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  1. 1. Was I mistaken when the new TO&E entered... did I see fg42s in the regular infantry? They should only be in the para brigs only. 2. During intermission, it seems as if the 17pdr is still shooting the APC round. What is the ETA on fixing? Not a rush, I don't expect to see the firefly or Achilles soon or often but by the off chance we do get to play with them sooner than later, it would be nice to have that historic and correct ammo. I should not be struggling to kill a tiger at 1600 frontally at all. It should be able to produce 2800m frontal kills. 3. ATR killing A13s still in the same spots they always have.. they have spaced armor, some of those kill spots should be gone. I guess the armor audit has yet to touch the cruisers? 4. In regard to the cruiser tanks. Will the spaced armor on those effect the HEAT projectile performance? My cru3 sorties in intermission got raped by shrecks.. out of depots frontally.. this is a honest question. What should I expect? 5. The skirts on the BEF tanks, are they configured to have any defensive purposes? Or are the in reality of zero defensive purpose? I genuinely don't know? 6. The baby Sherman HEAT round.. I know it's been done via Scotsman... but do we have an eta before it's in the game? Especially since we have to contend with tigers in t2 with baby shermans. I'm pretty sure that HEAT round will be dangerous to the tiger but I could be mistaken, but not the StugGs. 7. I pointed this out with the ch4 CS tank and I see the issue was passed onto the ch8 CS. The site cannot be adjusted for range... certainly they where able to dial in the range right? I have pointed this out 2x in the bug forums with zero response. Do they, or don't they have dialed range settings? 8. Smoke rounds.. are they really that short ranged? In all of the shermans I have to aim so high I lose the target if they are past mb 1k? What are we to expect in reality? I actually got some smoke out to about 1400m but I was aiming at the treetops next to me.
  2. LOL I never said it could not carry it, but by the few things I have read in the past few years have stated that the Firefly never carried the APC in combat as it was obsolete to the APCBC round by the time the Firefly entered the war. I would be surprised if the firefly actually fired the APC round in training either. Ill stick to that assesment until you tell me different. The current APC is a mark better that what we had but all things being equal, there is zero reason why we should not have the most common AT round the Achilles and Firefly carried. Yes? TBH, I am unsure why it was not in the TO&E as it is. I raised this point years ago about the the 17pdr atg when the 88 got the pzGr39 round. The allies should NEVER had to struggle killing Tigers at 1.5k with it period. If we get a mix, im fine with that. I like having choices. That being said, the allies dont look like we will get to play with the firefly or S76 except for intermission or every 3rd of 4th map when the Axis squad switch sides again. So its not going to make much of an impact until T3.5 which was rare anyway prior to this. Its pretty disheartening to not get anything new and effective until then.... or a new unit that improves the situation. Now so I dont sound like a total debby downer, the BEF tanking experience in T2 with the sherman 75 and T3 witht he M10 had greatly improved the experience. Also, do you know if the Churchill CS tanks had adjustable sites for the guns? Both the CS tanks dont have them.. and what about the smoke round, what can I expect? I cant get the round to land where I am aiming, IF I aim at 1k, it lands at 500m. IF I try and aim at 1500m (S76 and Firefly) I have to litterally fire over the trees and my target is not even in my sites by then. The best range I have gotten using it is 1400m... possibly less. I thought the smoke was supposed to reach out and blind the Tigers at 2k. what is the deal?
  3. well the pak38 sure made a good work out of my Matty tonight... and we get the 57mm when now? The stu when? Cru3? We went to the historical tiers. I dont like it as much as you do as I prefer some warpage for a more even playing field. However all things being equal, its not that we should not have what is also historical at our fingertips also. Yes?
  4. Well the whole point is that with the move to the historical date entrances and all the historical ammo etc being the direction there are some things that are not in the game. The Greese gun being pushed back to its historical teirs along with the S76 etc which ONLY really hit the Alllies negatively outside the FG42 going back to being a para only unit. So I the thing is, the baby sherman carried 75mm heat. It was not extraordinarily good HEAT but it was good enough for what we face in the game. The Ammo data was done and ATM the BEF CS tank has HEAT now but no way to dial in a range setting making it in reality useless with the exception of point blank. That being said the last time I actually used the CH4 HEAT to the flank of a P4G, I got nothing except a smoking engine. So its not about destroying any Axis advantage but it closes the distance between baby shermans and Tigers if that was ever a worry for the Axis. So I laugh at the complaint about having baby shermans that can actually kill tigers now outside of 800m. OH the irony. Im not even sure the HEAT will go through the frontal armor of the Tiger.. It think IIRC it was something like 110mm but I am unsure. As for the 17pdr.. the Achillies and FireFly or the current configuration of the ATG never fired APC ammo which ever in anger.. The firefly probably never loaded APC rounds into it barrel even for training. The 17pdr APC we have now is better than the earlier 17pdr APC the game carried. The allies 17pdr ammo the game had was modelled after the rarest and earliest 17pdr APC ever created, even the APC ammo we have now was pretty rare. The only BEF 17pdrs ever to fire the APC ammo was the Pheasant and Archer. SO its is not historical to have ANY APC ammo in any of the current BEF 17pdrs. The 2800m mark for the APCBC ammo I cherry picked.. IF I hit the glacious at 2800m, I have plenty room to make up for angle to get through. Now IF I could hit you at 3K frontally, I could potentially one shot the Tiger frontally at 3k but there is little room for angle. THAT being said, trying to hit anything at 2k and beyond is a waist of ammo and its not LIKE the tiger cannot kill my Sherman over 2k atm as it is. IT just means the Tiger is not going to be safe rolling up and waiting for the Allies to try and flank. The Tiger driver is needing to play the game smart.. right.. eh. No, everyone is going to need to play smart.
