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  1. So it was a bust?
  2. .........Yet they still are able to change hands. Resources are needed elsewhere Im sure.
  3. Damn! Hard landings for those poor pups.....who was the engineer behind those "small" chutes
  4. OMG.....tri-wing 109's...LOL...........I remember those. I was diehard Axis then and all I did was fly. Looking back we were totally OP in that dept.
  5. Forgot about those downfall ones.....I believe there are several different varients. All good stuff and conjures up good old memories.
  6. Those days were great times......cant believe I stumbled across it again.
  7. Ok..........that was funny. hehe
  8. Not working here yes break the forums.........
  9. Oh there are many others.....most of which wont happen cause it just cant be done.
  10. LOL......people already hate spawn you want a world delay? Good Luck with that.
  11. No......I said the only guaranteed solution is server "maintenance" during TZ3. Cant have cut off's, towns taken with no opposition and whathave you if the server is "offline" now can you. Auto balancing while a concept other games have adapted will never happen here, but that too would assure even sides during any TZ. Any other attempts have NOT worked.......and some attempts have run people off. If there was a real solution then great but in all the years here....especially the last 5 years overpop cant seem to be fixed even with the current "fixes" already in the game.
  12. First.....trying to get that even coded...forget it. Second......even if it were an "easy" code it wont happen. It just wont. So many people have had so many ideas.......the only guaranteed way to stop it is to have the server offline in that period or auto side balancing which will never happen for good reason.
  13. Nothing anything currently has worked obviously. Honestly, the only thing that will work is having the server in "maintenance" during the peak OP TZ3 time. No one wants auto side balancing so the only other alternative is "maintenance" Yeah you may ostrisize the 20 people that play TZ3......BUT would you rather lose the TZ1 or TZ2 people who are the main source of income?