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  1. Does anyone have any good keymaps setup for infanty, tanks, or air for the xbox 360 controller? If not, does anyone have any idea how to get it to be way less sensitive when infanty while looking?
  2. When I try and launch the game, it opens IE and sends me to a page that says Cannot connect to the authentication server, and I will just exit this and retry to launch again, and eventually after a few more times it will finally launch. Recently it's been getting worse by making in launch after like 10 times instead of 2-3. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if anyone has a fix.
  3. Is there anything thing I could do to 'slow' the game down a little bit? I get roughly 60-90 fps, but the problem is my laptop heats up way to fast. I wouldn't mind losing 20-30 fps in exchange for less heat, it gets too hot to become uncomfortable to type on my keyboard. I have an Intel Core 2 duo processor (Both cores running im gonna guess) and an Nvidia 8600m GS. Windows Vista Premium if it matter.
  4. Fixed the problem, by setting an affinity, can a mod please delete this thread?
  5. Join the 101st Airborne fighting the Germans usually fighting as british ground forces (mostly paras and glider missions). We have 2 platoons 1 air corps and 1 special ops team. Join today and enlist in the ranks of the 101st airborne at