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  1. Guy needs psychiatric intervention.
  2. This is a tough problem. Many times I discover the EFMS and in the interest of my side winning the engagement I feel it is necessary to camp the EFMS. I call for an engineer to come destroy the EFMS and this often takes a lot of time if an engineer comes at all. In the meantime i'm mowing down clueless greentags by the bucketful. Also, some players make it a tactic to deliberately camp EFMS as a way to quickly drain the opponent's supply. I understand that but I hate it. Whenever I "camp" ANY spawn point it is in the interest of my side winning the day. I don't care about the kills it's just what "victory" requires sometimes. Lately I've been simply leaving a camped EFMS if the group of players i'm with at that particular engagement can't or won't destroy a camped EFMS. It is IMO incumbent upon Mission Leaders to delete their camped FMS ASAP. As for Depot spawning, I don't know what the solution is for that WRT new players. Most of us know a that in most cases a spawnable can get camped very quickly and spawn-and-die is fruitless so we move on. I've heard many greentags say in the last few days that WWIIOL is "Spawn Camp Online,." We vets must do our best to avoid this situation. In many ways I prefer the old infantry Mission Leader making mobile spawns. Maybe if we bring it back but restrict the Mobile Spawn List supply list to NOT include sappers and rocket launchers(to keep people from building MS's behind enemy armor formations)?
  3. WWIIOL is a blast to play. Been having fun with it for well over a decade. I can't say that about any other game/sim and I have tried most of them. Things I have learned in my 68 years : Nothing is perfect. What you get out of something is proportional to what you put into it. Lighten up. I welcome all the new Steam players.
  4. My condolences to Sal's family and friends. Exlax
  5. This game is what you make of it. You don't HAVE to engage in CP combat if you don't want to. If you buy a sub rather than let other people pay your way you can build and defend Defensive Spawns, deploy Anti-Tank/Anti-Aircraft guns, build supply dumps for tanks and guard/spot for them, or form a Combat Air Patrol over a contested town. It's all up to you.
  6. No matter how you slice it, 24 minutes to capture Antwerp in no way resembles reality. Just knock off 30 secs of the old timer. The way it is now ain't working.
  7. Please go back to old timer.
  8. I would say that for most players in general, Chyrenz is correct. But not for everyone. I can move faster to objectives than most and do more damage as a lone wolf. Plus I don't like TS or whatever, I don't like "squad night," and I don't like taking orders. But a squad of competent players will always rule over lone wolves.
  9. The 2 AB towns with the AB's and Depot's placed at polar opposites offer the best fights. As for terrain I prefer the hilly areas around Bastogne and further east.
  10. Please send my best wishes to Playtime for a speedy recovery!
  11. FG42 was virtually uncontrollable in full auto. The 1911 is still a superior hand gun firing a superior cartridge. The BAR often had its bipod removed to save weight, it was manageable due to a low ROF and a very accurate, very powerful weapon. The 1903 Springfield and K98 Mauser were virtually identical as the 1903 is basically a copy of the K98's superb action. The Garand was the best service rifle of WWII by far and the only semi-auto in general issue to the combatants of WWII. The Enfield's advantage over other bolt-action rifles was it's 10 round capacity vs. 5 round capacity for every other bolt-action. If i'm going to war in 1939-45 I want the M-1 Garand though the M-1 Carbine would be a good choice for jungle warfare or house-to-house urban warfare. IMO the WWIIOL Garand , 1903 Springfield, and Thompson SMG need work. Not nearly as powerful and accurate as they should be. The 9mm Luger Pistol is way over-modeled. Other than that everything else seems reasonable even though the G43 and other semi-autos were either produced in very low numbers or had serious function problems - or both.
  12. I haven't noticed anything different. Game runs smoothly with excellent framerates.
  13. Very sorry to hear of this. Condolences to the family and friends of Hvyoutput .
  14. I have no idea why this game isn't more popular. Maybe because so many people expect stuff for free? Anyway, after 10 + years I still enjoy it. BTW, where the hell do you come up with "$29.99 for this every month?" It ain't no where near that amount.
  15. I am very, very sorry to hear about this. Condolences to Keysie's family