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  1. LOL when Exlax would get the grumpy... yup you had to take his humor and his grumpiness together... sometimes he would let it roll. As for having a memorial yard - I think that would be great and worthy of time. We have lost many players.. mb a Cathedral with a memorial wall and courtyard where we can have memorials services.
  2. Oh no!, Sal, had no idea he was sick. So sorry, my prayers to his family.
  3. I am always for new content and TBH this is I think the 3rd time I have heard of any discussion about the Johnson. Its ROF was adjustable, I am sure its in your link where the ROF could be set to a comparable ROF as the FG42 - IIRC as much as 900 RPM. That being said, with limited resources the Americans just need its grenadier, M1919, and the correct mortarman. We are all getting ready to have the G44 and M1 Carbines added. The BAR is unique, the FG42 is unique, we don't really need a FG42 counterpart until we are just adding stuff to add content. IMHO would like to see some new content after the new SPAA, Inf, and Tankbusters... either some new navy content like landing craft or a new tank triad like the M24, Cromwell and PzM. The Achillies, Pak36(t) etc.. getting rid of the place holders blah blah blah.
  4. They issued HE rounds for it and would use it as a makeshift mortar by placing the butt on the ground. The PIAT had a excellent HE round.
  5. Sapper bait - like the Char you can outrun him and place the satchel with the exception if they are on the road but I have successful done so as the went past standing stationary. All AFVs can be done but few are as easy as the CH7. RPAT negating its armor - The Shreck can get through the CH7 armor anywhere on it. 200mm of penetration vrs 154mm max armor. More than enough to get an off angle kill including a frontal kill. The zook has half its penetration power. The only thing that is superior on the zook is the site, its IMHO far better than the Shreck... The PIAT is the POS in most regards, I wish it had 4 HEAT and 2 HE because its so POS... use it in the heavy mortar roll... you know for a arbituary thing for game plays sake.
  6. All the slow ATGs are targeted by air and called out. The hardest of the slow atgs to find is the pak40. They are relatively smaller than the rest. I killed one recently in simply because he fired.. I dropped a bomb in the area but I had called it out as a pak38.., didn't know it was a pak40 until AAR. The 88 has as distinct advantage in the sense you can get behind a berm and see over it. It is like the 2pdr and you can engage ei in a 360.. which after the HE audit its going to be even more of a killer. One reason why I want the Achilles asap is that I love the M10 and fare much better in it than I do the S76 or CH7 if I dare to spawn one. It has all the aspects I like until the firefly. 1. It fills the BEF long range AFV that can actually challenge the StugG and Tiger. Its pretty fast compared to the CH3 and CH7. It will have better optics at 3x instead of 1.9x like the majority of BEF tanks. It gives the Brits a TD which has been missing for ever. Gives more reason to have more BEF units available on the map. Fix the CH7s and CH3s armor leak and the BEF will have something worth attacking with. ATM its the ugly stepchild of the game... though the RATs have done a few things to make the infantry game better, it lacks just about everything in the tanking game after T0 worthy of attacking with. Defense it does ok. But in T1 the Matty is neutered by the Pak38 and PzH. The Cru2 does a .35 -.4 vrs the PzH and the A13 does about the same. The Cru3 does abysmal vrs the 4G and StugG, while the CH3 does about a .8 vrs the 4G. And I know the Axis hate the 4G... try driving around a CH3 or Cru3 for a bit. The CH7 is major RPAT and Sapper bait because of it being very easily sapped on the move and the RPAT totally negates its armor. Not only that the sap area at the fuel tank is large, you don't have to be precise. It has a armor leak in the front which allows for even the 4G to kill it at 1500m frontally. The BEF tanking experience after T0 is very much akin to the Axis T0 tanking experience for the rest of the map. Its in desperate need of love.
