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  1. AEF has seen some numbers as of late, had 26 on this past weekend. That's double the norm for a long time. I hope to expand soon, being picky on recruits but we are not far from running major ops. I think 10 more puts us back in the ballpark. When AEF formed we had an air wing, flak wing, small spec ops fb busting team, infantry team, and tanker force. I'm hoping in the next few months we will have enough to have dedicated inf and tanker squads. We will see. C5 is back and so is bar. Great inf leaders. Canukplf is a fantastic tank lead and we have had discord comes with dm79 who is back working with AEF, now if we can convince him to join we will have two excellent tank leaders. Jselic is back who has natural leadership skills. J, canukplf, and c5 all know the map and see two steps ahead. AEF. Has also had some great allied squads like the 7th and 4wing in communication with us recently. It is my goal to help them grow also. So if you are looking for a good allied squad who works well with others I can tell you any of these squads have great leadership and great guys. Nily you were with us in the beginning, come home and we can stop embarrassing each other with knives.
  2. I was wondering are there pics or info on the following as to where the stand in production or production schedule. 1. M1919 a6 2. US grenadier 3. US 60mm mortarmen - US did not use any other light mortar. 4. M48- I don't believe the US used the 25mm 5. GMC truck 6. GMC m16 7. US m3 light atg 8. 17pdr apcbc round 9. 75mm HEAT for shermans
  3. Don't know, but I have seen 70-80mm. Not great unless it supersedes the ap ammo at range.
  4. the HEAT did about 70mm
  5. Well the apcbc ammo data was done per Scotsman, there was discussions about it along with 75mm Heat. It's not in game so I guess then why not. The firefly primary ap ammo was apcbc ammo, not apc. I thought we were going historic? The rest was was coming from the filling in missing gear which has been discussed during roadmap in the past... pointless? Really?
  6. Apr 14 18:06 kchip (StuG III G)
  7. So..... I killed a stugG tonight with a 47mm... Is that a mistake? Stus and 47mm against StugGs? Friggen stugG was decimating our armor.
  8. My only concern are in the medium and heavy ATG arena. The rest, its a wait and see thing.
  9. I cannot even play, been trying all day.
  10. I watch trends all the time in the game on a lot of levels. I agree to a point, however to disqualify a person who is less experienced IE time in game or sortie from opinion is very presumptuous that they possibly cannot grasp the game as well as you in the time it took you too. I mean I can criticize a politicians performance without every have served in government or politics and be correct while others might give a pass due to nothing more than they are on his team. Would you not agree?
  11. As opossed to sitting 1400m overlooking an AB with 4 Tigers where nothing can really hurt them at that range sans the Firefly... but lets not be obtuse.. you all had 7 of them overlooking our town when we had only S75s to defend them last map. Dont you have some new hack to investigate? Seriously.
  12. hahahhaha YES YES we did.
  13. I joined 23rd after engine2 left. However served under pecks.
  14. No kidding, I remember Koenig when I was with BST and Okill and later the 3rd pz
  15. You can't place sandbags inside the AB veh.. you can block the veh but that's it. I personally don't have an issue with that, it does not cause a clipping problem... matter of fact EWS is a clue to ei presence. I have cut large city ABs with PPOs causing a delayed et response action in the area.. just one ei checking could have stopped it. Even this map I cut routes in those cities to prevent ETs from moving in.. ask dfire. He helped hold a factory a few weeks ago where I set up all kinds of PPOs. What's the difference between how close to and AB you set them? To me its tactics.
  16. LMAO..
  17. The issue is specific to placing PPOs in the FB footprint prior to the FB popping up. When someone spawns in they are immediately clipped into the PPOs preventing them from moving. I don't care if they surround the footprint with them or blocking ABs. Those can be blown by a simple riffle man, you are not impeding their ability via clipping in the actual spawn area.
  18. That would be cool especially with the implied Russian forces
  19. Haha, like having 42 North Africa tigers in France?
  20. More fireflies the better, besides 5 us1 French and 4 U.K.. should be viewed more as 6 framericans, 4 U.K.
  21. After a hard fought defense from coming back from one AB and pushing back to the FB... bout an hour fight around the FB winning it. Rushed to our FB because of a possible precamp to spawn in infantry... it immediately was taking damage and spawned right into barbed wire fence stuck while ei blew it back. I despawned to grab a tank, but the FB was blown before I could respawn as a tank and rake the inf spawn. There is a difference between blocking or surrounding the FB.. a pita sure, but where you spawn? I thought they got rid of that ability. @OHM. It was the long barbed wire fence. I guess mb I should have said something bout it tbh, I didn't have the energy after the a series of losing towns prior... which btw they came back about an hour later and took the town.. my eyes glaze over.
