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  1. Read something about your card and AMD drivers not supporting it a few days ago.
  2. Wait to April. Buy latest INTEL CPU, Ivy Bridge, a SDD 256 GB and Nividia GPU also released around April or AMD 7950 (should be availible soon) Seasonic Gold PSU 460W, Lian Li case. If you are lucky this setup will last 5 years
  3. Cool! 7970... How much % does it use ingame? Did you buy ref design on fan?
  4. +1 But I went with AMD 6870, cheaper, cooler and slower
  5. Silky, you should try get a laptop with as high "Turbo speed" as possible (minimum 3,0 Ghz), 2 Cores are fine, i5 or i3 isen't that big differens for your purpose, and GPU should be an dedicated one, its an Jungle out there. But as one already stated, new generations are near on GPU and CPU so either wait (1 quarter) or buy "high end" old gen at good price I will buy a new one in ½ year...
  6. Ehh? He must have made a mistake.
  7. 2 GB of RAM is the issue. Last time I'll checked, game took 1,7 GB (at least with my options on). Not much let for OS plus other programs running.
  8. What resolution do you have? How are your HDDs? Defragmented? Lots of files? Prior my SDD I had partion C,D E etc, and C was only OS + this game only. Nowadays I go only with C: SDD and very little installed. Your hardware are top notch... Btw, how did you get that CPU going that fast? My 2500K is only running at 4,1...( haven't pushed it tough)
  9. May be just your game, I have same issue, many with me, don't think it have anything with your cores to do, play with all of them for a day and then with 4 cores, any diff?
  10. Chk top, this forum are for players helping players. Pretty sure you will get help if you describe your problem(s) and post your computer info.
  11. Hehe! Search for a used E8500 or E8600 Intel CPU, should not cost you more then 40-45 £ (incl cooler, open buy for you to chk that CPU is not burt). With an E8500 you can overclock up to maybe 3,8 GHz with stock cooler.
  12. Keep your stuff as it is, save your £ and buy a complete new rig later.. Just clean up interials with vacuum cleaner, remove dust on coolers, fans and other areas. Then we can overclock it.
  13. PSU sounds ok. Stock (Intel) cooler? -> Clean it with your vacuum cleaner. Fresh install Win7! More ram only if you go 64bit OS, but for this game you are good.
  14. Don't want to kill your hopes, E5200 will do. Gigabyte MB’s are good and that CPU have potential, so you need to overclock it. You need: Little more knowledge, an ok PSU power and ok cooling ---> will cost you 0 paper money Think Win7 will speed things up a little. When you install keep everything else than game to a minimum. Try also to disable all “Bling-Bling”. In control panel there are settings for maximum performance -à reducing graphics.