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  1. In the end it all comes down to a lack of numbers in the game. The reasons are several; A high monthly fee, some outdated graphics, irregular operations with respect to ballistics (immortal ets no matter how hard they are hit), decompensation, according to some, between the material of one side or the other (both sides say the same thing) ... I am afraid that until this does not improve, we will not feel what we lived for years. I think this is more priority than introducing new material.
  2. I still have the feeling that there are too many tanks in the game. Imho
  3. I do not dislike the idea of mini campaigns, especially to encourage the fight in certain areas and cities where you hardly fight on a typical map. However, I think that awarding partial victories in campaigns with a limited time, would improve the game at specific moments, but what is more important, does not have any negative effect on what we have now. If we put a limit of 60 days (more than reasonable) and the allies begin to push from the beginning and conquer 80% of the towns on the 20th, little repercussion would have this new rule. The allies would end the map on day 30 or day 40 (except miracle of the opposite side). But if that push occurs on the 55th, that is, at that time the allies have 80% of the map, many axis can connect those last 5 days knowing that although it is very possible that they do not turn the map around, they can always deny a TOTAL victory to the Allied side, and even a partial one, if they hold those 5 days .. That is to say, at that moment the Axis would have something else to fight for, apart from waiting for a miracle that does not always happen. There are campaigns, without going any further the latter, that both sides are looking forward to ending. The die is cast; the loser side does not defend as it did at the beginning of the campaign, and the attacker is tired of taking town after town with little resistance. With a temporary limitation this could be corrected or mitigated
  4. I would like to know your opinion about introducing new partial victory conditions. See if it is possible and design those new conditions, if you consider it positive for the game. I explain: The last campaigns have lasted a lot. With the new system of garrisons and fewer "mobile" flags, I have the feeling that the campaigns are going to be even longer. This does not have to be bad, but we all know that when certain key cities fall into enemy hands, as a general rule, it is already known which side will end up winning the campaign; the losing side does not attack, and sometimes it is limited to defend from a window, trying to make casualties and importing very little if the enemy gets one or more cps. The idea would be to put a time limit to the campaign. I do not know which would be the optimum, if 30 days, 60 days or 120, but there would be a maximum date. If that day has come, the campaign is not over, according to the current rules, the campaign ends and we look if some of the new conditions of partial victory are met. What are these conditions? Perhaps the control of certain key cities, for example that the axis control St Omer, St Quentin and Cambrai, or the entire north coast from Calais to Hellevoetssluis or that the allies control Bitburg, Aachen and Well. Another option is to control, for example 90% of the aerodromes and / or ports, have control of at least one city in each river or 90% of the rivers, etc. Even if a 2: 1 ratio is reached in enemy deaths ... you can play with several variables, modify the above or ask that several circumstances be met What would be achieved with this? 1st- You know the end date of the campaign. You know that day ends and that you do not have to be in pain waiting for one side or the other to take the 5 or 6 cities that remain, knowing that the campaign is sentenced. 2nd- Promotes the fight until the last day. Maybe your side does not win this campaign, but it can prevent the enemy from getting a total victory (with the current victory conditions), even they get a partial victory. 3rd- If the campaign is very balanced, it provides new conditions for a partial victory, which means new movements, new strategies ... Also, depending on which cities you need to obtain a partial victory, we can see battles in areas that are not currently fought . I'm thinking of the zeelands, on the northern coast of France (Calais-Gravelines-dunkerque)
  5. No, this campaign has not been won or will be won (whichever is the winner), by 90% of softcap. It is simply a lie. There have been great battles, and only the last two days there have been some softcaps, CONSEQUENCE of them previous battles.And it is normal that these softcaps are given.Historically they were also given.One of the causes of these last Sc has been the NON-WITHDRAWAL of the allies of the area of the factories, which may be debatable, but of course understandable. Another reason has been the withdrawal of allied flags (navy and air flags) of cities to prevent the advance of the axis. Disputed but legal and again understandable. On Friday, in Julich, a city that placed the axis to 1 town to pocket a division, no ally came out to defend it. And there was flag. And it was not tz3.All the allies fighting in Liege, which was also important. By this I mean that it is not necessary that there are no flags in a city for one or another side does not defend how the situation requires it. In any case, the 1.36 will come soon and there will no longer be this flag system, so these discussions will end. I think softcap are necessary. We can not have a big fight in each town of the map
  6. Thank you very much, gentlemen. A pleasure to fight every day at your side
  7. Gj pym. Well deserved
  8. Well deserved. Congrats
  9. we lost chat when spawn was allies. A lot of people reset their computer and could not re-enter. No warnings about captured cps
  10. I totally agree
  11. Grande, máquina.
  12. I´m sorry read this. Please take care of yourself My best wishes.