  22. The Modello is a great smg, I see no reason why it should be "fixed", I dont know what is wrong with it. Its the best (ATM) long range smg in the game, followed very closely by the Grease gun. The funny thing is that once the smg audits the mp34 should be the very best long ranged smg in the game. We will see. I also love the Sten, its the allied MP40. I find very little difference between the two. The Thompson will still hold king smg for depot clearing. IMO, I like each SMG for what they are.. while many dont like the Mas38, I love that little smg and will like it even more once the audit is in being it should have little recoil and IF all the smgs get their barrel flash reduced and not spitting flames I think the opinion of the MAS38 will change. Personally, I like the proposed solutions and I would hope to see at some point the animation change for running with them for immersion so the LMGs on the run show the avatar using the carry handles.
  23. 1. Was I mistaken when the new TO&E entered... did I see fg42s in the regular infantry? They should only be in the para brigs only. 2. During intermission, it seems as if the 17pdr is still shooting the APC round. What is the ETA on fixing? Not a rush, I don't expect to see the firefly or Achilles soon or often but by the off chance we do get to play with them sooner than later, it would be nice to have that historic and correct ammo. I should not be struggling to kill a tiger at 1600 frontally at all. It should be able to produce 2800m frontal kills. 3. ATR killing A13s still in the same spots they always have.. they have spaced armor, some of those kill spots should be gone. I guess the armor audit has yet to touch the cruisers? 4. In regard to the cruiser tanks. Will the spaced armor on those effect the HEAT projectile performance? My cru3 sorties in intermission got raped by shrecks.. out of depots frontally.. this is a honest question. What should I expect? 5. The skirts on the BEF tanks, are they configured to have any defensive purposes? Or are the in reality of zero defensive purpose? I genuinely don't know? 6. The baby Sherman HEAT round.. I know it's been done via Scotsman... but do we have an eta before it's in the game? Especially since we have to contend with tigers in t2 with baby shermans. I'm pretty sure that HEAT round will be dangerous to the tiger but I could be mistaken, but not the StugGs. 7. I pointed this out with the ch4 CS tank and I see the issue was passed onto the ch8 CS. The site cannot be adjusted for range... certainly they where able to dial in the range right? I have pointed this out 2x in the bug forums with zero response. Do they, or don't they have dialed range settings? 8. Smoke rounds.. are they really that short ranged? In all of the shermans I have to aim so high I lose the target if they are past mb 1k? What are we to expect in reality? I actually got some smoke out to about 1400m but I was aiming at the treetops next to me.
  24. LOL I never said it could not carry it, but by the few things I have read in the past few years have stated that the Firefly never carried the APC in combat as it was obsolete to the APCBC round by the time the Firefly entered the war. I would be surprised if the firefly actually fired the APC round in training either. Ill stick to that assesment until you tell me different. The current APC is a mark better that what we had but all things being equal, there is zero reason why we should not have the most common AT round the Achilles and Firefly carried. Yes? TBH, I am unsure why it was not in the TO&E as it is. I raised this point years ago about the the 17pdr atg when the 88 got the pzGr39 round. The allies should NEVER had to struggle killing Tigers at 1.5k with it period. If we get a mix, im fine with that. I like having choices. That being said, the allies dont look like we will get to play with the firefly or S76 except for intermission or every 3rd of 4th map when the Axis squad switch sides again. So its not going to make much of an impact until T3.5 which was rare anyway prior to this. Its pretty disheartening to not get anything new and effective until then.... or a new unit that improves the situation. Now so I dont sound like a total debby downer, the BEF tanking experience in T2 with the sherman 75 and T3 witht he M10 had greatly improved the experience. Also, do you know if the Churchill CS tanks had adjustable sites for the guns? Both the CS tanks dont have them.. and what about the smoke round, what can I expect? I cant get the round to land where I am aiming, IF I aim at 1k, it lands at 500m. IF I try and aim at 1500m (S76 and Firefly) I have to litterally fire over the trees and my target is not even in my sites by then. The best range I have gotten using it is 1400m... possibly less. I thought the smoke was supposed to reach out and blind the Tigers at 2k. what is the deal?
  25. well the pak38 sure made a good work out of my Matty tonight... and we get the 57mm when now? The stu when? Cru3? We went to the historical tiers. I dont like it as much as you do as I prefer some warpage for a more even playing field. However all things being equal, its not that we should not have what is also historical at our fingertips also. Yes?