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  1. I second that, it is extremely well done.
  2. I found the firefly to be an excellent tank due to its firepower. I actually got a 1.4k off angle kill on a tiger. I think it's the best well rounded tank in the game.. but the tiger still holds the top slot IMHO. It was intermission so tbh that's not an acid test. I still lost my firefly to tigers at 2k. Gorblimey did get a frontal kill he reported at 2k. The best I managed was in the Achilles at 1.6k frontally. The biggest draw back I found was shooting tigers below 6-700m. I could at times see my round hit them and the go though them impacting the ground behind them. Was taking me 8 or 9 extra shots to finish them off. I could not flame or explode them, I had to get gunner kills. This was consistent. Around 800 off angle hits would result in a flame or explosion. 1k frontal hit usually took 2-3, but sometimes . The safe range was about 1200-1400m for a desired one hit kill. now I will say the HE on it rocks. At 2k duals I used HE because I could track the tigers if the guy did not land a solid hit on me first. I also lost a dual with a stugG at 1.8-2k. I landed several good hits and took a few myself, till I lost my gunner. There is a bit of quality with better armor. until the 17pdr ammo gets corrected.. which when it does, then I think quite possibly might take top seat till the panther arrives. The ammo will slightly penetrate the L70 past 2.2k which with the low ap ammo count really stretches the practical distance to get a hit. I was 1:4 hits at about 1.5k or so.
  3. The APC ammo is the primary ammo for the Pheasant ATG and Archer TD for their date of entrance.. IF they are on the TDL..
  4. Well just so you know, that is great news the "APC" ammo performs better than it did with the 17pdr.. BUT its just as important the AMMO is the correct ammo right? The Achilles, Firefly and current configuration of the the 17pdr ATG NEVER fired the APC ammo in combat and I would dare to say that the Achillies or firefly probably never had and APC ammo stuff in its ammo bins and racks ever either. They all carried APCBC ammo... now if you all want to put in a early Pheasant 17pdr then the APC ammo would be correct ammo. All things being equal.
  5. Well like I said before, this is my opinion.. I know the infantry seems lacking tho I do like the sten gun and dont mind the BEF infantry kit since we have some semi autos now.. Some ppl only play infantry and dont want any business with the BEF infantry kit. SO yah I can admit that.. I just want my Achilles action.. I want to see a Tiger at 1600m and smoke him.. thats like boner territory here.
  6. Feed me Semore
  7. The new barracks look fantastic, I cant wait to see the old bunkers with some cleaning up on them are going to look like. Just real quick, I did not check but did the CH5 CS tank get its adjustable sites put in?
  8. might have had tunnel vision then because we all where discussing the one division on the map not 2 hours ago and digging though them to find the fireflys to play with. I know that no BEF where close to any of the aciton, mb we did not notice.. I certainly didnt notice. MORE evidence we need THREEE divs on the map.. one division is a bummer - two and the second one is not even noticable but THREE.. three would make their presence known!!. I never thought I would be asking for more BEF divisions EV.... ER.. yup true story.
  9. 2.5 K to be correct.. its about 115 mm penetration at that range.. Possible 3k kill frontally, where the round penetration floats in the 100mm, very similar to the 75mm L/70. The APC ammo however at least the ammo on the ATG was using data of a rare and very early version of APC ammo which might kill a tiger frontally at 1500m because it was doing about 100mm at that range and you really had to be at a very good angle which was congruent with the early APC ammo that the current 17pdr ATG, Fireflly and Achilies never carried. We tested the 17pdr when it entered the game to see how close we could get with the Tiger with 17pdr atgs about. We found that the magic number was about 1625-50. the Gun was extremely vulnerable to the 17pdr at that range if it was hit.. but that was back when the 25mm Pans gun could oneshot degun it.
  10. It was exactly what the BEF needed.. it really sucks to attack with nothing better than a 6 pdr on tank and something that can take mild punishment.... but ATM, only one of our squad mates has actually been able to spawn a Firefly this map and he did it twice!! Nobody else has even seen them in action in the squad.. or at least the guys on tonight. We all went looking for them.. there is one on the entire map as we speak right now.. CAN you tell me what the Axis guys would say if they only had one Tiger on the entire map?.. I think most the guys (AEF) want to drop a French division and add a BEF div.. I would like to see that also... I actually well several of our squaddies tonight contemplated grabbing the one Firefly and the 5 Achillies left in the division (Entire map) and driving to the action at Velbert which was 3.. possibly 4 links away ... and we just said ehh we would lose all the equipment for hours after the fight was over .. and instead we chose bed.. or in my case a movie lol. LOL matter of fact, I personally would drop one french division and one US and have 3 BEF divs on the map.. but I want them for the Achilles.. some ppl dont like the infantry kit much.. I like the sten a lot personally. I dont know how the pb would feel about that. MB over the next few maps we can look at how that effects the game overall.. do a 2 BEF div map and then a 3 div map and see how it plays out.. but Xoom, you are giving some of us blue balls... beer and pics of tanker porn lead to frustration and blindness.
  11. VERY good question, we found one tonight - just one on the whole map.. of course its 3 links from the Active AO. We found some Achilies and spawned them and shot the guns. Very nice.. but again, no where near the action AND then we logged like 5 of the 7 AEF on lol. We need more Brit Armor.. Do one French div and two BEF . Outside the uniform and a few small arms, the french ARE the americans by and large. The BEF has.. 3 fireflies total on the map? Tiger007 told us he actually has had 2 missions in one the turd... for me Im a m10 driver so I prefer the Achilles anyway but... mb Ill get to spawn one in anger Sunday. No luck at all today - very disappointing. I think you all need to check the Ammo type, its calling it APC ammo.. I want to know if this is the old APC we have had for ages on the 17pdr ATG or is this the APCBC? We should be able to punch through the Tigers frontal armor out to 2.5k with some to spare. I think during intermission the squad is going to do some field testing, Ill tell you haow it goes.
  12. The Brit armor has never looked as sexy as it does now...
  13. rear armor on the H is too thick. I get ATR kills on the 4 series from time to time, but I also get back over and squashed plenty of times also 8D
  14. I wanted shields on the SPAA and more ammo. The AA guns have two crew, this is problematic because iirc a functional bofors crew was four or mb six. One of those guys was a spotter. He directed the gunner to targets. In this game the gunner is also the spotter. Even the mle38 had a target spotter... mb that's what we call the commander. In game on discord my squad often tells me about incoming weather I see him or don't when I aa gun and it helps. I don't see why we don't put both options in the game, and forego any issues. IMO