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  1. Sorry did not mean to hijack the thread - but I think its important to have the forum to put forth the idea in a place I know is being looked at. The whole commentary in fact is full questions that should be addressed. Overstock and TBS had some great attributes.. however those very attributes also created some very very unbalanced and bad gameplay. Which I addressed in a way that could satisfy what I see as some very potential ways to screw up what CRS is doing with the hybrid system. It also places a solution that is a compromise for both the Brigade and TBS camps. Divisions would still be the hammer without being overshadowed by the TBS portion, and the TBS portion would still provide a way for overstocking and a end to out of control softcapping. I think the proposal would be a question of "CRS, what do you think?" and "Am I off my rocker with the proposal?"
  2. hmm.. wonder if we could give points for just dropping bombs on an AO'd town in addition to any kills.. Certainly will give ppl some effort points.
  3. Well, I think you bring up a great question (s). If I had it my way. 1. I do not think the supply supplement should be one way but both ways. 2. I would hope that you could supply an uberweapon to a garrison. Let me make a few points about this. Stocking a 4D into a garrison takes manual effort - the garrison would not have a resupply ticket for the 4D once the 4D is gone. To further that point - I don't want to see garrisons as mini-factories for uber weapons. Lets keep the uber weapons rare. Second point - I don't want to see garrisons easily becoming vastly superior to the brigade system portion of the hybrid. Not limiting tiered weapons and uber weapons and we might as well just drop the brigade system simply because you can potentially reverse the importance of the brigades as being a hammer. If you can potentially with ease start overstocking your rear supply with uber weapons from other rear garrisons you can amass a garrison with way more firepower than the front line brigade. However if you start manually stocking brigade armor into a garrison you have created a risk to the brigade for a period of time and it takes effort but with the risk there should be a reward. 3. Should there be a limit to overstock the brigade to the garrison, you said a limit like 2 for the 4D. TBH, I am not sure. With some items I would think yes... mb my bias shows a bit in this regard but I might put a limit on RPATS overstock all over regardless, and the uber weapons on a tier by tier basis - item by item. For instance in T-0 I would limit overstocking garrisons with the Matty, StugB and B1. However I am not so sure the 4D and PzF fall into that category as an uberweapon for T-0... but perhaps you are correct that there might need a emphasis to restrict the 4D, PzF, S35 also... MB even keeping the WC15 and Pz1Jr and even allowing a few 251's into T-0 in Brigades only as they are unique and only shared by 2 out of the 3 factions on the map. Again I am not sure.
  4. My only question / statement is that I would hope that garrisons do not contain top tiered equipment. I reallllly hope that garrisons would stay one tier behind the current RDP. The bad part about TBS centered around the ability to massively overstock top tiered equipment. My idea armor wise would be that garrisons should look like. T-0; R-35, Pan, H39 A13, Vickers 38T, Pz2, 232.... mb a few PZFs. T1: Added S35, B1 Matty PZF, StugB, P4D T2: Added (due to such a wide gap in T1-T2 RDP capabilities) Stu, and light on S75s and M10s More Matties, Cru2, and light on Cru3 CH3s PZH, and light on StugGs and P4Gs. T3: Added in majority numbers M10, S75 Cru3 and CH3 StugGs and P4Gs What I do not want to see is a massive top tier equipment and garrison overstocking that becomes more powerful than the Brigades in the hybrid system. I would want to see rare equipment be rare. Lets avoid Matty Maps and Tiger Maps. In light of seeing that garrisons can initiate AOs, it would be very fun especially in T0 to have garrison fights with H39s and 38ts.. a wienie tank battle and OMG can you imagine 50+ H39s or 38t armor columns to fight against 50+ other wienie tanks. That sounds very appealing to me.
  5. Unfortunately the game does not have ricochet function to take advantage of shot traps. The later Panther changed the design of the mantle to eliminate the shot trap. The game can do ricochet, It would be cool if they could limit it to 1 for cannot rounds, that would be a very cool visual and mb even get some secondary kills from it.
  6. Who knows but I know I will be busy overstocking personally. ATM with brigade warp overstock was a complete waist of time.. however with garrisons it wont be a waist of time because the supply will be static.
  7. Not sure If I would want to get to a T3 only when one side is down too the last 1/3rd of the map and their heals are on the doorstep of their factories just so we could see T3 gear... Then there is the possibility of hitting T-1 in the first few hours of the Map.. IE the trigger could be the Metz cut off... that is a big chunk of the opening map.
  8. Hmm.. I like the idea of the crew falling over with rag doll. There was a time when the rag doll effect entered where the concussive effect would toss infantry in the air and on the first day it entered I remember being outside our AB watching a stuka dive bomb the AB and a infantry guy got tossed on top of the AB wall doing the electric boogaloo. Was friggen hysterical. I think the effect was dropped because it was considered too graphic.. but you could toss your grenade and stand on it and it would blow you a few feet in the air.. enough to land you on the top of the tents.
  9. HE.. use HE. I have the same issue with the M10 APHE ammo vrs Paks. Using HE I often do not require a direct hit and even when I do get a hit they are more times than naught DRT. Also there is a visual indication the ATG is dead for the 57mm, Pak38 and heavier ATGs. There is a slight bounce it does when you kill the gun. However I would like to see the ATG get blown over, visually lose a wheel, gun barrel slump or something that can visually verify. I think the barrel slump will also help with death trigger.. the worst being the bofors. It still exists to an extent. EDIT: IIRC the problem with close in hits is that the round travels too fast for the clients packets to register the hit. The rounds have already passed by the time the packets are received resulting in dubious close in results of a kill. Something like that, I am sure more tech savvy ppl could explain it in greater detail and accuracy.
