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  1. Yes I understand, however the AFVs did have fire missions for bombardment. Its a shame that tanks like the StuGB and Char lack that characteristic for beyond LOS fire missions. Lets not forget that the 95mm HE and Sherman HE did work pretty darn well also and If I am not mistaken the US 75mm HE round was considered the best 75mm class HE round of the war.
  2. I mean adjusted TO&E like the StugB and 4D. ATM the CH5 carries 4 or 5 rounds.. that should be upped to half the ammo count.. and fix the damn sites so they can be dialed in ASAP. ATM its a useless POS without it which is another example of getting another bugged allied AFV in the game that somehow passed Q&A with something so glaringly missing.
  3. Well you have pointed this out many times, I think I have liked each of your posts. THIS IMHO is way to fungible and is a can of worms not worth opening. Cant remember who it was but there was some reference about trying to maintain historical dates of entrances and performances that might not be historical or correct. I read that... yah but what? I don't think by the outline of the way things are going that they will not back off of the German HEAT or 37mm performance. I have noticed when I have brought up the 17pdr ammo - crickets. I wonder if the Axis T-0 tanks are going to get their rarity on the battlefield also - Tiger? bah the Axis would through a fit. Very few P4Ds entered France, Very few STugBs did also.. where the majority where 38ts and Pz1s and 2's. We already heard that the Firefly is going to be extremely limited because of the BEFs historic TO&E. I wonder how many Axis TO&E are going to be that limited by the same constraints? I heard a lot of great stuff entering for the Axis with no mentioning of constraints and date entrances with the exception of the Achillies and Firefly. Only 2 of the mentioned AFV entrances. PZ3L, M, 4H, and StugH... Firefly and Achillies. Not only very late tier wise but in very few brigades.
  4. That's fine, I don't mind tightening up historical dates a bit. However in the Rat Chat all the new allied entrances for improved tanks don't enter until T4.5. and extremely limited to match historical TO&E. Something we don't see with the Tiger ATM. All that being said, what has been floated around is that even the S76 is a T4.5 tank. That means the vanilla Sherman and M10 will HAVE to be the mainstay of the allied tanker corp. The BEF will have to hold ground with the Cru3 and CH3. The CH5 in the game has yet to be fixed you still cannot range the gun, its static which means those 5 HEAT rounds are just guess shots over 300m and over 800m you have to elevate the gun so high you cannot see the target. I think IMHO the CH5 HEAT should be adjusted for balance like the StugB and 4D. Few of those AFVs ever carried HEAT and those that did had very limited ammo - more like 4-5 rounds in 1940 and that HEAT used cintered iron liners with abysmal penetration. What we have is a fantasy HEAT round, less penetration than the HL/A (43' arguable) ammo but much closer to it than the HL ammo. As far as going there, we have already gone down that road and it nearly destroyed the game.
  5. Dre, you know and I know that these things happen in the game.. I killed a StugG at 1600m with a 3" atg the otherday, he was off angled and elevated.. took about 8 hits but I accomplished taking him out, I tracked him and most likely got a good hit on that 50mm plate. However I also put 14 rounds into the flank of one at 500m with a 3" ATG, his rear half was exposed and that's the "easy" engine kill and fuel shot.. I also got him smoking and he backed up and spun toward me and took a shot at me - I helped him because my last shot tracked him at the wrong moment and I was OH FK!.. when he did and 57mm opened up on him and he exploded. I got no kill on him, but I did manage two StugG kills, one being Kareca WOOT. So to imply that the S75 is a good tank to deal with Tigers because it took x amounts of shots to kill one, one time does not make an argument. If that was the case I could argue that the 3" ATG should enter into T1 because I also hit a PZH 8 times before he stopped shooting at me earlier with that damn near unkillable hull MG.
  6. Scotsman was probably one of the most passionate players to this game I have ever known. He and I are friends and have had discussions outside this game for years concerning this game. We chatted when he decided to join the CRS team before he told them he was going to. He was very excited about it, I was excited about it. He told me what he could do to get them moving forward in terms of ammo and equipment etc. There are some ammo options for the Vanilla Sherman that can help greatly dealing with the Tiger but would require warping the Ammo, but that option is out if we have to deal with 100% date entrances. So yah that's a huge hit unless CRS officially announces differently, Ill leave it at that.
  7. Look I understand your idea, but for ppl who can afford to put more time in the game for points to earn and my god have you actually looked at TOM for some of these players? 10-15k minutes a map? You still can create a side imbalance. Balance has to be strictly coded into the game. I hate the DLC content because it provides a micro pay to win scenario if one side has ppl who can afford to pay for them outside of subscription. It also sets up a system that, mark my words, is heading to where all new content is DLC content plus subscription. The gaming world is chock full of examples of that slippery slope. That's for example. The RAT chat has already discussed all the new equipment coming and that is exciting and fun to hear. I see some balance issues especially with the A3 Jabo and the bomb load. IF we go off of strict date entrance the Allies will not see any improved armor for tank fighting until T4-T4.5 as the Rat chat stated. We almost NEVER get to a T4 RDP as it is already. That leaves the allies stagnant from T-2 on with the exception of the CH5 CS tank that enters in IIRC t-3.5. All the while the Pz4H, 3N, 3L, StugH, Tiger, Panther all get to see the light of day. The 3 and 4 series AFVs all have anti RPAT armor.. to boot. The Pz3L is the tank that is most balanced with the Cru3.. The 4G already does better than the CH3 and has a higher KD than the Sherman has consistently over the 4G but now will have to face the 4H too boot. This does not sound fun in anyway and IMHO is horrifying to think I'm actually going to pay to play this game if that is the direction we are headed. The allies fund this game also and if my funding requires me to go Axis to get to play new content on a subscription base my time is limited here. I will fight this idea until the cows come home because its a game destroying idea and I'm not going to be apart of it nor support it with my money.
