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  1. I agree. I play several other games (non-ww2 related) but not on a regular basis like this game. Unless Im busy or have a conflict I usually will log in for 2 hrs or so a night and try to have some fun. I like to win but dont mind losing. All the "proposed" changes need to be live, played & then evaluated before having a reaction. Lots of people are getting their panties in a bunch even before we, the general player base have seen and played it live. If you cant play for RL reasons and need to unsub I get it..........but those who unsub because the game isnt what they want and then make a free account because they STILL want to play but are punishing CRS for their decisions I think is wrong. There will never be 100% agreement on decisions. Ask yourself this.........if the game were to fold 6 months from now how would you feel?
  2. I was the first one there and called for help two or three came was at least 10 min until people were like then we were down to the AB. Held it off for a good while but eventually we lost it. Everyone was fixated on St Quentin. All it takes is one person there to see and reprot what happened. Maybe in the future when a town is being swiped from under you an HC officer should pop in and assess the situation. All we got in the beginning was " how is Guise"......I dont have to tell you what the answer
  3. Not sure if that is considered "moving" as in forward or backward motion but I would guess yes you still could.
  4. Firing stationary or prone.......exactly as XOOM said.
  5. Best thread response yet! +1
  6. You may need to expedite "soon" at the rate the way this thread seem to be headed........
  7. .........and roam another 20 min in 0.0 or J space and have no contact or action so that's 40 min......and when you die and your roaming fleet is 15-20 jumps take another 20 min to catch up if you don't get ganked on the way back. Cant compare games. Sorry.
  8. 3 AO's ?? Probably welcome back soldier so that doesn't count.......normally we have 1-2 AO's. WBS can be a positive and I hope its done when 1.36 hits BUT it has to be limited to a week not a month or whatever. Get a taste and then cut the cord.
  9. Keep up the good fight and hope all goes well for you.
  10. I am playing Allied this map and several maps beyond this and I have to say I have seen more Allied tanks being used on the Allied side verses when I played Axis and Axis tanks. Axis tanks seemd to go out solo for the most part from what I have seen. The Allies have also done some coordinated tank columns as well. But in general yes the Allies like their tanks.
  11. and your point is...........?
  12. For what its worth when I was having the problem discord wasnt running......or running even in the background, it was off. I'll be doing some more testing tonight to see if it happens again but all day yesterday I seemed ok after all my updates.
  13. Did a windows update, video card update and some other minor computer clean ups and played last night and had no issues..........hopefully that did the trick. Will monitor again tonight.
  14. Just saw a response from XOOM to the support ticket I put in yesterday. I responded just now and included the dxdiag.
  15. Well.......I did a total uninstall and reinstall and so far so good.........*crosses fingers* no despawns after 5 sorties..... UPDATE 11:00pm EST: Happened again.......sigh
  16. Nope. Was always enabled. Happening every sortie I survive long enough for it to happen. Reset router, plugged all cords out and in......still happening. Might have to reset to a full uninstall re re-install
  17. This is the first time it has happened to me.......and only after the recent patch. Just happened again. Logged out.
  18. Yeah something is up........I did the page file thing above, reset my computer and logged back in and my first sortie......BOOM despawn so its not the page file as its now larger than it was before. Has to be something in the patch. I'm not a techie so I'm not gonna run a bunch of monitors and this and that to try and diagnose something that was fine before the patch. I get a solid connection and do not play on a wireless network, I'm wired. If it gets bad and interferes with play then I don't point in paying for something I cant play so hopefully it wont come to that.
  19. Yup getting this now after the patch as well.............but I should not really have to tweak my system as it worked fine before. Getting annoying. Never happened in the prior patches.
  20. In other words.........all you vets and other old time players who unsubbed because the game wasnt what you wanted arent getting more $hit for free as a F2P account until it can be monitized properly when it can benefit all.
  21. Just a question......what criterion are you using to calculate population numbers?
  22. Im playing Allied this map and for several maps after that..........Im having fun either way. I know its sucks to be underpop but I can tell you from playing Axis the last 5 maps or also sucks being overpop. I prefer underpop as there is just more to shoot at.
  23. At 2% weather is a non issue........ At 98% the sky should be as it was before it was changed..........fishbowl should be as it was before it changed. This may or may not bring the pilots back but at least it will keep the current pilots here.
  24. I got ya.....I understand what your saying. catfive, jsilec, rans, deride.......I havent seen them on the Axis recently unless they are playing under a "psudonym". Did a lot of the Allied regulars just up and leave as in a break?
  25. I do not switch mid-map. You can look at my stats for verification. I will play a side for 2-3 maps then go back to the other side. I do this every so often to keep things fresh. Ive played Axis now for about 4 maps it's high time for a change.........I do it more from myself as I dont want the game to get stale.....which leads to burnout and then not logging in at all.