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  1. !S Do you still dont understand WTF warping is? (nvm... I spent some month before understanding!) Do you still dont know why a CP is more important than the closest next one? Have you any question on basic game mechanics? Do you play Axis? Yes? Read on. The best army in the world (game) is the Axis one (obviously! ). This truth resides on the key of any victory: TRAINING. Therefore gsc and I (and whoever experten who'll step forward) will start offering a fast basic instruction on game mechanics, from supply, links, FBs and CPs etc... when possible followed by on field practice (if you die as any good recruit does, nevermind: you'll respawn). We are at your, good fresh soldiers, disposal for fast Q&A while ingame. If you are interested, do not refrain to private message on forums gsc and/or greifm, or directly message ( /m name ) ingame. As fast as possible (it'll depend on how many allied to be aZZ-kicked in sight) you'll get guidance, help and on field training. !S and seeya on the (virtual) battlefield.
  2. I'm a new player like you but... Soft Cap are the Attack to enemy towns without a brigade inside... Thusly you attack the town, but defenders cannot spawn inside it having no units: they have to or move a brigade in, or set mobile spawns (FRU) as attackers do from a nearby location. Never seen "hard cap": I'd suppose are normal attacks. About AO can be placed, I never saw more than 3 (may be 4): it depends on population logged at the moment as far as I know. By the way, I'm pretty sure has been ruled that a maximum of one AO can be placed to empty town (= only 1 soft cap at a time... no more); this regardless being 1 or 3 AO up at the moment (matter of discussion some time ago).
  3. In this case I will NOT propose myself... Indeed: I understand it's better granted my unbelievable AFAR (looking from the top...) ratios: I do not want to make seasoned players too sad with my "uberness" Anyway... if OberKommando der REI will change mind, I'm here. S!
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply... anyhow, after a lot of work around drivers, now it's playing very well even if below top requirements. Regards.
  5. I played WWIIonline some years ago, and decided to restart... Now I'm using a Toshiba Satellite with ATI Radeon HD 3650... and it's not working properly: ground and sea for the most part are completely black. I tried different ATI drivers (12.2 - 12.3 and 12.4) but the issue is the same. Can kindly someone help me? Thanks in advance and S!