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  1. UK Army Apr 22 17:58 - 18:34 hotrod (Tiger) Sains-Richaumont Sains-Richaumont-Marle Depot Attack QF 2pdr 109 5 1 0 KIA 35 Kills Captures FB Busts Units Hit Apr 22 18:05 raydr (Pz IV G) Apr 22 18:14 django75 (Opel) Apr 22 18:15 hcz2018 (StuG III G) Apr 22 18:24 edm77 (Opel) Apr 22 18:33 aoservice (DE Lt Mortar) I Tried - look what kilt me.
  2. Lots of juicy names there to be for sure.
  3. I ain't even going to quote Merlins post, lol. The only person getting blown.. away is me. I will one day get my tiger kill with a 2pdr. A legit kill. It will make my day.
  4. I have killed the tiger with the 2pdr atg on the training server, it is possible shooting the lower hull. That being said I have yet to ever do it on the live server a I have tried several times.
  5. The m3 is the same gun pretty much as the gun on the Stuart. Light years difference between the 25mm.
  6. If we extended the arbitrary rules used in T2/3 into T0, we would have as many Matties as you have 4Ds plus a few extra to make up for the lack of a TD for the stugB. Why do we get less infantry.. because of a db7? does not compute.
  7. Agree, this is why there should be very special attention to having a rule set for balancing equipment. There is perceived imbalance and there is factual imbalance. ITs a fact the Matty is the best tank in its teir so there are few. Its a fact the Tiger is the best in its teir - yet there are many. That is a factual imbalance. I don't think the allied infantry kit is superior to the Axis infantry kit. You could go by a weapon by weapon basis and you wont find it superior, if anything you would find a conservative answer as equal or less than equal. However we have less infantry still division per division. That is not lost on the allied pb, its not a perceived imbalance. Its a real imbalance and we play with that fact knowing that the game is stacked in that area among others. It does not mean when I get on I don't fight like hell and try to outfight my opponent, it just gets very old and frustrating that you have little answers to big problems over and over again. So you log in less, and log out earlier. I don't mind losing, I do mind losing to a stacked deck to being outnumbered, outgunned, and out supplied.
  8. Rgr that, I can see your POV. I don't like SD that much with the exception that I see more the benefit of it than the Axis do being that I am a low pop allied player. However for me, I see SD as a part of the whole at the moment to help the underpop side.. I have always maintained that dynamic cap timers where the only way to deal with cap timers period. It did not matter how they adjusted cap timers if they where adjusted across the board it did nothing to of relief to the low pop side. I really never thought we would see them for ages, but like everything else it takes time to see what new things bring and how to properly adjust them to the game. I still think my point stands for the time being - this is a new dynamic cap timer and we have no way of knowing much of anything about the effects it has outside of it slowing down the map. Certainly not enough to know if we need to OR CAN eliminate the SD. It certainly has not stopped the Axis OP from capping towns in TZ3 which it shouldn't, but it has stopped the TZ3 15-20 rolls up to this point. I think the Allied problem is more symptomatic and don't foresee much of a change what so ever until CRS decides to change things up a bit balance wise. ONLY until then you all might see more balanced numbers where all the SD and Cap timer penalties wont interfere with your ability to get in the game without a handicap interfering. That being said, mb, just mb a there is a balancing system which IMO should include move timers, supply trickle timers with dynamic cap timers could eliminate the need for SD. I think the potential is there but I cannot say for sure and I don't think anyone can. The addition of dynamic cap timers is a real gem in the right direction, they just need time to figure it out. I think the end goal is to get rid of SD while providing other dynamics that act as game leveling mechanisms for OP and Low Pop.