  7. The H2C with bombs can drop 3 fresh FMSs ATM. I have done 4 but they seem to be a little more resilient. Was only able to drop 1 FMS with the cannons, took over half the cannon rounds to do it Sunday. Found a second FMS and emptied all my cannon into it and had to bomb it to finish it off. However you can drop one bomb, and about 50 cannon rounds to drop it. That leaves you just enough to drop one with the rest of the rounds. The 110 can do it also in a similar fashion but but.. I have had my FMS straffed by them and it does not go down quite as easy as it does with the H2C. However to be expected being the H2C has 4 hispanos.. more cannons, harder hitting, more explosive content. Don't know what the answer is, but you would think a Tanks HE would be much more effective then 120 rounds of 20mm cannon fire.
  8. Not all its cracked up to be... 1 it flips. I have about a 50-50 ratio on flips. Very few 17pdrs avail on the map. When you have them the often die to ei. What can I say.. great gun no doubt. Sitting ducks hell yes. Get them into position with good coverage, they rule. Too far in between Im afraid. Edit oh and there is the invisible stugG. Several times tonight stugGs took 17pdr hits and wiped them all out ... 1.5k it should have been dead.
  9. delems it was gridiron and I, 4 bombs and some cannon fire took it down. Gridirion missed somewhat. Its normally 4 bombs total. So it was not just all cannon fire.
  10. DOH... I deserved that didn't I. I am just curious as to how you know your not flexible enough?
  11. You can blow your own, I have revised my "designs" because there is one that does not quite work correctly. ATM you can block the ABs exits with PPOs or FBs. I sat at an Axis FB not so long ago and surrounded it with bunkers, sand bags, and traps. I think I put up about 14 bunkers in total and 3x as many sandbag walls. It was low pop and I was board but it would take them a bit to get out. I know Gridiron and I have spent a few hours surrounding our open AB with ATG bunkers to prevent the AB from being cut easily. We put up bunkers to prevent the roads from being cut too.. and we also have put them up near our spawnable in a Axis town to prevent easy tank camps from cutting our egress out of the barn and to the flag building. Those also prevented us from moving our ATGs from cutting the road without pushing to the flank but it also funneled our own troops to pass the flag building. I would think that if you put up walls and bunkers it is primarily to develop the terrain to your advantage. The enemy needs to breach that area which needs explosives via engineers, bombs or direct HE rounds. I see more reality there than griefing. Friendlies blocking entrances with walls in terms of griefing their side are easily remedied with one satchel charge...
  12. You could limit them to not be able to connect all 4 sides or to where the 4th side link adds a entrance big enough for any atg or bofors into it... and every rifleman, sapper and engineer has a satchel to destroy them. Though I understand your sentiment.
  13. I think it would be cool if the sandbags if set next to each other would "link". If your putting one up at the same direction as the previous one, it changes its look to be same height but double length sand bag and so forth. You can create a wall. If you face 90^ from it, it becomes a corner in the construction. This way you can put up AA pits, mortar pits and some tank bunkers. Would be cool too if you put a sandbag at the side of a bunker PPO, the sandbag will mesh with the side of the bunker and if you put it in the front on the bunker it would become a pill box type structure like current FMS. OR you could just scroll to the shape you wish and it snaps to the first PPO placed. You could also just scroll to the original shape and it would be a separate entity. What would be even cooler is if you could choose the sandbag height. The one we have now is good for kneeling, would be cool if you could chose a standing size one that is double thickness for better longevity from incoming and for better aa tank protection. IT would take 2x as long to build as the orginal sandbag PPO.. FRIGGEN Minecraft online baby. Aw hell I done and got started... what if you could place a PPO on top of the FMS and it changes the FMS to more fortified version?
  14. Thank you BB, that was very informative and to the GMs.
  15. I like the idea of a Para AO... Would be cool to have them as some sort of FMS.. not sure how you do that. However what I would like to see is that the Para AO be allowed to AO one town behind the front lines and idealy with a reduced timer (half time) for that type of AO otherwise regular AO. Secondly the Paras FMS is only available at an AO'd town. This would come in handy once we are back to TBS.