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  1. I've recalibrated and rebooted, but that's all I can think of to do. Is there a Prefs file somewhere I should delete? Logitech ExtremePro
  2. Turrets won't stop spinning. Used to work fine, although I haven't played in a while. I've recalibrated and restarted the game, etc. It's a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Yeah, I know.. old school. But I'm on a Mac and you don't get many choices.
  3. It all happens in a few seconds, so I don't think the server is timing out.
  4. blah blah blah. Can't load game patch bc 'secure connection to the server cannot be made'. Anyone?
  5. Just re-upped after some time away. New game version, new OS– old faithful joystick. I see Macs are still the red-headed [censored] stepchild around here for some reason.. Glad to see AHWULF still here though doing what he do :-). Has anyone successfully used a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro in OS 10.12 (Sierra)? If not, does anyone have any JS recos? Thanks, all. If I can't get a JS to work, might as well scrap my sub and look elsewhere.
  6. I changed two things which shouldn't have had any serious effect: Lowered screen resolution and updated my wireless firmware (even though my machine is also hardwired to the router). Two days later and so far no problems... Makes no sense, pero bueno. I'm happy again.
  7. Since that appeared to be the only seemingly related setting I could adjust, I tried that after I posted with no improvement. Two other possibilities are the 10.6.8 OS update which came down around the same time, or my IP (Telefónica) has janked my service somehow. Thanks, I'll keep trying and if anything changes or I find out something useful I'll post again.
  8. Here's a handy ATI 5870 (1Gb VRAM) upgrade if interested: Be sure and read the Q&A to verify compatibility with your rig. S!
  9. I have the same joystick and the same problem. WHen you open the game launcher, check settings and re-calibrate. Also, I have to constantly go to the keymapper menu in-game and reset the throttle control for aircraft.. I think it's identified by a different name once you click and move the roller now. EDIT: In fact, I have to re-calibrate every time I load the game now.
  10. for me, it's a combination of 'fn' and F1. Not very convenient.. you can change this in your OS keyboard settings in the Prefs Control Panel, but then it affects all your other applications also Not sure if there is a way to bind it to another key. I have a RAZR mouse with multiple buttons which I tried binding to chat, but in the heat of close combat I always click them by accident and wind up typing 'xxxxxxxxx, etc.' into a chat channel.. lol.
  11. Regarding the Rosetta question, I read at this bit in a review of 10.6: "I can only assume that making Rosetta optional is an attempt by Apple to goad users to upgrade their apps and to shame developers who still haven’t recompiled their apps to run on Intel chips. But given that most everyday users have no idea which of their apps are Intel-native and which are PowerPC, this seems unnecessarily harsh."
  12. The Chinese ?widget.trees.widget? bug is back.. any fixes yet? FWIW, my Joystick was not being recognized so I reset it in the launch window and recalibrated. That's when the bug reappeared. Now, neither restarting, rebooting, deselecting joystick or trashing preferences will restore the playability of the game.
  13. That got it- thanks, guys! S!
  14. I'm dense. I can't locate on my keyboard the default insert/delete or whatever it is for flaps.. I tried remapping it to my old faithful Q and W but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone?