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  1. Been there Malvoc. Was not on Saturday but I feel yah. The RATs are going as fast as they can to get us back to TBS. Brigades should never have wiped out the ability to fight, they should have just been used as a hammer to move the map.
  2. TBH when I cannot see a 4G in the terrain you where in.. I assume stugG. I was not told you where a stug, just ET. However your movements made me think Kareca and when I saw a stugG, I was almost positive it was kareca. That is one reason why I kept up the shooting.. it was very hard to tell exactly what I was hitting and there was very little exposed to hit I figured it was just a matter of time before you pivoted and I would be in trouble. We had lost our foothold anyway at that point, my only other option was to back out and RTB which would have gotten me dead anyway. I'm like you however in the StugG.. its a beautiful AFV and I love it but there is a trade off of low profile and good frontal armor vrs a turreted thin skinned M10. I love the M10 and sense the HE audit.. (somewhat unrelated) I have lost several this map to EA killing my crew, lost several to the TBs. My .50 seems to be bounding off the EA or going right through them. I shoot down usually ea attacking me like that.. had a TB making passes on me the other day and I watched my .50s nailing his nose from probably 500m out to start to where I just held the trigger down as he got closer. I was sure he was dead but not even close. It was like the propellers had wonderwoman bracelets on.. the dude was not even smoking and he took out my engine and commander and eventually exploded me. I think that was Vanapo (sp?) . I know I'm going to love the M36 when its out.. I might be one of a few but for some extra armor and a 90mm. Tigers beware.
  3. You got marked. I heard you but could not see you with my commander. I kept looking for you, asked if mark was good. They said yes, good mark. So I turned my turret in your direction thinking you might come into view. I wanted to be ready. I saw just your a portion of your stug between the tree in gun site view while getting guns towards the mark and audio. Tried then to spot you with commander primarily to see with binoculars to which way you where facing but couldn't. So I sat for a bit studying what I was looking at and recognized your front was off angle to me, the rest of you was behind two trees. I'm sure you remember sitting there for a bit.. that's when I was doing the study. There was a opening and I knew if I could get a round between the and hit I stood a good chance in killing you because that 50mm plate was almost dead on facing me. I thought long and hard about going for it, I had another tank audio in the other direction. I figured I was getting pinched and went for it. If I got a lucky quick kill, I could engage the other audio.. nope, I shot mb 15 rounds, I know I hit you mb 6 times, most the rounds hit the trees.. my last view of you was and explosion, a split second later I exploded from a hit by tormented. I assume he was the other audio.
  4. I think we are all getting similar issues.. I had one against a 4G with my M10, flank shot 300m, 4 hits easy peasy - no kill and he keeps on going to get destroyed by a ATG I believe. Just a damage on him. About an hour later my M10 I get 2x stugG and 2x4G kills from the flank at 1800-2.1k. Then later 10x M10 hits on a 2C from 500m and he continues behind some berms to camp our FMS. I had to move up to see him again and 2 more hits from an off angle to his turret before he dies. The 2C has always been wonky but I think in conjunction with some of the audits. I'm seeing more of the "why wont he die" when he should be dead situations.. That being said, I am having better long range results, where penetration should happen when they seemed not too before. IN that I am pleased.
  5. Have fun cause I promise you, you will respect ME!! I'm going bird hunting.
  6. Ok.. then just a quick review. Frontally. 1400m or less S75 vrs P4G: Frontal turret, facing you right side. The 2pdr close in can also kill turret crew frontally. 76mm less than 1800m turret. 1200m or less 57mm/75mm vrs StugG - Right edge of the upper hull next to the driver slit.. same shot left side but less likely to kill the gunner. Its possible at 1200m but unlikely. That area has a small angled 50mm plate and the gunner sits far enough back to be hit by shrapnel. 800m or less upper hull to the LEFT side of the drivers slit between the slit and barrel.. should produce a direct hit on the gunner. 1400m or less with the 76/3" same as above to the Right of the driver slit. 1200m or less upper hull left side of drivers slit between the slit and barrel - possible to kill it with a lower hull hit. 800m or less anywhere but best to the right side of the gun. Tiger - 57mm/75mm 800m or less upper hull directly under the gun mantle. 76mm/3" same shot 1200m.. mb out to 1400m can produce spall. I have killed them at 1400m with the M10.. anything over 1500m good luck. Still 800-1k is the sweet spot range. THE PZ3 Hull gun issue and how to tackle it. The issue is that when you kill the driver or turret crew in the PZF or H the hull gun tends to be unkillable and the tank hard to explode or burn at that point. You will have this issue with pretty much any AT gun below the 75mm.. and even then sometimes the 75 is presented with this problem. Its a bane to the ATGs.. you get a technical kill but that hull gunner kills you in response and hangs out to kill more things. THE most effective way to silence the hull gun (facing you) IS not to shoot at the hull or waist ammo but shoot the lowest portion of the frontal hull as close the inside of the tank treads. Not only can you kill the hull gunner and get the tank to despawn but you can sometimes actually explode the tank. Again its not a easy task as your time is limited and requires a precise shot but if you are lucky you can get away alive.
  7. I'm interested in why you think this? CRS is not changing the RDP mechanics or rules, they are just going to adjust the supply to where RDP can be felt somewhat given the attrition levels we have with just a max of 2 AOs and that is just a MB because we don't know how much they are going to adjust the supply levels. It still might not be enough.
  8. I like rushing cps with the LMG. I enjoy it. I loved it when I was Axis, I like it with the BAR. Took me a while to get used to the BAR, it was no where near my favorite weapon. I had to force myself to use it. Now I do pretty ok with it. The only reason why I do cp clearking with it is because its versatile and I hate having a SMG when I'm getting shot at by riflemen at 100-300m. The Thompson is a great room cleaner.. BUT I only grab one when a room needs cleaning otherwise its the Grease gun and Sten because of it has better versatility. I think the audits will change things up a bit. I am apprehensive to getting rid of the Rambo LMG because ppl like it, but I'm willing to give up the run and gun Rambo LMG as a PART of the audits so the SMG is the CQB king as it should be. However I am also willing to let the BAR, FG42, Bren and FM24 retain the run and gun while the MG34 and M1919 be limited to walking hip fire because they are more similar. I also rather that approach to see how the PB reacts. I think baby steps for something like this is better than doing a full monty slap. Not all RL war time limitations make for a fun game.
  9. We have had HC as long as I have played the game. Prior to AOs, HCs job was quite different. When no HC was on which was rare, the impact was usually a lack of side focus. The HC had 2 primary roles effecting the PB.. Setting RDP and the use of HC prompts in chat to focus the ground game efforts. HC where leaders in a way but it was the Squad leaders or Natural leaders that really moved the map. I know HC had more roles but most of the PB had no idea or might have been unaware of. Squads had parent brigades they babied or had primary defensive responsibilities and HC set OPORDs for the squads. There was much more cohesiveness between squads and HC. I dare say that is where FUN was generated... as HC role was not so nearly as complicated. I know at times, HC sits primarily at map screen trying to deceifer the map. I know I have been on discord trying to help a single new HC officer move pieces around - Its not fun after 15 minutes of discussion. Very few ppl play war games to sit at a map and if they screw up and miss something literally effects hundreds of players then get the wrath of the PB. Olnly so many ppl can take the heat for so long. TBS will handle a part of problem BUT we are not getting rid of AOs and AOs move maps and AOs are HC dependent. TBS has to be handled with some sort of system that can function where AOs can be set when HC are not on.. The auto AO just does not really work and the AO requirement timer is too short. It does not allow for any planning and we spiral back to the problem of AOs going up way before the pb is ready FOR the AO and we get the SPAWN UP! FLOOD! issue. Auto AOs also cause another problem when HC is not on.. IE AO going up on a town with no FB.. low effective supply.. no real way to move in if successful, puts you into a pocket, lack of reinforcement opportunity etc... and therefore the ppl actually log out and the spiral is a downward one. I have said this before but squads are the Key to the game. They are the glue that holds the pb to the game. When additions to the game separate the bonds to squads ability to take ownership, the squad suffers and the game suffers. AO and the brigade system in the long term has separated the pb ownership away to a select few. Certainly on paper it looks that is not really necessary.. IE the HC says go here, and the ppl should just do what we did prior. However this is a game, not a military dictatorship and the natural leaders bump heads with HC and have no power. Even when those natural leaders where HC, they had "red tape" to cut through like higher ranking HC interfering with their squads wishes. I have been on where we had HC in our squad who where COs and just flat refused to back up the ranking HC in punishment for not working with our squad so we opted out of the AO. Not saying that was right - but at times the ranking HC on pushing the map was pushing us into real big problems and we did not want the "success" to cost us the map. Over time it hurt the whole of the game.
  10. A visual representation would take a ton of time and lots of variables to compensate for like range and the gun you are using. MB the ones you are having difficulty with is a better way to start because knowing what you are facing and with what you have to face with it you can develop a scope in which you can tackle your target and adjust accordingly.
  11. I think the lack of game world texture and pallet is the primary issue... and by the looks of some of the SS from wing-2 is where that will be handled. I think the lack of farm houses in neutral terrain and hay stacks/barns etc.. add to some of the problems.. IE noise in the terrain. More to the OP.. vis limit for bombers should be upped. I think mb bombs should have some sort of STO or similar added to it so we can effect ground targets beyond vis limits.
  12. Well the 4G is harder to spot than it was. The color has gone through 3 color adoptions and one complete revisit (IIRC) to its pattern from the original. The current brown earth color does work well in some circumstances.. the color is not a "historic" color in terms of off the factory floor that I know of.,. (?) The brown color is a historic color. The 4G/Sherman match up has always been probably the most balanced match up this game has ever seen in H2H combat outside any infantry weapons. The bottom line is that I don't think the Axis will ever be satisfied without a primary green camo.. the question is does it upset the balance?
  13. I played Axis when it entered. The color has always been an issue but the factory paint color for the time period was no longer grey, it was the factory paint. They came off the line like that for that period. The camo patterns where usually field applied by the crew... That being said I remember when everyone was asking for camo instead of having the boring grey PZ color.. then BAM that's what we got because the TIger tanks historically coming off the factory line like that. The camo applied was not.
  14. Go fly the H2D and compare the handling with the H2C and Stuka G. You will find the H2D is lacking engine power and the Stuka is more stable at the slower speeds. Not saying any are easy, but grades of difficulty. Also, extend those H2D flaps and see how well things go for you.. LOL. I though that was an answer however I slowed down enough to stop the overspeed vibration to make a turn and pretty much depart from flight. As far as the guns go, the Stuka has much more punch than the H2D due to it being APCNR rounds. Just the way it was. There are no P39N missions so I don't have anything to say about it except.. nobody wants to fly it. Part because the plane does not do well at slow speed, the yaw is difficult and the AT gun might be good at killing 38ts.. When it first came out, all I could kill with it was 251s and 232s, hit a few 2Cs and got a single kill- never saw a 38t to try it on.. I even suicide dived at a near 90^ onto the deck to see if I could kill it and it did not even get the tank to smoke. I rather have the 37mm get HE for A2A action so its useful. I did not count SPAA because all the SPAA have very exposed crew. One last thing to note - the point of my post was more to the fact that the TBs are killing tanks rather well compared to bomber command. 153 tank kills in a map.. eh Rans in the past has done better than 152 tank kills in a db7 during shorter maps alone. So while bomber commands ability to kill tanks, the TB is starting to pick up the slack and will continue to do so. Apart from the P39N which is about as useless than it ever has been.