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  1. AEF has seen some numbers as of late, had 26 on this past weekend. That's double the norm for a long time. I hope to expand soon, being picky on recruits but we are not far from running major ops. I think 10 more puts us back in the ballpark. When AEF formed we had an air wing, flak wing, small spec ops fb busting team, infantry team, and tanker force. I'm hoping in the next few months we will have enough to have dedicated inf and tanker squads. We will see. C5 is back and so is bar. Great inf leaders. Canukplf is a fantastic tank lead and we have had discord comes with dm79 who is back working with AEF, now if we can convince him to join we will have two excellent tank leaders. Jselic is back who has natural leadership skills. J, canukplf, and c5 all know the map and see two steps ahead. AEF. Has also had some great allied squads like the 7th and 4wing in communication with us recently. It is my goal to help them grow also. So if you are looking for a good allied squad who works well with others I can tell you any of these squads have great leadership and great guys. Nily you were with us in the beginning, come home and we can stop embarrassing each other with knives.
  2. Don't know, but I have seen 70-80mm. Not great unless it supersedes the ap ammo at range.
  3. the HEAT did about 70mm
  4. Well the apcbc ammo data was done per Scotsman, there was discussions about it along with 75mm Heat. It's not in game so I guess then why not. The firefly primary ap ammo was apcbc ammo, not apc. I thought we were going historic? The rest was was coming from the filling in missing gear which has been discussed during roadmap in the past... pointless? Really?
  5. I was wondering are there pics or info on the following as to where the stand in production or production schedule. 1. M1919 a6 2. US grenadier 3. US 60mm mortarmen - US did not use any other light mortar. 4. M48- I don't believe the US used the 25mm 5. GMC truck 6. GMC m16 7. US m3 light atg 8. 17pdr apcbc round 9. 75mm HEAT for shermans
  6. Apr 14 18:06 kchip (StuG III G)
  7. So..... I killed a stugG tonight with a 47mm... Is that a mistake? Stus and 47mm against StugGs? Friggen stugG was decimating our armor.
  8. My only concern are in the medium and heavy ATG arena. The rest, its a wait and see thing.
  9. I cannot even play, been trying all day.
  10. I watch trends all the time in the game on a lot of levels. I agree to a point, however to disqualify a person who is less experienced IE time in game or sortie from opinion is very presumptuous that they possibly cannot grasp the game as well as you in the time it took you too. I mean I can criticize a politicians performance without every have served in government or politics and be correct while others might give a pass due to nothing more than they are on his team. Would you not agree?
  11. As opossed to sitting 1400m overlooking an AB with 4 Tigers where nothing can really hurt them at that range sans the Firefly... but lets not be obtuse.. you all had 7 of them overlooking our town when we had only S75s to defend them last map. Dont you have some new hack to investigate? Seriously.
  12. hahahhaha YES YES we did.
  13. I joined 23rd after engine2 left. However served under pecks.
  14. No kidding, I remember Koenig when I was with BST and Okill and later the 3rd pz
  15. You can't place sandbags inside the AB veh.. you can block the veh but that's it. I personally don't have an issue with that, it does not cause a clipping problem... matter of fact EWS is a clue to ei presence. I have cut large city ABs with PPOs causing a delayed et response action in the area.. just one ei checking could have stopped it. Even this map I cut routes in those cities to prevent ETs from moving in.. ask dfire. He helped hold a factory a few weeks ago where I set up all kinds of PPOs. What's the difference between how close to and AB you set them? To me its tactics.