be however a stat for knife kills as there are with other weapons for people who need to feel they are "leet" with a knife.
  6. Why make defense easier than it is already? Nope not a good idea.
  7. thats disturbing news. Was away and just caught up with this thread. Aside from looking forward to 1.36 this was another thing I was looking forward to. Not good news.
  8. "points" should not unlock anything........your sub type should. "points" could however be tied to ribbons or awards issued by the game.........not HC
  9. Mouse & Keyboard for everything but flying...........joystick is needed to fly properly.
  10. Nope, I see this: Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.
  11. Problems? Cant see the barracks and other forum parts as a subscriber.....
  12. This^^^^^ Some attrition is needed for pete's sakes..............
  13. Funny...........even though I read it right my head says the opposite