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  1. If you are getting a BSOD there's a website that explains them all. Worth a look. Have the site on my home cpu though
  2. Absolutely tremendous for flying. You dont lose the view anymore! Don't like it for infantry, but i never play INF with mouse look anyways.
  3. Hi..can anyone tell mw how to get TrackIR working ingame? Does anythign need to be set? Please give me a heads up cause it doesnt just work and there are no instructions about what to setup! TY Doc ANSWERED my own ?!! Any tips for itsuse would be nice though!! lol
  4. Hi Bi..never tried seemsed to work before I did try it so I'm seeing how long it I appreciate it and it's in reserve!
  5. I seem to have all working I have to figure out the sesitivity issues.. I can't even flinch without causing a spin, but cannot figure out that adjustment graph..Any help on this will be much appreciated!
  6. OK..After another hour I can seemingly fly. Thanks to all the help...BUT NOW...How do I adjust the extreme oversensitivity of the stick? It appears to be the flight model but I cannot figure our how to use the adjustment graph? Deadband thingy to modify the stick? What do I do, how do I move the sides or the red dot to affect a change and if do I move it to do what? I haven't figured it out and after 2 days so far I kind of what a head start on adjusting instead of more days of hit or miss! lol Thanks again...
  7. I'll try them Bi..never used the software iether and most games don't need thme. I tried them out of necessity...
  8. Will try that with just the joystick nd actually got in the air..trainiung mode...twice. Went to the game..spin flop fizzle...crazy
  9. Treid everything again..deleting redoing, just a stick you anme go. I give. It's supposed to be fun...and it's just a joystick...
  10. How did u get the rudder to work?
  11. Will check...have not ever touched that wheel! lol TY It was centered..
  12. Have a CH setup...sticl/throttle/Rudder. WOkrked like a charm in Fighter Ace and some offline games for YEARS....Had this same trouble last time I played WW2 online 6 years ago. Cannot get the plane to fly correctly. I think it sees all axis as it allows me to keymap them. The game does not see all the buttons though...but thats the least of my trouble. Couple weeks ago I had just the Stick connected and I could get off the ground, although if I touched a rudder I would go hoepflessly out of control...still have this problem..and that was keyboard rudder by the way. Now, with all connected I flip immediately when i get off the ground. I have tried playing with the sesitivity calib stuff, not that i know hwat I'm doing with it. Doesnt help at all. Throtlle does give me power though! lol. I just find the config setup of this game ridiculous and no help whatso ever. Without an ingame calibration or some simple qway of getting feedback on your changes I feel totally lost. Really would liket o fly but am losing patience rapidly. If anyone can point me in the rightr direction i would appreciate it. Thanks, Doc I made, with CM all into 1 joystick. Hasn't solved the problem though. The plane rolls over SHARPly to the left upon takeoff. Am not sure what is causing this so any ideas...pleez let me know
  13. Have you gotten this setup working yet? I have the same setup and I cannot geta plane to fly properly yet.....worst is the rudder-insta crash...I have never seen a game have more problems with a simple hotas steup in my life! If it is working well please explain to me what you ended up doing...thankyou anyone very much. tHE WORST PART FOR ME IS THERE DOESN'T SEEM TIO BE A WAY TO SEE IN GAME HOW YOUR STICK IS WORKING. What good is the calib settings if you can't change them and see what is does by simply moving them? I was just using a joystick, tried the rudders-doesnt seem to see htme. Threw my Throttle on now and who knows? i HAVE 4 STICKS IN THE CONTROLLER AREA BUT i DON'T KNOW WHICH IS WHICH OR IF they are really a controller. I was hoping that in the 7 years since I last played they improved this part of the flying but it's as bad as ever if not worse....I'm gonna try a bit longer but i just may give up hopes of flying in this game. Not worth the aggro... SOmething simple....I cannot takeoff now...first off it wn't see half the throttle buttons. Wanted to put the brakes on it so I could takeoff in a straight line, but it only sees keyboard commands.....Now soon as I get a hair in the air I start rolling and going OOC...a couple feet off the ground. I actually USED to be able to get in the air no problem and fly abit except for the I can't even get 6 feet off the ground... I made, with CM all into 1 joystick. Hasn't solved the problem though. The plane rolls over SHARPly to the left upon takeoff. Am not sure what is causing this so any ideas...pleez let me know