  9. Double penalty? MB some of you should go re-read Merlins post. The bonus and penalty is not two separate things, they are one in the same that is sliding on a population scale. B<----------------[0% cap time adjustment 0%]---------------->B OP<------[+25% cap time adjustment -25%]------------------>UP UP<-----------------------[-50% cap time adjustment +50%]->OP The scaling bracket is the same. That bracket has to be played around with to find a good balance. The next step would be a scaling system that deals with total population to refine the scaling bracket for all timezone population shifts. Total Pop = 50 B: Side A:25<------------------------[Max Timer cap timer = 6ppl + Cap time adjustment 0%]----------------------------> Side B:25 OP: Side A:35<----[Max Cap timer = 6ppl + cap time adjustment + Cap time adjustment +50%]-------------------> Side B:15 UP: Side A:35<----[Max Cap timer = 6ppl + cap time adjustment + Cap time adjustment -50%]--------------------> Side B:15 Total Pop = 24 B: Side A:12<------------------------[Max Timer cap timer = 3ppl + Cap time adjustment 0%]----------------------------> Side B:12 OP: Side A:18<----[Max Cap timer = 3ppl + cap time adjustment + Cap time adjustment +50%]--------------------> Side B:6 UP: Side A:18<----[Max Cap timer = 3ppl + cap time adjustment + Cap time adjustment -50%]---------------------> Side B:6 This is assuming that the Max cap timer is 4 minutes. Pop lower than 15 Max Cap timer speed is achievable with 2 ppl in the cp + Cap time adjustment. That means that if you are 2:1 OP the max speed 2 ppl can cap a cp is 6 minutes and the Max if you are UP is 2 minutes.
  10. They have to continue to screw around with this guys. They have to see how this effects things. Right now they have to deal with it on a linear scale. The way its handled is going to change at some point. Right now its just dealing with overpop. At somepoint they are going to need to put in the vertical scaling of total population to get it to work with all TZs. Having a 50% overpop during high pop times is not the same as having a 50% over pop during low pop times.. IE its much harder to get 12 ppl into a CP for max cap speed when you only have 25 ppl on but are suffering from a 50% OP penalty. Its much different then using 12 ppl when you have 150ppl on. Nobody really knows if the penalty is fair or not. We are at the I don't like it stage from primarily OP side players and an I like it from the UP players. The last Lowpop night I had I was able to hold onto a cp by myself while I had a constant attack by 5 Axis players who came in at twos and threes for an hour. I died a lot and Axis had taken 3/4ths the town. At our lowest we had 4 defenders in a 2 AB town for about 40 minutes. I personally have more than 15 different names that killed me in that town. Had to log before it was over, but numbers started to pick back up.
  11. Its a toss up between you and Piercer, though Piercer is no here anymore. However If I was to look at my KD vrs any other player in the game for a complete deficit it would have to be Boudreau. He will pop me a few times every map and I think I get him back once every few maps.
  12. Everyone kills me, though dfire had my name last Sunday big time. Granted I run into him a lowpop when we are underpop and last sunday I was just about the only person trying to keep that cp out of Axis hands for the most part (that's my excuse 8D ). Some days its ppl like Agave, ltsbrad, Mokilla, Hondo, Edm77, Nkelly, Nilly, Luibing, Xinyou something, Hcz2015, Casualty250 (laggy turd always seems to kill me in cps).. screw it to many, like I said everyone has their way with me. I think I need a really good camp at somepoint with really stupid players to improve my numbers
  13. Army: Cap cps, set FMS, AA and ATG kills. Navy: Use the infantry to cap cps, kill ei but foremost AA gun. 50pts a kill. Using the FMB to kill stuff takes a long time. Airforce: Use the ground units - AA guns again or sapping FBs by using the RTB at the FMS to reload your infantry instead of the FMS reloading your charges. 10pts a run. Flying will take for friggen ever unless you do bridge bombing missions - which can take a while to learn how to aim the bombs enough to hit a bridge. That will help you rank up faster.
  14. Yah the Char I think is not possible anymore. I have a few kills doing it back in the day and was where I would shoot the 37mm. You can still do it to the Pan. Will be nice when the ammo does go to ball.
  15. There was a map mb 2 years ago that the Allies turned around the map and won being low pop most the time. The map ended up going OP but was pushed back or held during the day and started to match their numbers at night or close too it stopping the TZ3 crew... after stopping their TZ3 crew for a few weeks we actually took a few towns one night due to ninja caps and the Axis crew logged out and we managed to trap a division and a half. After that our TZ3 crew went from underpop to overpop and the Axis started to collapse and stopped logging in. I call that a underpop victory because we broke their backs while being underpop. EDIT: Actually it might have been 3 years ago or a tad more..