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  1. Ok...more info, this is good. If it indeed was something amiss then Im sure the RATS can check the data at that time and see what was up.
  2. Axis side was still overpop?...........All other players were at a different AO?.............this was the second AO where only one axis and 8 allies were playing but Allies were still globally overpop so they had quicker timers? Only way I would see this scenario happening
  3. A this point stats don't mean much anyway so not a valid point. It's not like we get awards or medals to show off.
  4. Totally agree. While the higher pop is have to draw the line somewhere.
  5. I remember going to the alps or whatever they were called in game and found the Edelweiss.........
  6. I used to hate those "interdiction" guys, in a good way.........nothing like driving a tank from the rear for 15 min to get whacked in the middle of nowhere by said interdictor.
  7. We have rank in this game? Ive had that circle so long I thought it was my premium subscriber in game avatar.
  8. There are several Axis squads to seek out. Two of the biggest ones are the 91st & Whips
  9. I agree.........timers need tweaking. Attacking is a lot harder than turtling, even with the most recent adjustments to FMS and letting them be closer. A closer FMS does not make an attack more successful. The time to cap is too long right now.
  10. Completely F2P........Will not happen.
  11. Were you in HC? IIRC when you leave HC your ranks gets bumped down not LT Col but least I thinks thats the way it was done
  12. Time on 3/20?
  13. Just play sporadically then..........when 1.36 hit then see if its where you want it to be. Im sure 1.36 will have a good impact
  14. But that's not what I mean. I mean it's a shame people come back only to play when there is a promotion and it's free. Then when its over then leave. Its apparent they still have a fondness for the game or they would not have come back at all. Cant have your cake and eat it too.
  15. I agree..........BUT I feel it was just a one off thing because all accounts were given access to all the that the "free" stuff is over........well..........
  16. That's because all the "Freeloaders" came out of the wood work to play the special event that included all the toys..........once the event is over it will be status quo again 1-2 AO's and less population. Hopefully the "freeloaders" realize we are better off with them than without them.
  17. Why? want to play against AI?
  18. thanks for the update.
  19. Probably not worth exploring due to the fact 1.36 brings back town supply and a limited number of mobile flags to work with.
  20. Me............while I like to win, having fun is just as important. Win or Lose.
  21. I will as well........defense is so much more fun and easier. Wait for the rush, kill as many as you can, repeat. Now doing this when you are underpop you have more targets, but you can get over run rather quickly and then your fooked.
  22. All the best, hope you get thru it all ok. Look forward to your next update to say all is going well.
  23. Yeah, or you can follow them out and see what they do, where they position themselves, how they move.....etc
  24. I agree. I play several other games (non-ww2 related) but not on a regular basis like this game. Unless Im busy or have a conflict I usually will log in for 2 hrs or so a night and try to have some fun. I like to win but dont mind losing. All the "proposed" changes need to be live, played & then evaluated before having a reaction. Lots of people are getting their panties in a bunch even before we, the general player base have seen and played it live. If you cant play for RL reasons and need to unsub I get it..........but those who unsub because the game isnt what they want and then make a free account because they STILL want to play but are punishing CRS for their decisions I think is wrong. There will never be 100% agreement on decisions. Ask yourself this.........if the game were to fold 6 months from now how would you feel?