  5. That is awesome.. mb some towed versions as well? LOL biggles, I dream of the quad .50s. the M45 towed and on the GMC halftrack. Could get a halftrack and a SPAA with that one.
  6. goes for berms too.. you litterally need near flat terrain. The New FMS offset from uneven terrain will prevent deployment. I used to put my FMS in between two berms under the trees to act as a flank shield without having to build up the defenses much but you cant do that now.
  7. very shallow slope in my experience now. They had to adjust the placement because the FMS does not conform to the slope and was allowing campers to sit and shoot under the FMS. Its tough if you want a FMS on the rear slope.
  8. Thank you BMBM. Look forward to the rest of the answers.
  9. Let's caviat this to say in the past two years the allies win... when axis squads go allied. That's about every third or fourth axis win in a row generally speaking. So yes both sides do win... ::sigh::.
  10. when rdp flips, if that item was available at that date it's eligible to enter the game. Cool, until you realize you are fighting PzHs with s35s, and ch3 against tigers.
  11. Well, we can start by dropping the strict date entrances. I don't mind the differentiation in brigades, but I warned if you went strict date entry the allied player base would walk. I don't think we are shocked to see the outcome of the auto disparity.. Just saying... it is not rocket science. TBH, I think the outlook for the allies repairing to the point of being able to keep our numbers and win without sideswitchers is far down the road. I really do appreciate those ppl and squads that do switch up and enjoy fighting alongside them. I wish that was not needed. The whole strict date entrance thing has not met its time. Not till we have good numbers and can keep them, then baby steps. Keep the differences in brigs, but tbh, there might need some fluff. Limiting all the good armor in just armor brigs cut all good armor by 2/3rds coverage. Otherwise mb just get rid of any AT capabilities in the infantry support tanks, or extremely limit the AP or HEAT. I don't know the answer. But tankers want to tank, and infantry want to have a fighting chance with similar capabilities.
  12. Well yes, my squad did while canukplf cut with a r35. We were successful in getting.. it's the clearing and holding that's hard. Once the stug destroyed the r35s... it was a matter of time. certainly population has a lot to do with amplified experience. That being said, I played quite a bit of BEF prior to adding the M1s. The Axis still ate through our infantry supply big time, and that was during high pop and even with being over pop. There is a reason why the BEF has the M1 in supply now. So, while I believe there are many factors involved, we do know that regardless of pop, the autos and semi autos do play a good part in over powering sides with fewer to none like the BEF.
  13. While I am on the fence with the idea.. please keep in mind, tanks dont cap cps, infantry do. Though tanks help and can make the difference.. nope. I challenge matamor about ppl not logging in.. no I disagree with his assesment it was 24 hours but he is correct. Vets log in and log out on the allied side. I am sorry but imballance does not make good game play. I Yelled from the roof tops about it prior to this little experiment, but now after tonight, serious damage is being handed out. There was a time where the allies spawned in and could win a map with out Axis sideswitching... 2 years now and the map only swings when the Axis squads switch sides. Infantry cap, tanks dont.. and TBH I can count on my hands and toes for the first time how many guys logged out tonight because they had to defend spawns with rifflmen vrs SMGs and LMGs. Open your eyes and get a clue, imbalance does not work. It does not for the alllies now and wont for the Axis IF there is such a thing of imballance there and it by far will not work when the last RDP happens.
