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  1. Sorry to hear the news. Was jamm40, or something close, one of his accounts or game name?
  2. 2001 - SG. ...original member of the hc and one of the first to leave it with one of the largest squads the game ever had 28 time conquerors of brussels. Yeah I counted ;p Love Oj
  3. Holy revelations! Nug just let it go, the only people left (all 50 of them) are firm believers in ao boxed forced crap play. These clowns wouldn't know where to go, or what to do without them. Let them play their garbage and wonder why so few find this game fun ...hell free play doesn't even attract people....that's a clue folks. The rest of the players that found this intolerable are long gone these days, as you can see by a majority of the responses and what the 100 player peak server numbers? What the old and new rocket scientists never figured out was the game should be designed to cater to as many people as possible. So if people want to play without being forced into some stale meatgrinder ao, you could of easily had some type of freedom to start your own action. The failed toe and hc, coupled with ao's, diluted play to some mindless, boring, cat herding. If that's all you end up with for gameplay options with a map of Europe and all this gear....well lol You went from mega squads that owned map sections and ran large organized op's, with layers of talented leaders, to commander corky's p1 flood the box with infinite supply and lol softcaps. Sadly, they could make my dream version of tribal raiders of France and the game is just to dated for my tastes. My God the infantry play is absolutely atrocious in today's world Love Oj
  4. Omg xoomster spent all your money on toy models and his ESPN broadcast studio!
  5. Funny part to me is people throw huge cash at star citizen and not a concept like this as well. Imo the game needs the new version coupled with all the past lessons learned on hc, toe, ao. Love Oj
  6. Sup scrub.... heard the game actually has some people playing since the steam release. I've been fixated on pubg and you should stop by for a visit. We can see if all those past sins are now forgiven Love oj
  7. Yeah, I hope they fix the pricing model by the time the new map comes up so we still have people to shoot. Nothing better than clubbing seals in tier zero with those 100+ kill sorties Kinda laughable none of you scrubs broke 100 kills with all these targets rolling around? Come at me bro..
  8. When you have 2002 graphics, some pretty lol infantry lag, nothing new ever and continue to charge a premuim monthly better at least get something right like the basics ie..command and supply. A legit supply system is the basic fundamental that shapes gameplay beyond this cracker jack boxed boredom you have been slinging for over a decade now. How the game has lasted this long makes me quite sad considering where it would be today had it been developed correctly. As my version of the game ended development in 2004, it would been heavily based on the concept of visual suppy. Sea transports, railroads, trucks coming from factories and storing supply in those wonderful depots every town already had. My next step would of been completing the map to include Italy and Russia, the rest of France, England, Germany Someday the tech will allow someone else to actually create ww2 online in that vision and then add more planes.. Love Oj
  9. Yeah, I'm just here to remind everyone how long the games been heading in the wrong direction. Its kinda disturbing that anything else is being worked on over fixing the mess that toe/hc delivers for gameplay. While town based supply is certainly not the best option, it blows away toe hands down by bringing back regional attrition, fixed piece battles of tangible supply and will go along way on making attrition the important game shaping aspect it should be. Not to mention the removal of the deplorable softcaps, cutoffs that ruin campaigns, and actually having battles on the map in places that haven't see much action in 10 years. It frees the people who want to lead in the game to do so instead of playing map daddy. That's really only half your problem though. You cannot exclusively rely on hc to run the ao's either. How did I know hc would fail back in 2003? Try running a squad with 100 plus on daily for awhile. The average burnout for command was around 6 months. That was just from planning and executing op's. You can't put hurdles in leaders way like bartering and waiting for ao's, or even worse things like subjecting them to some appointed clowns whims. You need to give the game back to the players. Leadership is earned/developed not appointed. The game was once filled with players that were able to log on and take their gameplay down endless roads of possibilities. You have a map filled with a ton of places to choose to play, the gear to set up endless combinations of combined arms op's and you reduced all this to p1 flood the box as the only choice. You would have to pay me to play that awfulness. In doing so, you completely removed the grooming of real future leaders that are completely essential to the games success and dumbed the game down to cod. It all starts with one person saying let's do this here. If that person sucks people don't follow them, it's pretty simple. Allowing this natural selection and trial and error delivers people like deadlock, dinker, etc. Don't get me wrong Hc has its place, as its crucial to wrangling up all the people who want to be wrangled, but once you open the door for real leaders, you enable the game to do so much more and appeal to a far larger audience Love Oj
  10. Be nice to xoom and the rest of the volunteers. At least they admit the toe system needs to go and aren't sitting here telling you "this is how we intended the game to be, sorry it's not your version" like the last rocket scientists who now work at pet smart ....But here's some new vehicles and planes to use with your broken game mechanics! Lawl! You are not going anywhere until you fix the basic command and supply fundamentals that shape a good game or a very bad one. You could add the Bismarck, make the game free (did that) and make a commercial on the history channel and would still only have 100 people on the server. Because the graphics, ui, wtf toe supply, sofcaps, hc only show, and the fact that you somehow reduced gameplay to fight in a box like ants single file all suck I'm just here to remind all the clowns who made this call back in 2004. Don't think I could touch this game again even with my dream game mechanics. It just looks and plays like crap. Love Oj
  11. Flags... Ruining the game since inception... One can only wonder what the game would of been if all the resources devoted to the toe development and now removal had been used elsewhere. Well at least no one will ever touch that idea again. Looking forward to what the steam users are gonna think of this. Gonna be a hoot when they see the monthly sub alone lol.
