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      With the anticipated influx of new players on the heels of this summer's Steam release, there is a reasonable expectation that forum traffic will increase. I'm looking for volunteers, not just to moderate, but to help answer new players' questions or direct them toward the correct answers. The forums may be a player's first contact with the game and we want to ensure that it is a positive experience. A happy player is a player who sticks around and the more new players we can retain, the more resources we will have for development.
      With that in mind, we are looking for current players with a positive attitude and posting history. PM me if you are interested.


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  1. Well as an aa gunner who loves the mle38, I only achieve more satisfaction hit per hit with the bofors. Naturally and the last he111 kill I had.... in recent memory it took 11 hits in total on 2 passes t kill him but he had already dropped all bombs. I just don't think personal experience is a good gauge. I have also flamed db7s with a single flak30 hit of he111 with a single 25mm hit. What I'm saying is it's hard to gauge, but I'm not in denial when it comes from th flak 30 delivering Knock out blow. It's anemic compared to the mle , no doubt. Now don't get me wrong, I would not push the subject if it was not for the FMS and tank busters unless the mle got ap rounds.
  2. Understood. Different game now from DOC, and I have great respect for him... I wish I could melt Xoom with doc for each other's strengths. We are getting ready to enter a totally different game. All that is entering is different. Matter of fact since the dev of the FMS I have personally spoken with the rats about my concern about the flak30 specifically.. even sent pms to then about the new tank busters and my concern about not adding the flak38. I have done that behind the scences. I have a strong opinion, I have voiced it with my concerns about fantasy rounds etc... I guess to you my argument about the the flak30 in context specifically with you is, if leathality balance is hidden within the flak30 performance.. please make the argument why it should not be addressed or what changes should be relevant within the context you proposed? To me in context of the games advancement it requires a lethality adjustment... please convince me otherwise. So far your argument is old school and not relevant to the game today and realized future.
  3. They can fix it, the 25mm jumps mb half that of the flak30, the orlikon barley climb. Even the single 20 on the fam, holds true.
  4. The ne 25mm is worth 2.5 20mm hits, witch is pretty consistent toward ac damage.
  5. You are not reading well or comprehending what I am saying. The flak38 without a fix on the climb will make it a lighting rod planted firmly at the RATS feet. Being that I have almost 100k kills in this game and very familiar with the history of change an the nuances of partial fixes that tend to be very detrimental as a whole. I can promise you a faster bouncing barrel will not take advantage of the it's increased ROF. It will bring down a shat storm and a failed intrance. Not once did I say don't do it... just do it right. That way people are more confident in CRS ability to deliver well designed content. You know sometimes the motivation of criticism is well outside the scope of people with bias blinders all and see a bigger picture. I can't help those who can't pull those off.... hopefully this helps you. If not, I know there are many who are and understand my POV.
  6. wow... I cant tell what type of rounds are hitting me 95% of the time when I fly. I thought I got shot down by a 109F4 by the short rattling bang and flames to find out it was MS3 in a E1... Actually the only time I know whats hitting me was back flying Axis in T0... I knew it was MGs cause I could hear the Spit or a Hawk cause I could hear the H75 engine... I knew they only had pew pews. Or ai MG fire. As a allied pilot its AI mg or stuka. If I have no vis on heavier AA I cant really tell if its a bofor or 20mm. Sometimes I lose the plane to a single hit from either one or sometimes its a few more. I remember flying a spit 9 and taking 4 bofor hits while trying to straff him and only losing my propeller.. with a little control issues. I would have ditched safely if it was not for that sarlac but for me, it seems like I'm flying match box. I see the videos of planes taking many many hits but I'm never the one who does not lose control surfaces or gets blown away.
  7. They shed the rain guard 4 years ago or so. Have no idea why the flak30 has barrel climb or what went wrong but I remember DOC saying at one point it would need a complete rework to get rid of it... years ago when I played Axis. The problem with changing the ROF without dealing with the barrel climb is that the flak30 barrel climb already is extreme. It lends itself beneficial to a narrow window for targets which are incoming AC forward of the gun position.. anything that are flying horizontal or escaping are very difficult to track. IF the ROF is increased without getting rid of the climb, it will be near impossible to track EA let alone getting more rounds on target when you do hit. Think the first run of the Grease Gun... all barrel no target.
  8. Not like we see in game... gun barrels can flex while firing especially with larger calibres with longer barrels but that happens at the at the barrel (dispersion), not at the site picture. None of the 20-25mm class AA guns have a simple blowback recoil system, they all are on a blowback spring recoil which directs the energy toward the mount which is forward of center at a low center of gravity which stabilizes the gun even more. The exception would be the Orlikon which has a solid Naval mount and an exceptional spring recoil system that even the gunner feels little of the effect. To get barrel climb the recoil energy has to be greater than the center of gravity (simplistic). Recoil springs reduce the recoil energy or nearly eliminates it combined with the weight of the mount it does not move. That is why you see the gun mount as low as you do, using the ground to absorb energy also. The designs paid close attention to make the mount as stabile as possible.
  9. So.. 66% more is about right?
  10. yup, the recoil is toward the gunner via recoil springs... not up.
  11. The E1 and Hawk81 come apart easy with a bofor round. When I use the MLE38 I can pretty much tell if I hit a E1.
  12. They GOT TO get rid of that barrel climb, there is absolutely no reason for any barrel climb on any of the light medium deployable AA guns. If they just UP the ROF on the flak30 to be a flak38, they wont hit jacksh!t cause the barrel will recoil over their heads and into the loaders butt causing a jam
  13. Wait... we have 66% more semis and still not doing as good as the axis semi? NEED MORE Allied semis.
  14. Flak 30 vrs mle38 2pdr vrs 88 bren vrs mg34 plz just stop with the whoa is me. Certainl the flak30 could have an upgrade, but so could both sides. The upgrades can be difficult but options are available. flak 38 3.7" HAA brit vickers. all in time.