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  1. What kind of assets do you want to put up to the Unity store? I would be interested in some nice WWII models for Unity. I started a small project a few weeks ago to learn what is possible in Unity. The biggest issue I see at the moment is probably the networking. I haven't seen an out of the box solution which you can easily modify as you would need it for this type of game. You could use the UnityPark Suite. But from what I have seen it probably needs a lot of adjustment. I mean, you could do something like this but I haven't really seen it implemented anywhere in that scale, yet. Regarding VR, it would be nice to have for tanks and planes and such. Inf won't work as long as you don't have a usable tread mill imo. And of course, you need somebody to actually program it...
  2. Seems to be normal for this game. I have a similar setup, only with a NVIDIA GTX 560 TI as gfx card. In towns it usually drops to around 20 fps or below with lots of people while everything on lowest settings (except corpse count). However, since my ping is usually above 150 ms the fps are the smallest problem...
  3. Where did my post go and where are the ambient sounds? Does anybody hear something when he turns them on?
  4. 20 fps would be nice. Yesterday it dropped to a single digit number for me, for a very short time only, but still. Something must be wrong on my system or set up. I don't know. The other day I saw a guy on stream having more than 60 fps once in a while. I don't even get this with absolutely everything on minimum looking at the ground. The funny thing is that my Phenom II X4 965 never goes to 100% usage, not even on a single core. Why isn't it using the full power?
  5. I really missed some birds chirping when there is no action and you are lying in the field. So I looked in the options and there was actually an ambient sound option which was off for some reason. I put it on "frequent" but no difference. The tool tip says something about bird chirping but I didn't hear anything. Tested it only for a few minutes, but I guess it shouldn't take that long to hear something on frequent, should it? I was far away from the action as well... That's about what I'd expect on an open field in Western Europe. p.s.: I just noted for the first time that you can hear your heart beating when you are low on stamina
  6. Well, I exaggerated a bit, but still, often you don't hop immediately into battle and I actually enjoy that. Like in Bastogne today, it was almost a bit too much action. Got some good ATR training though. One tank didn't seem to like it very much and rolled kamikaze style over me and into a wall ôO Thanks for the explanations!
  7. It is fun because when you die you have to run another half an hour! What? This makes no sense - maybe. I mean, I didn't thought that before either, but now I'm having more and more fun just to survive as long as possible and maybe get one or two kills if I'm lucky. Like yesterday in Liege: the west side was mostly controlled by Axis and the east side by Allies. I just got the anti tank guy unlocked. So I wanted to try it out on this one Allied tank standing on the west side of the river behind a little wall. It was not so easy to get near to the tank. There was also a sniper or something in the church tower on the other side of the river and possibly some more stuff. Eventually I managed to get right in front of the tank but because of the wall I couldn't really get my AT rifle into position. So I lay there for a few minutes not daring to stand up as left and right my comrades were falling. Finally I put down some smoke grenades and crawled back to find a better place. With my last smoke grenades I then managed to get into a building across the street from which I could get a better view on the tank. I found a nice window to set up my rifle and got three shots off. Then I died. Apparently the shots didn't hit anything important. This was actually fun, just surviving so long and I could have survived even longer if I had escaped after getting three shots off...but you know, maybe just one more would have done it, just one more...