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  1. No, this campaign has not been won or will be won (whichever is the winner), by 90% of softcap. It is simply a lie. There have been great battles, and only the last two days there have been some softcaps, CONSEQUENCE of them previous battles.And it is normal that these softcaps are given.Historically they were also given.One of the causes of these last Sc has been the NON-WITHDRAWAL of the allies of the area of the factories, which may be debatable, but of course understandable. Another reason has been the withdrawal of allied flags (navy and air flags) of cities to prevent the advance of the axis. Disputed but legal and again understandable. On Friday, in Julich, a city that placed the axis to 1 town to pocket a division, no ally came out to defend it. And there was flag. And it was not tz3.All the allies fighting in Liege, which was also important. By this I mean that it is not necessary that there are no flags in a city for one or another side does not defend how the situation requires it. In any case, the 1.36 will come soon and there will no longer be this flag system, so these discussions will end. I think softcap are necessary. We can not have a big fight in each town of the map
  2. Thank you very much, gentlemen. A pleasure to fight every day at your side
  3. Gj pym. Well deserved
  4. Well deserved. Congrats
  5. we lost chat when spawn was allies. A lot of people reset their computer and could not re-enter. No warnings about captured cps
  6. I totally agree
  7. Grande, máquina.
  8. I´m sorry read this. Please take care of yourself My best wishes.