  10. I think garrisons should have tanks etc.. Not sure what the numbers are but Brady mentioned similar to the infantry brigades - I'm thinking that's probably a good tank supply. However I do stick to my opinion that there should be NO top tiered AFVs in any garrison. I think Tanks and ATGs etc should be in the garrison simply because I would love for overstocking to be what was a awesome attribute of the old days that was easy to do with effort without the overpowering effects multiplied by having the ability to overstock all the top tiered AFVs. That's IMO where the overstocking issue resided in particular with the Matildas, and Tigers when they entered at 5 per AB. The Matties where at 3 per AB in T0 and 5 per AB in T1. I played Axis prior too and when we had only one RDP.. Stus, Cru2s, and PzHs along with the 5 Matties and the overstocking of the Matties was insane. IN one town I was defending which was quite intense the majority of the allied tanks where Matties where I sapped 8 Matties in two missions inside our town... Then later we had overstocked 48 PzHs in one town alone which also had 99x 232s in it. The point being is that if we can overstock we need to have the ability to overstock only supply that is a tier behind the top tier so we don't get into the bad parts of overstocking. As an allied player I do not want to be defending against 60 Tigers and as an Axis player I don't think would want to be jumped by a hoard of 60 S76s. Matties, B1s, S76s, and Tigers where all pretty rare in the scheme of things too boot, they should remain rare in teirs they are relevant... Garissons should be stop gaps and support, not mini-factories of the uber weapons.
  11. The Sherman in this game is a better tank and I think what you need to examine is that the Sherman has a considerable better HE round - in light of the new HE, its faster though less armored and more maneuverable... plus the post penetration effects tend to be more generous. However I do like the 6pdrs ability to cut through where the 75 struggles. So in aggregate its a more well rounded AFV... mb it should be a Canadian RAM donno. OH and before I forget the 75mm will have access to different types of Ammo, more so than the 6pdr. I don't think the 6pdrs had HEAT for instance. The M10 is a good choice to also add and the BEF does lack a TD... and TBH, if Tigers do enter into T2 its going to be rather essential... the CH3 already gets pwned by the StugG.. adding a Tiger to the mix and its pure slaughter. IIRC the CH3 has a negative KD vrs the 4G historically. My only reservations about ALL of this is simply that by T2 - the divide between the allied forces is going to be rather muddied even more. So if the BEF does get a S75 I personally rather it be the RAM variant and the M10 or just M10s. As for Garrisons - IMHO NONE should have top tier tanks. I don't think that the garrison should EVER outmatch the Brigade. I would even go so far as to say in T-0 garrisons are 38ts, 2cs, and 232s.. H39s, R35s and Pans, A13s and Vickers. T-1 they have the StugBs, 3Fs and 4Ds, S35s and Chars, Matty. T2 - I think mb a small amount of 4Gs, Ch3s/Cru3s and S75s with primarily 3Hs, Stus and Matty/Cru2s/DAC. Simply because the divide between T-1 and T-2 firepower and armor is a giant step. T-3 S75s, M10s, CH3s/Cru3s, 4Gs and StugGs. All just a handful.. ZERO Tigers, Zero CH7s and Zero S76s after that, up and until we get our T4 equipment. What I do not want to happen is that the firepower of a garrison outmatches the Brigade system or that the garrison is specifically used to massively overstock top tiered AFVs into the Brigades. This will help limit rare supply and keep it rare. And yes the list is not exactly complete - for the up and coming PzJr1, or the current W15.. I was just outlining the idea and my thoughts.
  12. Yah rgr that, ty for the compliment. End of map, Axis where putting up a good fight did not see a need to camp any EFMS. I call it cutting, camping would be killing you as you spawn in. I think if the town was going down fast I might have done the camping thing to try and help get control, however we where libbing up. And lol the truck, had no idea it was a RPAT, I thought they where hot dropping for sap, I was unable to help them as they where in direct line with the FMS.
  13. I think once some of the new ammo types and new vehicles enter the game, it might survive moving some of the equipment to their respective timeline AS long as they are able to adjust the tier progression so we actually get to play with better equipment. I disagree with dropping the 17pdr. It is the BEFs only long range gun with some lethality. I really, really do not want to go back to fighting Tigers with the M10s exclusively, we have done that and it was a complete disaster. I could do a very limited T2 Tiger... however you said T2 having 2 Tiger per town.. and then in T3 putting the Tiger in similar numbers to the Matty - well that is 2. So tiger numbers would not change, the BEF would still have CH3s fighting Tigers in T3.. the CH7 is a T4 tank. So to put it all into perspective, what is the difference between what we have now and this senerio? The French stays the same for T2 and 3. The BEF T2 stays the same through T3 and the Tiger numbers stay the same from T2. What does change - The Tiger enters in T2, the BEF loses the 17pdr and you add a Sherman 75 to the BEF which is arguably better than the CH3 but you have to split the difference. In T-3 the BEF does not get to RDP the CH7, its a T4 tank. The French do not get to RDP the S76. The BEF and French lose their second SMG, the sten and grease gun. TBH, I understand the desire to make things more historically correct and I am not opposed to some of it... however the scenario you are proposing seems more like a drawn out T2.
  14. I think you cannot control population, I think spawn delay to the extreme .. like past 30 seconds is detrimental. IMHO the only thing that might work is move timers.. and the garrison. The hybrid system using the Brigades to move the map with AOs and garrisons to slow roles and provide manual resupply are a good direction.. the only variable would to slow the brigade move timers and ticket timer flow dynamically. Therefore nobody gets screwed into insane spawn delays and side locks and the OP side rear brigade movement slows down, frontline move timers slow down and ticket timers to flow into any new town slow up.
  15. bah... I crush him.. I crush him crush crush... crush.. .. .