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  1. Said a prayer for you DOC. Hang in there and fight the good fight. I really enjoyed your post, I felt it is what I mean. Please keep us posted more often.
  2. How am I missing some of these stats. Surprised by holding a lead on u. I feel like you are owning me in game. Same with simcha too. Oh I figured it out, they didn’t update I guess.
  3. I’d bet 90% of those are bofors and atg kill on me. Lol and yes I die a lot. @dfireI think about a year ago you got me twenty six times one night and I only got you five. I was grinding my teeth but I was one of two guys defending the spawnable. We held for about 30 minutes. Nobody came to help us.
  4. I’d like to see 4g, s75, ch3, cru3, pzh, pzL, Stu and Matty, or s75, m10, 4g and stugG. Or h39, pan, r35, 38t, pzf, 2c, a13, and both vickers. what I don’t want is tigers vrs firefly. We get that every intermission.
  5. Oh sh!!!!t the French are screwed. R35s ftw!!!
  6. SO.. I was messing around on the stats page and I found a tab that said Contacts (Historic) I click on that to see who I have killed the most in the game. To my surprise it was Simcha.. he has a healthy amount of kills on me. While browsing through the list I ran across somebody who has killed me 298 TIMES !!!! OMG who is it!! ITS FN CANUKPLF so I did a top three killers of ol StankyUS. 1. Canukplf - 298 kills on me. 2. Bus0 - 270 kills on me. 3. Rans - 224 kills on me. ALL three are AEF guys. If I had stayed Axis, they would have tripled those numbers. No Axis player has over 200 kills on me. Not what I expected at all and im chuckling inside. I love my squad.
  7. congrats.
  8. LOL yah when I get hit by Dertod I hunt him. He usually kills me 4 or 5 times in the process but every once in a while I catch up with him. I also like to snipe, usually when Im tired of running and gunning. However I absolutely LOVE sniping EI streaming in. I like being 3-500m out with every once in a while getting away with a 15 kill mission. Its rare I do better than that but it can be a lot of fun.
  9. Damn, sorry to hear that. Just looked at thread. I don't know if y believe it God, but I do. Know that you are in my prayers. Stay strong and fight the good fight. Keep us informed and please do not let pride get in the way of asking for help or needs. It is a blessing if you allow us to bless you if we can help.
  10. IIRC you used to be able to purchase "gift certificates" they then could be redeemed at billing. I had some players do this for me back in 09 when I lost my job and gave me almost a years worth of subscriptions. IIRC I got a email saying that so in so gave me a gift certificate from CRS and my account was active. I think I remember that correctly.
  11. You laid out the whole problem right in your post. Quake play is NOT ww2ol THANK GOD. I played quake for a while, then ran into a guy who played ww2ol Crass63 who told me about this game. I went out a found it, the thing he stressed to me was that it was hard, there where no powerups or first aid, huge map etc. I spent about 2 weeks playing offline flying and running around, etc before I ever hit the log in button and still got my butt handed to me. I remember my first encounter of EI, my first tank kill and my first a2a kill and my sortie that opened up the stuka for me. The aspect of playing historical weapons and not fantasy weapons was a big draw. I knew a lot about the German equipment, some about the american equipment, spitfire and nothing about the French. I chose the Axis side because 1. it was sexy, 2 I perceived the Axis had all the best equipment. I played Axis for the first 5/6 years wanting to be a LW ace until I actually flew... 110s for the longest time. Extremely hard. 109s where sexy beasts but then learned I was just a LTAP and found that I loved the stuka and 111. Joined a primarily Stuka Squad. When it dissolved I went ground. I found my niche as a ground pounder. That took 2 years... and even then I posted a thread about "how come the Axis dont have a 2pdr type ATG!!" which I got a short facepalm when they said, you do.. its called the 88. Duh. I felt stupid. Since then I learned 100x more about ww2 equipment, history, ect.. What I was looking for was something that had more depth than shoebox shooters. Shoebox shooters get bored and move on to the next one, then expect the same when they join ww2ol. Its far from it.. TBH the Marketing point should be "Tired of Shoe Box Shooters?" or "Tired of Quake with ww2 skins?" Something that drives that point home PRIOR to ppl looking for the next shoebox shooter in ww2 skins and giving the game a bad review because its not a shoebox shooter.
  12. There is a problem with greentags that almost no coding will fix. Its called laziness. Not being mean, I just see it a lot. About a week ago a green tag spawned in on my FMS.. he figured out how to spawn in on a FMS I guess by accident.. but he says "how do I aim my riffle?" and ran around the FMS shooting from the hip and tossing grenades eventually killing himself. Thats just one instance.. I have the help channel tuned and you get "how do I reload".. or how do you "jump".. or other things that make you wonder how they even figured out how to spawn in. But more important is that they actually failed to even look at what makes the game work as intended. Like what button does what, the very basic info you think they would have looked for.
  13. So... why just HC then?.. I mean being that often out numbered in the HC department. The most I have seen on is 5 during primetime and I know for a fact the axis had almost twice that many on at the same time. Low pop times we often dont have HC on. It creates another issue of balance just piles on. TBH, I dont like having anything but riffles spawn from the LMS - IF we have to have them at all. I have taken out several of them map already. They are hard to find and do already pose a threat. The Axis had one not so long ago that was well hidden but got behind our ATGs and picked them clean. I think we lasted 20 minutes tops and had no idea how they kept getting too us and we had a real FMS up and guys looking for them coming in just to find the LMS was inside our ZOC. By that time it was too late. I dont like PPLMS at all.
  14. AEF has seen some numbers as of late, had 26 on this past weekend. That's double the norm for a long time. I hope to expand soon, being picky on recruits but we are not far from running major ops. I think 10 more puts us back in the ballpark. When AEF formed we had an air wing, flak wing, small spec ops fb busting team, infantry team, and tanker force. I'm hoping in the next few months we will have enough to have dedicated inf and tanker squads. We will see. C5 is back and so is bar. Great inf leaders. Canukplf is a fantastic tank lead and we have had discord comes with dm79 who is back working with AEF, now if we can convince him to join we will have two excellent tank leaders. Jselic is back who has natural leadership skills. J, canukplf, and c5 all know the map and see two steps ahead. AEF. Has also had some great allied squads like the 7th and 4wing in communication with us recently. It is my goal to help them grow also. So if you are looking for a good allied squad who works well with others I can tell you any of these squads have great leadership and great guys. Nily you were with us in the beginning, come home and we can stop embarrassing each other with knives.
  15. Don't know, but I have seen 70-80mm. Not great unless it supersedes the ap ammo at range.