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  1. Not opposed to no attack spawn. However the game is not ready for that imho. First there is a ton of fun trying to recapture or hold a spawn. First and foremost you have to weigh that factor and make damn sure what we have will be equally as fun and challenging. Second, we only have a few high pop hours that can sustain the possibility of having a area control attacking a town. Otherwise one side has to have not just a higher pop but more vets who can hold captured flags. The whole game dynamic would have to be fundamentally changed. Closer FMS, no ews, mb a recap timer count down similar to AB capture, not sure. What the game boiled down then would be simple interdiction and FMS hunting/camping. The ability to hold what you cap becomes very difficult.
  2. I love the garrison. Before the op side would make a hole and run through a whole bunch of empty towns while the underpopped side, often with no HC on would just logged out. Nothing really to fight for, could not attack, could not defend. Now i I can say, even though we have been underpop, there are times when we do stop or slow down momentum. Losing towns is no big deal, losing towns without the actual ability to put up some kind of defense really sucked the fun out. I see more allied players on in low pop. Instead of 2-3 we usually have 8 or so.
  3. Im gonna make a sammich bar and beer hall.
  4. Lol, I have been known to travel long distances for some to kill a tiger.
  5. I’m gonna so build the crap out of these things.
  6. I think these are awesome
  7. The traditional sniper of ww2 wore standard uniforms. Yes they did use camouflage, in field situations but In game we have a avatar. That aviator cannot say, hey I’m in the bushes or in a building. Can you imagine a bush figure in a building? Talk about painting a red flag on them. So.... while I have seen guille suits from ww2, they are far far from the norm. TBH. I have seen two examples of guille suit like camp, US sniper in the PTO from late 43 and a Japanese guille suit like contraption from 42 used IIRC in Burma. I have never seen a ETO sniper camouflage uniform including guille suite. British, US, and German sniper kits I have seen were always standard combat uniforms. Camo was usually garnered from natural surroundings but zero special camo uniforms.
  8. Im sure you guys will do a great job in the town. Several of my fun infantry fight memories is in Verdun. EAB has always needed a rework. It is sitting in a fish bowl pretty much isolated, kinda like Longwy EAB, but at least Longwy EAB hills are pretty much in lethal range for the defense. Its not a easy hill camp without serious effort , numbers and coordination to keep it. My immediate reaction to Verdun EAB dropping the walls widened my eyes a bit. When the Allies are taking the town, the AB is a pretty easy camp from the RR station IF you can get across.. When the Axis are taking it, with 88 gun cover or similar, the East side is almost impossible to get armor out. Bottom line ATM it is MUCH easier to take Verdun from the East, than from the West. Not saying its a easy town for anyone mind you. Sounds like Verdun is going to go from a fun town to a Epic town to fight in. BTW Have you all ever thought of adding roads that dead end at locations that are not links? I can see several areas where road tiles to location like ruins etc or Verdun Abby.. hint hint. MB even cart paths.. dirt or gravel?
  9. If I am invisioning correctly the changes already look to have hardened the area. As long as EAB has reasonable protections from the current long distance camp issue. The hill spawn brings that area into a battle royal. I’m interested to which spawn link it is going to be connected to. It is a fun city to defend in a infantry fight.
  10. This sounds very appealing and interesting... with one mmm not so sure.. If you are removing the walls of the AB are you or have you placed buildings on the E side of the VEH? Even with walls its difficult to spawn armor with 88s in the hills. There is very little manuevering room. Likewise adding the buildings near the inf spawns adds the protection needed not just for the inf, but to the VEH when the Allies get tanks across to the RR station. TBH, the EAB should get a series of buildings on the E/W and S sides if we are looking for a more interesting E side fight then what we have already.
  11. Excellent, let me put on my Wizard hat....
  12. The only thing they need to put back into the game is the Brit HEAT grenadier. For those unfamiliar, the walkable fru literally single handily destroyed the ZOC and everything associated with it. Having a inf walk out, sneak into the ZOC with a insta-inf brigade, sapping tanks, killing the aa and atg and dropping our FRUs. Just took one guy and it ruined all efforts to try and set up an attack.
  13. I didn’t mind the rifle so much, but I would not have put the walkable FMS back anyway. Still have had issues of them popping up behind our ATG line and picking them off.
  14. He admitted it because a RAT pulled the FMS... thats not admitting to anything. Thats a "oh it was accidental" after the fact. Second the guys defending the FB and getting killed had the names of the ppl spawning inside the inf spawn.. hardly a secret. Third, 28 SD gives the ML plenty of time to delete the FMS.
  15. No, it still doesn’t make sense as to how you thought you were next to the inf spawn without the map being open. All preset fb runs, even to ones I am very familiar with I have my map open to make sure I’m close. Part of that especially ones I’m familiar with is to make sure I don’t set inside the spawn. Matter of fact I don’t want to be so close that any defense is immediately on the FMS or that the guys spawning in don’t use it to jump the boxes and sit on the tents inside the spawn for double damage and kill guys leaving the center tent. I don’t like that when it happens to me, I don’t want my guys doing it.