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  1. Was great to have him back in AEF kicking butt.
  2. Got on discord yesterday with no issues what so ever, worked perfectly. And no I had no Bluetooth devices near.
  3. Thought I posted this earlier... but mb I screwed up. On the 26th got discord running.. only issue was at times not hearing squaddies talking and sometimes they could not hear me. On the 27th I loaded up, found my headphones where broke so I put in a regular jack headphones so I could hear my squaddies but had no mic. However iTunes kept popping up and playing. This happened several times so I decided to quit out of discord and load up TS instead. ITunes stopped popping up and playing. What is going on? I'm on a Mac 27". Any clues?
  4. Sad News
  5. True but they where also saying what a PITA it was to get running.
  6. Would be cool to have the P40N with bombs and the 09 or 90 with bombs. Even by 43 the Spitfires had 3 hardpoints for a 500lb centerline bomb and 2x 250lb bombs under the wings.
  7. Lack of competition in this case seems more like a case of lack of balls. To hard to do.
  8. Subsonic munitions have very heavy bullets and low powder charge. The Swedish K smg was very popular to spec ops troops in Vietnam because they could be silenced and they had the subsonic swiss manufactured rounds to go along with them. Subsonic rounds do not make a snapping sound as they pass by you. The snap is due to the bullet breaking the sound barrier and subsonic rounds used for silenced weapons means that if you miss, they wont hear the round miss and not know they are being shot at. That way you can have a follow up shot.
  9. yup, even in a tank when I lose my turret crew, I spend time rolling around handing out intel of all the ebil germans positions.
  10. Would u consider this to be a major advantage or a small one?
  11. I probably will enter at some time but it is by far overkill at this point. I think you already stated that the 88 can kill just about everything at range outside mb the CH7. The Pak40 is very adept at this role also and is by far the most versatile T2 ATG in the game being the smallest atg with the second best round of the three. The Flak18 was primarily designed to be an AA gun, the flak36 was delivered with DF sites and AP and HE ammo from the beginning and used in that role as early as the Polish campaign. So it was designed as a multi purpose weapon - AA, Artillery and AT work. It also does not stick out like a sore thumb, put a monster gun shield on it and it will stick out like a sore thumb.
  12. Kinda like the Germans having the only armed and armored troop carrier.. would you not agree?
  13. What pittpete said, join a squad ASAP. Axis has a lot of great squads to join, they will drag u around and teach you the tips and tricks needed to find action and stay alive... that is unless AEF is around, then you will die a lot.
  14. The new town supply means there will be no such thing as limited with the overstock.
  15. No the problem with mounting a stug mg was that the crew member had to be tied to the gun as a unit which provided some serious issues with deploying and undeploying it because it has a hatch. Second was that the crew member was the loader which is tied to the main gun. So there was no way to separate the two. Third is that a discussed solution was to add 2x loaders because you can still shoot when they die but that brought up another issue which was that when the loader was using the MG, the main gunner could still fire the main gun. In reality you could not do that.. and if your loader dies then the logical outcome is that your lose the main gun also and it was a way to complicated to achieve. The only real and fair solution is to remodel all the tanks in a way that unties the gun unit from the crew member physically but make all loader kills render the gun useless. IMHO this is the way to go in the long run but fun factor, your gonna lose equipment at a faster pace.