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  1. I only have an issue with the HT. The opel is simply shot placement for me, one ATR round from 600m in the fuel tank or tires ends him. Long distance with the riffle, again low door you can hit the fuel and if you miss you get the driver. Shooting the door seems to be less effective by my experience. If he is running, low left, just above the axel with AP, ATR or riffle seems to be the most effective - again that's my experience. The HT driver seems like the most logical shot but he seems to absorb bullets and the chassis seems to take AP rounds and keep on running. HE seems to be the most effective on the HT.
  2. Sorry for the hijack, I did like the video btw. Also do you know how many times you have shot me down? More than a few... and when you do, I do comeback and am willing to lose a few more just to kill you... Oldzeke, delems and Moz are a few more ppl Ill risk dying over and over again to kill.
  3. Well a lot of the screwing over was simply because the Allies had more factions. Prime example was that the PZH had to be RDP before the 109F4. The French would then have (at the time) a overmodelled Stuart tank. Yes even then the PZH was overmodelled.. however the allies had the Cru2 which was and still is no match for the PzH so all the BEF did was put all its extra RDP CVC for T0 equipment into more matties and the new RDP CVC went into the Spit5. The French then Maxed out its Stu RDP while the Spit5 held the air advantage for everyone. HENSE my first post (when I was axis) on the subject of splitting the Axis into Army Group A and B that are tied to a split and equal number of factory towns so the Axis could RDP both the H and 09 using their ability to pass through one another. It would not "fix" but it was a solution to that allied advantage. So in order to do it correctly, all that has been learned plus a splitting of the Axis army groups and added factories I think could allow for such an item to be implemented equitably. That being said.. I can do with or without it.. but what Is most important to me was that each item had a value set in pretty much stone with CVC. When CVC left, there was ZERO baseline to constrain each sides spawn pool. Nothing came for free. Nothing ever should be for free. The current Tiger and StugG issue is a result of tossing CVC out the window. If the tiger was not fulfilling the needs (and I dare say neither is the low Matty numbers) of pb enjoyment IE being able to spawn one.. then they should have been upped, but so should the S76 numbers. MB not double, but certainly by adding another 3 at a minimum. Same with the M10. IF that had been done, I have an educated guess that the allies would have retained its PB or more of it.
  4. He already had sustained damage prior to the shot. Even if he had, the very fact he still lived is testament. You have to be alive to cap or recap. Post audit, there is no doubt and I fully expect he should be a organ donor. I know its old hat but its a prime example and I could not resist. When I played Axis, the grenadier was my preferred CP clearing and holding infantry for that very reason. There was not a hiding place in the cp you could not reach from outside the cp to kill the cappers and from inside you could kill anyone entering the downstairs from the top of the stairs. Its not as effective these days as it was back when I played axis, they toned it down somewhat but its still a very effective cqb weapon.
  5. He sits by the AB and shells tanks and FBs with indirect fire. He despawns and respawns - rinse and repeat. Be thankful, he was never that cautious with the Allied gear but a glutten for punishment . All I can say is that there is a squad joke. "quick, grab a Sherman before they are gone". Its not in reference to ppl spawning them in mass either.
  6. Sorry, this is going to be a long reply. Some of that is true - I think some of it was over exaggerated. You are correct that the problem was internal squabbling. The first rule set with the RDP was a decision on what to RDP. Very problematic on the Axis side, RDP the PzH OR rdp the 109F4. HC had to chose which was always the PZH and the LW always got screwed out because the BEF would RDP the Spit5 and would naturally have more CVC to add Matties. So the LW players would log in protest. That got remedied by allowing RDP to contain all the items in the RDP list. CVC then would adjust the supply numbers and of course the Axis HC would MAX out the tank and ATG pool. They would add 3x 88s, Max PzHs and by that time the pak38 was in with Max Pak38s. The Axis supply pool then maxed out at 8x PzHs, 8x 88s, I cant remember what the pak count was.. down to something like 10 P4Ds, 4 PzFs, 2 stugBs, 4 232s and 1x38T. Cant rmemeber the 2C count... AND then again in the LW - 6x 109 F4s. So the Axis LW got screwed over by HC again so a Max limit on the top teir RDP items was established. IIRC a Max of 5 Pzhs could be RDP'd. I have no idea what the allied count was simply because I did not play allied much then. Then IIRC there was one more CVC change prior to the Tigers entrance and that was that the RATs introduced a Max CVC allowance to the ground and a Max amount for the Air. That prevented GHC in particular from continually screwing over the