  14. Wow.. um.. My underlying objection probably is better suited to addressing the extreme nature of infantry class disparities all at once. I think as the map moves and the disparity closes in, we will run into it again but flipped in the US favor. While part of me says, let's do it simply because some of the comments about how it's not really a big deal as we are witnessing.. without the population the im not sure that can be illustrated. Never the less the potential negative effects of it are there. My original post is not that I logged in frustration, but because I had not seen vets say screw this and log very often. It was primarily because I did not believe matamors allegations. The fact is I heard 12 or more vets say this over a four hour period. Dre mentioned nouvion. I was there, even killed a bunker capper with a riffle. He mentioned all the r35s out... it's what we had. It was being used for what it was designed for as a infantry support tank. And because guys were saying over chat, I'm grabbing a tank, I keep getting mowed down. We were overwhelmed and when the stugB was heard the atgs went like fire crackers out of the supply pool and died. I was only able to spawn grenadiers and riflemen. Many of the guys sat back to snipe, and stopped trying to take caps back because soon as they entered the got mg34 rounds in them and even if they killed the guy, more autos whipped them out. The infantry supply was going very fast and guys figured I can kill something if I don't enter the cp and hopefully kill more than they can. The majority of our squad left to get in front of another axis attack before the end, I left when my depot was down to atrs. That was mb 45 minutes, that's how fast it went. Ill play with these tough conditions, but that's me. Others don't and won't, but I can say over the past two years my motivation is often tempered with my previous experience. Some of these vets are just tired of living in a underpop, outraged, out armored and outgun existence... And though I believe great strides have solved those issues and I am very happy with it, IF WE GET TO T3.5. Going straight into a extreme TO&E that introduces serious balance in supply numbers issues that hit at the core of the games objective. The flag building... its like cold water in the face after what has been a rare win as of lately, to just more of the same. The allies need to build and mend what has been broken for so long.. introducing the catalyst back, so soon and so extreme does nobody good. Baby steps, not rope swings.
  15. yes the B1 Bis should be in the infantry units, im interested in why you say armored divisions. Its my understanding it was a infantry support tank.
  16. Name them please.
  17. You won't see much of that while the brigade system is in place. 1. Often the armored is occupying a frontline town... tho I did see quite a bit of guys in the dinant battle driving in from Flavion. However because we were underpop, they almost drained it. So we had to pull everything off the frontline to the bottleneck. 2. HQ is the fallback position which usually means the brig that fell back is attritted and only the HQ armor is available. During the dinant attack, we did not want to drain that supply due to both the drained armor brig and inf brig. you won't see ppl pulling up supply till the hybrid is in place.
  18. Lol, it's not rage quit, it's primarily that the axis pb that played allied last map went home this map. From the opening of the campaign the allies have had the lions share of being under pop. While I agree we need to test the new TO&E, it's unfortunate that the allies really needed to heal and grow thier numbers back before the testing. I'm sorry to say but the past year and a half a ton of damage was done... tho I'm optimistic those issues are changing and will bring guys back, the monkeying around creating imbalances with different brigade structures might come off to those guys returning as just another version of the same. I'm not criticizing, just ... explaining. The pendulum need not swing so widely.
  19. Agree also. I find the brig system new and different in reserved good way, but the lack of armor is a downer especially since the good armor support has been cut by 2/3rds coverage. I rather all the heavy support armor be eliminated and a heavier supply of 38ts, h39s and a13s be the best available from the start.
  20. I second that, it is extremely well done.
  21. I found the firefly to be an excellent tank due to its firepower. I actually got a 1.4k off angle kill on a tiger. I think it's the best well rounded tank in the game.. but the tiger still holds the top slot IMHO. It was intermission so tbh that's not an acid test. I still lost my firefly to tigers at 2k. Gorblimey did get a frontal kill he reported at 2k. The best I managed was in the Achilles at 1.6k frontally. The biggest draw back I found was shooting tigers below 6-700m. I could at times see my round hit them and the go though them impacting the ground behind them. Was taking me 8 or 9 extra shots to finish them off. I could not flame or explode them, I had to get gunner kills. This was consistent. Around 800 off angle hits would result in a flame or explosion. 1k frontal hit usually took 2-3, but sometimes . The safe range was about 1200-1400m for a desired one hit kill. now I will say the HE on it rocks. At 2k duals I used HE because I could track the tigers if the guy did not land a solid hit on me first. I also lost a dual with a stugG at 1.8-2k. I landed several good hits and took a few myself, till I lost my gunner. There is a bit of quality with better armor. until the 17pdr ammo gets corrected.. which when it does, then I think quite possibly might take top seat till the panther arrives. The ammo will slightly penetrate the L70 past 2.2k which with the low ap ammo count really stretches the practical distance to get a hit. I was 1:4 hits at about 1.5k or so.
  22. The APC ammo is the primary ammo for the Pheasant ATG and Archer TD for their date of entrance.. IF they are on the TDL..
  23. Awesome!
  24. Well just so you know, that is great news the "APC" ammo performs better than it did with the 17pdr.. BUT its just as important the AMMO is the correct ammo right? The Achilles, Firefly and current configuration of the the 17pdr ATG NEVER fired the APC ammo in combat and I would dare to say that the Achillies or firefly probably never had and APC ammo stuff in its ammo bins and racks ever either. They all carried APCBC ammo... now if you all want to put in a early Pheasant 17pdr then the APC ammo would be correct ammo. All things being equal.
  25. Well like I said before, this is my opinion.. I know the infantry seems lacking tho I do like the sten gun and dont mind the BEF infantry kit since we have some semi autos now.. Some ppl only play infantry and dont want any business with the BEF infantry kit. SO yah I can admit that.. I just want my Achilles action.. I want to see a Tiger at 1600m and smoke him.. thats like boner territory here.