  12. Stank... in camp 52..yours truly lead aef to recapture Antwerp during primetime with 17 paras. That was after the scrubs here said I couldn't do shat in the post toe/hc world. That capture swung the campaign back to the allies and they went on to win. In scale of epicness [censored] I've conjured in this game it doesn't even touch top 10 Hell, jsilec use to be my jam boy that rode on the front of my panzer to keep the bugs from blocking my view ports. As for You know there may be some valid point there with steam being key to adding players. Playing with the 80 during peak on the server now is so boring. I don't think there will be, but you will get some new players and possibly some suckers to move flags around.
  13. The games success completely depends on gutting hc/ao/toe, as it has for a very long time. While seeing new equipment is really nice, fixing the command and supply issues outweigh anything new imo. Much like the RA misdirection (again I explained no one wants to play a version of 1985 atari looking cod in 2009) you scream give us mo monies for a completely overpriced product in comparison to others, while you smoke the glass pipe working on something other than the major issue. For years I harassed the previous rocket scientists to put up two servers. One with your current cluster fook rules and one with the classic town supply. While I understand this wasn't possible, or considered in their monstrosity vision your playing today, a non toe/hc server blows away the other. Six months later it would be embarrassing to keep up the other server that had 3 dudes on it moving flags around lmao. And now look at all you dirty town supply believers! Where the fook were you in 2004 One of the most wonderful things I learned from this game early on is you have a mini diplomatic game buried in the ideas of the many coming together. This happened prior to hc/toe/ao as well. You had clowns in power telling 150 strong squads where and when they could fight. Yeah how about No lol. How many hc implosions happened over the years that left a really bad taste in people's mouth? Absolutely no one is here for that, or to move flags, or to get roasted because they moved supply or placed a [censored] ao, it's horrible. All that fun is happening as you destroy play for the rest of us And drumroll for the kicker.. Your gonna premiere this on steam! After the steam punks get done roasting you on the graphics, monthly sub lol, and why their isn't anyone on to make the game your charging money for playable, they will have public hangings of the poor souls that screw up their play by moving/not moving supply, not putting up the ao they want etc. Oh man you think it's hard getting people to play deal a flag now Priority list - 1. Town supply 2. Ao's based on mission leaders choice when they have 10 people on mission it can be placed 3. Steam 4. New gear I'm always available for consulting, and would only charge one grossly large monument located in Brussels center ab park Love Oj
  14. How feasable would it be to restructure the ui so each town owned by a side was listed alphabetically and assigned a flag of supply ? When you take a new town, the ui adds it to the list for the side and drops division tienen in? You lose the town and it disappears. For ao's, I think the best way would be to link missions in. You create a mission and when 10 people join it enables the leader to place an active ao.
  15. The toe/hc mechanics are so deep at destroying the game, they not only stop gameplay from happening but kill it before it even begins. Let me once again explain the fundementals of the most golden resource you have here..its people and ideas First off, squads prior to toe could pick a target and knew the supply levels for the region. Setting up a perfect assault delivered attritable success in a reasonable time frame. Equipment losses mattered and resulted in masterful set piece engagements where organization and execution were rewarded. Go ask a dinker or deadlock about this. This promoted organized squad play and hence the mega squads that once operated across the map executing real combined arms op's with the only ceiling to the detail being how far they could push it. Hell i could have 150 people spawned and in a perfect armor column on the road in under 2 minutes. Why do this now? With warp a flag in, it's made most fights horrendous meatgrinders. Sure you would do massive damage to the enemy supply, but they just move in another full flag. That's terrible and completely takes away my interest of even bothering. The perfect attack turns into lemon herding...the only play the game delivers today which is 0 fun Then we have the leadership issue. I'm not asking some jerkoff to place an ao. I don't have the time, patience, or want to hear their ideas. People never followed me because I was hc, it was because we made [censored] happen. This didnt start on my first day, it was because the game allowed some Yahoo like myself to conjure [censored] up to do and through trial and error I pulled off [censored] none of even your most heralded fan boys could even come close to doing. My point here is you must allow any player at any time be able to say "let's do this here" and not have game mechanics preventing that. In doing so, you are grooming that next deadlock who is gonna bring people back every day. These hc clowns are so busy moving flags and placing ao's they dont have the time to actually run real op's with set piece plans thats where the game shines. You all are in one flashing box yelling p1 flood like ants streaming in. If that's gameplay... I'll go play cod it's much better and you have completely missed where this games true awesomeness is delivered. You have a game without limits in terms of combined armed strategy and reduced it to fight in a box with no resemblance of anything tactical or planned going on Solution 1. Town supply - gets rid of the flag o rama and softcap bull[censored] 2. Hc/ao -if i have 10 people's vote/on my mission, whatever you can wire into this 1998 coding...I can place an ao Game just went farther with those two changed than it's went in the last 12 years