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  1. THIS: sydspain 0 Free Play Account 133 posts Posted 39 minutes ago (edited) · Back on campaign 136 when CRS made the mistake of reduce cap timers to 30 sec, Axis were overpop, adapted well to those changes and did well in Antwerp and Brussels. IIRC about 24 towns were capped in 24 hours...people were scandalized, didn't matter axis or allied, people were against those changes. Some people said that losing Antwerp and Brussels the first day was a joke, some others said that losing that amount of towns the first day of campaign wasn't the right pace for this game, I even remember people who wanted to do a boicot...and then the campaign was reset with good judgment. Now 2 months later the story repeats itself. CRS made some bad changes that makes the massive cutoffs issue even worst, Allies were overpop, adapted well to thise changes and did a very good job cutting from Luxemburg to Liege, due this cutoff +90 towns were captured in the first 24 hours, and 2 factory towns were captured in the first 36 hours of campaign. Now instead of having people united against this changes that make this game unplayable...we have allied trying to justify that a campaign can be won in 12 hours because it's a HC fault or a risky gamble that went wrong. But no, no matter how bad HC mistakes are, +90 towns and 28 of 36 brigades can't be cutted in just 12 hours, same way it wasn't justifiable that Antwerp were captured in 24 minutes 3 campaigns ago. I'm really disappointed with all those people who had a clear judgment about game pace on campaign 136 and change it on campaign 139 because his side it's winning or losing. Edit: And the same goes for those axis players who justified that Antwerp and Brussels were captured in 25 minutes and now wanted a campaign reset