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  1. title says it all im not sure if i sent that kind of message before but now i sent it so go check it and i would like to get message back too
  2. hahaha yeah, it might have some work to do, but hope it will happen some day
  3. well, you can ask for joining some squads ingame or in the forums, then they invite you and you accept invite. OR you go to SQUAD panel and you might see there some squads you can join by clicking them.
  4. WB! I S! you...
  5. is there been some else way than " .m (name) and text?
  6. good?
  7. at the "very early game" i want to nowadays maps looking like this... so many axis arrows there!
  9. lol? btw germans stole the swastika from finland and did tune the angle a little...
  10. how this looks?
  11. S! hi! you liked the game so why you wont ask your friends too?