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  1. could it be a heat problem?
  2. its a 6800XT 512mb from biostar, no wierd colors but i do get those lines in games
  3. when i try to play games i get missing textures and stuff tryed new drivers and uninstalling em but nothing works
  4. nvm fixed the problem
  5. even when i start runnin around
  6. getting 6fps when i spawn in practice offline
  7. tell me if it runs cooool
  8. well i need something during the mean time so i could play wwii
  9. well i returned my other card i was wondering what video card i should get now thats agp 8x i could spend 100 to 200 dollars im searching in newegg but theres alot of good ones
  10. yeah im gonna buy some fans see how that works
  11. should i try getting these ones as well?
  12. do u think this will cool down the video card a bit?
  13. well the computer only came with a processor fan, should i try to get a cooling fan?
  14. well the GPU core runs 54 degrees is that normal? cause i cant play no games because the graphics all messed up
  15. Oh its a 6800XT