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  1. The most awesome part for me was the Axis paradrops.. have not seen that many paras dropping down overhead since the day they where introduced. They where blinking in and out tripping the 128 limit - mind you we had 25 guys in that town. Paras where made extremely powerful used like that. Want more of that.. but next time from the allies.
  2. Refer you to my previous post above. Its hard to get spoiled on 1 weeks worth of tank superiority during a map that lasts 8-14 weeks on average.. There have been multiple complaints about the numbers of Matties avail - YEARS ago. The later concensus after the LAST matty number experiment by DOC with 3 was too much with the allies in agreement. The only matty number complaints I have seen recently are illustrative examples to help highlight the logic behind the Tiger numbers parity. Sure it would be NICE to have more matties, but there is no real reason to have more matties unless it can be shown that the current numbers are way out of wack vrs the Axis tank numbers. However there are more ways to skin that cat and one would be to up the A13 numbers.
  3. Its hard to get and stay spoiled for one weeks superiority out of 8-14 weeks of game play... but yes its the Matty, the beast that controls the map.
  4. Your argument only works if: 1. Allies are complaining that our better and best tanks suck regardless of the data on hand that says otherwise. 2. Demanding parity of our only Beast tank, the Matty, to equal numbers of 4Ds regardless of its superior performance on the Battlefield. 3. Demanding Matty number increases because hardly anyone gets to spawn them. 4. That the Matty remains dominant over all AFVs in the game for the duration of the Map. Its dominance lasts 7 days on average. Your allied superior argument falls on its face simply because the Allied tank superiority lasts just a FRACTION of the total of map time.
  5. Its not when your told that the Tigers numbers where upped because it "was not performing" as it did historically... and that the turret rotation speed was upped arbitruarly because it struggled against RPATs... meaning the turret could not turn fast enough to deal with a rushing RPAT to kill him. So when the reason is that it was not performing "historically", that is imputing historical tanking data on players actions and play style in a game. Its not like the average Allied tanker somehow is much better than the Axis tanker. However that aspect to being killed in a tank on the allied side was left out of the reasoning and equation. I'm fine with upping the Tiger numbers for ppl to play with them, however the thought process should have been extended across the board to the allied tanker also and the S76 numbers SHOULD have been increased also. Otherwise mb its just that the average Axis tanker does suck much more than the Allied tanker and therefore justified. As for the 4G, it does have a glass jaw. Not directing this at you Mo.. however its performance vrs its tiered counterpart is almost a 1:1 ration. They both effectively wipe each other out. Not so much when you look at the Cru3 and Ch3 stats... both those AFVs suffer to the 4g. So if you want to get the brass tacks about the 4G. It pretty much is a wash for T2 Gear, but overall its a BETTER performing AFV against the allied forces. Then there is the bonus effect of the StugG which out performs the Sherman 75 and M10 noticeably so. So I absolutely REJECT the claim that the 4G is a sucky weapon, its not. Its just NOT the Tiger or stugG. I think the Axis have gotten spoiled and seriously do not know how to handle not having the superior weapon system at their finger tips.
  6. Just FYI, Steam has 125 million active users. If we captured 10% WWIIOL is toast. There would be NO quick solution to handle the influx. 1% increase in active steam users would have fatal results. Prior to steam a hi pop heavy day we MIGHT have had 3-400 ppl on the map. I have been out of the game for a week now because out of town but the last time I played we had 4 AOs and the allied side had between 40 and 60 at three AOs with one with mb 80 with balanced sides. I extrapolate the population to have been around 500 or so off hand. No real numbers but it would be a pretty educated guess give or take 50. From what I also hear we are starting to get 5 AOs. IF we could keep what we have and mb double the numbers of active players ingame to 2k total we are close to the heaviest of days from days past. 3k players on the map would change the face of the game without anything added by the RATs. Put this into perspective IF we captured .005% of steam - not active players on the map but just players who down load and play from time to time, we would be adding 625k new players to the game. I'm no expert but if 10% of those players played at the same time - we would need 6 ww2ol independent game servers to handle the numbers. So what is the target number we are marketing too? Fractions of a percent in reality would be a fantastic result where a 1% could be catastrophic.