LW. That final change actually brought about some great game play even after the T2 entrance and ironing out balance issues the StugG brought, and fixing the Shermans mega mantle. The HUGE balance issue was with the BEF for the longest time and remains so until the BEF gets the Firefly and Achillies. That's the first time I have heard that there was a real effort to actually address the BEFs balance since the introduction of T-2 into this game. The NEXT readjusting the CVC was the Tigers entrance. The Tiger was allowed to enter at 5 per AB. I was axis then and LOVED it.. right up to the point it seemed so unbelievably ridiculously over balanced I could not find allied tanks to shoot. That's when the Tiger got a MAX LIMIT of 2 per AB because after some serious deep down internal research with balance and the sex appeal of the Tiger any more than 2 Tigers tipped the scales so bad it nearly destroyed the allied PB. Also having M10s and Cru3s to battle the tiger was pretty stupid. Adding the S76 and CH7 stemmed the allied bleeding, but it never really recovered. Going back to the 5 Tigers vrs 5 S76s and equal numbers of StugGs and M10s was a huge mistake. It cut the AEF numbers in half as a result. ATM we are down to a core of AEF members with some ready to walk until this balance issue is remedied. I know you prob don't like the constructive criticism but my squad is suffering from it - so I'm suffering from it. They don't need CRS to tell them the game is balanced because we know its far from it and is quite insulting to suggest otherwise. New toys is going to be awesome but if the balance problems are not fixed.. you are going to continue to bleed allied pb to where the allies have to rely on the Axis switching sides every once and a while for a win. We pretty much are there now anyway, seriously tell me the last Allied only map win that we did not have a major axis squad switch sides? I can remember... nope, I cant remember one in the past year or mb two. The reason why I would want to go back to HC determined supply pools is that we have learned what works with the RDP. We got all the limitations, max CVC point expenses, and limits on certain equipment that by themselves can destroy a map. IE the Matty and TIger. All that knowledge in place and CVC.. not only makes for honest play, it adds variety. CVC established real value to attributes of each piece of equipment. You would not get 5 S76s and 5 Tigers. You would get 10 S76s and 5 Tigers, 10 StugGs and 18 M10s.
  7. Many of the gun shields where spaced armored plates too. More protection with less weight - the ATR for instance should also not be punching through these.
  8. Too bad I missed it.. and lol.. the grenadier what a perfect example of hitting the stair at head height from very close range to kill that ei and taking no damage. That's why the allies call it a shotgun. Sorry I just could not resist.
  9. Its too bad it got all wonky, but TBH the very FACT they surprised us with this and it was off everyones radar scope to it ever being attempted is a huge plus. The up side is that once the kinks are worked out, it will be a gem of a change.
  10. I don't see it very often anymore TBH, with the exception of killing 232s and a occasional Pan. Usually for the Vickers some LMG kills it through the drivers port but I have not seen the rear Vickers LMG kill in a long while.
  11. Dotse, Tbomber and Switcut I would say have been the very best ATRs this game has seen. I remember this happening and going to the training server and checking it out. The only shot that worked for me was the side of the turret and the rear ammo hit at the back of the turret but I had to get on the veh and it took about 15 hits to pop him... however I did manage to kill the turret gunner half the way through. That was at 100m which prior was a easy shot laying down behind him. Still not as easy as it once was but you can do it.
  12. The LMG34 WILL kill the Pan frontally through the drivers port at 150-200m. Not saying it happens all the time but I have lost a few while driving and having a LMG blast me. Usually its just the driver but sometimes you can get the gunner too. Not saying that's what you did but that might explain why you killed him.
  13. Did we have this in place once we where able to RDP all the teirs equipment or did it end before that? The up side to having that ability is that it would bring back a CVC which was one of the premiere gems tossed out the window with the old crew. They did a lot of things right (and wrong) but CVC was an insurance policy for balanced tiers. It kept things honest.
  14. Can you still flame the Vicky with the rifleman? I used to do it with them and the LMG especially.. along with the A13 and Cru2.
  15. LOL, Yah NS right?!.. I would not EVEN think about bringing it up at all. Its the crazy thing to even think about. Sure mb the Stu at close range or from the flank from medium range - but 1200m? frontally?. Mb the Sherman like in the old days in that very unique situation. Nope, its been more frequent over the past few years and getting even more ridiculous. Seriously the Pak36 wtf exploded a squaddies ch3 last map.. I know it sounds loony tunes but yah it happened. The HE bug was supposed to have been squashed. IF its still around, its much worse.