  8. 30 minute timer to get some organization before attack instead of the current 10 minute timer. Allows for ppl to actually coordinate and gather up prior to AO drop. Pretty simple to understand why delems and it does not slow the game down. I bet it actually speeds it up because an attack actually can have some time to set up. Sure beats the stew over, Next AO "X town" get FMSs rolling now.. we have 3 minutes before AO drops!! Second of all, you for one, I would think would want LESS supply, not more. TBS has area attrition so I don't know what you are talking about because JWBS is going to be very limited. All resupply will be manual and can be interdicted.. so again how does that slow the map down? The point of having supply go two links deep is because it opens up a hell of a lot more options for squads to do something without HC permissions. One link town supply is nothing more than immovable brigade system. The PB needs the ability again to create their own supply imbalance to get the upper hand. That ownership has been stripped from the pb sense TO&E entered.
  9. The question is where the divide between Brit and French.. its the ability to overstock supply. There is a natural barrier to where we cannot overstock from the rear link. How is that going to be resolved so the allies can have overstock/resupply/active reinforcement of supply. One of the advantages back in the day for the Axis was that all the rear supply could be moved forward from all the links manually and overstocked. The barrier between Brit and French was that boarder towns could not overstock or reserve supply after a town was capped. IE French and brit attack, if the town became French, all the BEF equipment that was left over was lost because it could not be reserved and used. Especially if the Axis countered which was a frequent exchange back in the day. I suggest that all reserve equipment or overstock be available in the list but the ticket goes back the originating town. That way we avoid that issue all together. At least up and until the Italian kit is filled out to where we can have actual Italian divisions on the map. My comment is I guess more of a request. Please reduce the supply a bit per AB but open up the links 2 towns deep. Lets promote player involvement again where some personal ownership of overstocking and mass armor columns are a possibility. One of the key elements to squads was the ability to effect the game outside of AO>cap spawn> flood. It was the ability to take time as a squad and IMO a major part of squad cohesion was the effort to gain the upper hand by effort apart from HC. Natural leaders evolved from this and squads grew. Squads are the glue to this game, I hope you realize that. I think that upping the AO timer from 10 minutes to 30 minutes before mandatory AO will also go far with the PB to organize.
  10. I have seen a lot of the new roads in there, looks awesome and cannot wait to get into there. Not sure how they cannot be cut anymore but you know..
  11. I get it, that STO would be required. Being that no FB IIRC is beyond 4k from any town there is a possibility the max firing range can be similar to the DD. Target information can be given via target decal on the map... IE grid information and range. That can be fed into the arty site system for accurate fire. AND/OR you could do a FO officer have FO information being passed along via Arty mission channel. When you set a Arty mission you have 3 items avail, towing truck, FO, and Artillery. The FO can adjust aim for better accuracy or you are just coordinate shooting... or you can create a FO class infantry. Would be cool if you had a possible battery of 5x 105/25pdr that have 35 rounds each. Once exhausted the ammo crates can resupply the battery in 20 minutes or so. You could then stagger the fire between the pieces to keep up a sustained bombardment. IMO think that the StuH, M10, 88, 17pdr, 3" and all tank fired 75mm or better HE have indirect fire capability.
  12. A good forum fight is always fun - usually a good sign that ppl are still passionate. When this games forums don't have any fights - the pb no longer has passion for the game and its a very bad sign. Its when ppl start getting personal that puts a damper on things. Ill also just say this, ATM I think most of us are very happy about getting the new items where in the past any new addition had intense forum combat about the pros and cons. That being said I can tell you right now, that its not about the equipment, its gonna be how you put them in the game because a major concern centers around balance.. realistically balancing the game so its enjoyable for both sides. IE 100% realistic date entry is a horrific idea.
  13. Really depends for me is I am defending or attacking. Love tight towns where if a spawn is taken its almost fisticuffs and fast pace. I like defending towns that have the high ground and attacking towns where we have the high ground. There are few exceptions. I like Verdun, I like Dinant, Nandrin and Hue. Lastly I like fighting in towns we rarely get to fight in. Especially in the Navy towns at the N edge of the map Wilhelm area, often cut, rarely attacked or defended. I cant wait till the map gets new towns N, mb linking denhag.
  14. @ Delems. Thx. Have not played much but Sunday we did do a great job on defense during primetime. I will repeat what I said. The cap timer with no spawn delay works pretty well. Where it does not work is SPECIFIC to low pop, overpop. A 40-50% op means 5-6 vrs 10-12. That's where cap timers only solution fail the game. IF we could get a 15 vrs 25 situation as the low pop, op norm, I don't think the SD is necessary or at the line where I think would be not necessary.
  15. Well it looked good on paper.. and implemented too early for the BEF and we had a catch up game. However DOC did get the priorities moved around to fix the issue and added the CH3, CH7, and S76 into the game as fast as they could. It was a bad mistake and cost dearly but it was rectified. The Tiger balance issue was studied and fixed and he backed up the decision with often unseen, unspoken of data. Now of course we argued about it till our faces where blue in the forums but IMO, that was healthy toward the decision.