  7. The Stuka is getting the Bk37mm and IIRC the twin 81z tail gun. Not sure if they are going AP.40 or pzGr.39 yet. The Hurri2D is getting the 40mm Vickers S gun. Not sure if its the Mk1 or Mk2 or ammo type The Bell is getting the 37mm M4 Cannon IIRC. If its all just plain AP ammo - the Stuka will have the best anti armor round of the three followed closely by the H2D with the Bell lagging pretty far behind the pack. The H2D and Stuka having the most stabile gun platform, the bell will also suffer due to its stability issues at low speeds.. The bell will have to hit engine decks and low flanking hits to sides. I rather the Bell get HE for A2A and let the 2D do the ground work IMHO, though you never know in this game. Ppl can get real good and take risks you don't take in real war.
  8. Unfortunately this version was only in the PTO and only carried HE officially... officially. However my bosses dad flew them in the PTO and they had used AP unofficially out of them IIRC it complete screwed up the gun.. cant remember have to ask again. BTW the pilots did not like them and preferred the .50s in the nose.
  9. GTFO! seriously you have NO idea what your talking about. This game has gone further in the past year than it did in the past 6 combined. New content... Americans.. stare you in the face. New weapons and a absolutely one of the best audits on weapons in any game out there by Scotsman. This game has ALWAYS been a niche game - the largest genres out there all fall into shoebox shooters.. You cannot pack this game into a shoebox. Please. MB you should listen, sounds like you just like hearing yourself blather. Xoom and I have not always seen eye to eye and I have personally voiced my opinions with him. You know what, HE FKN called me personally on the phone to discuss. A personal phone call from this guy, a RAT, you call not listening. All this guy does is listen and engage, his lively hood relies on it. I'm not gonna be as kid gloves as Xoom.. but you are talking out your a$$. Don't like it -----> that's the way to the door and don't let it hit you in your [censored] on the way out.
  10. I'm not steam but had this happen Sunday, all sides locked for about 1 minute then opened up. I will say this was also a time of Allied overpop. Had a squaddie log in about the same time and said he had a 56 second time delay prior to selecting sides. However game SD was 23 seconds at the time on the allied side. I figured it was some sort of OP side balancing act with new patch.
  11. I described how the Pak36 can destroy the Mattys engine. I do not know of anything else it can do but double track it and get a technical kill both are very hard to do. The engine kill is literally point blank.. You might be able to do it from the rear but I have only seen it done for the flank.
  12. Wonder if his barrel had already taken damage. There is a minimum damage threshold before the barrel will start to accumulate damage. The Sherman 75 can do it in one shot close in. Anyway I was either unlucky or you where lucky.
  13. Yup for 10:30 PM last night to 3:15 AM we had no HC on. Almost 5 hours.
  14. doch, where have you been?
  15. Way back when we first heard of this, we got on the training server and shot the crap out of the Tiger with Pans. This was back when you could degun the Tiger with the Pan. We where able to kill the TC by shooting the coupela and we where able to degun and track it. This is prior to the audit on the track and barrel thresholds. Not once where we able to cause any damage what so ever to the engine or crew outside the TC. I keep hearing about how the Pan could kill it but I do not recall any audits that addressed any armor leak etc that might have been the cause. I'm not doubting you, just look at the CH3 and CH7 armor leaks. The good news is on RAT chat I discussed this with Xoom and they have found and isolated the armor leak and found another armor problem which I am unaware of what it was. They will be fixed FINALLY!!! @major0noobAs too the bofors degunning the Tiger, there was a time you could do it AND there was a time where the explosion sometimes clipped into ALL tanks and could explode them. We had a Tiger roll into the AB the last time we actually had a T3, me and 3 other bofors in the AB where blasting the hell out of it and I was laying my rounds on his barrel from about 15m, not a hard hit at all... I might have put 40 into the flank of the barrel. The Tiger had enough and backed out, then camped the AB gates until it was bombed and destroyed. I failed to degun it... and I was pretty sure you could do but If that didn't do it not so sure it can be done anymore.. for one I rarely used the bofors and two its even more rare for me to use the bofors when a Tiger enters an AB but at that time we where down to Stus and T0 armor while we waited to lib up our linking CP for new supply. Last stand stuff. Not saying you cant do, just saying that experience tends to lead me to think you cannot do it anymore.