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  1. I'll take the brigade move to Shilde for $200 Alex............. lol.....
  2. I chose "other" as it is all of the above not just one specific reason.
  3. Or maybe on bridges that are considered "frontline"
  4. dad had B-Cell Lymphoma.....not sure of your type as I'm sure you have been going thru you testing phase at the moment, but I wish you well. Fight the good fight and hopefully "soon" you can get this in check.
  5. Welcome back...........grab some friends and sit in the front of the room!
  6. I feel that no matter what is built it will be camped.........even if it a hole in the ground. The moment you see infantry pouring out from a lump it pretty obvious where it is. Spys?....... Well that happens too so even a well placed and "hidden" FMS gets camped. As of now the only way to prevent it is to protect it. Im all for ideas but it just seems to err is human but to camp is devine.
  7. Hello! Welcome back to the jungle.
  8. How about instead of "driving" a FMS you were just allowed to "plop" it down within the same parameters and rules we have know? With a maximum of 3-4 allowed per AO and only once every 15 min? Would this be a better alternative?
  9. Players will adjust to the "off center" you can still run into a depot at run speed and spray and pray.
  10. I rarely fire an LMG from the hip unless Im moving to a location and I happen to run into or come across an EI in the process so the above proposed changes would be fine with me. I know others will not as they use it as their main weapon of choice but we could give it a try and see what happens.
  11. Do tell.......was this a private discussion or a forum discussion?
  12. Good fights last night.....for me at least.
  13. I see your point. My analogy was games = Fun, not so much a population analogy. Yes side population is/can be an issue for some but its been an issue for a long time. I personally try to overlook it and just have fun with what Im up against.
  14. Call me stupid but games are supposed to be fun.....If you go out and play a tennis match and lose it was still fun, if you play a golf match and lose you still have fun. I get that some people are steadfast in not switching and thats fine and their right to do so and there is nothing wrong with that, but to quit over it I will just never understand that. For me..........I have played both sides, have been HC on both sides, met great guys/gals on both sides. Its fun. Its competitive fun........but in the end at the end of the workday I come here to let off the stress of the day which is NOT fun and play a game I have played since 2003 and unwind. This is a special community that you will NOT see in any other game on the market. It is small, a lot of us have been here since the inception and we have regular interaction with the Devs, some on a personal basis and some have made lifelong friends. I get people are frustrated or get frustrated over certain things, its human nature but in the end things ARE being addressed that in previous years were not, actual development on the game is being done now under XOOM and company so lets enjoy what we have and look forward to what will come. There is no "perfect" balance but be glad we are all still here 17 yrs later.
  15. Mo XOOM did say its all part of maybe just give it a chance before rage unsubbing. You have been here long enough to know how things work so dont jump the gun.
  16. Will never happen. Just sayin'. Its been talked about to death and they dont want restrictions that come with side locking or incentives as such
  17. Fair enough. I was just wondering why the hostility towards it. Hope it works out for you guys. I was in WHIPSfor a bit, good guys.
  18. WHIPS has gone over every once in a while to play Allied so what makes this time any different except for the fact that Dwalin ( I assume thats who your refering to) happens to be RAT status now.
  19. server I believe is central time.
  20. Spotting them yes...........but those marshmellows you drop on us...........