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  1. My father was a US Coast Guard Reservist. Enlisted as an air cadet, August '41. By December, he was sent to OTS, Ft. Dix, a "90 day wonder" ensign, USCGR. He served on the USS Arthur Middleton (APA-25), '42-44 as a boat officer. The Arthur Middleton was an attack transport. Troops were ferried to the beach on 'Higgins' boats or LCVPs. The boats were organized into squadrons. He was in a boat squadron. He campaigned in the Aleutian Islands, Tarawa, Eniwetock and Siapan. My old man told me alot about his experiences in WW2 since his cold war duties on the North Atlantic patrol were, and still are, classified. The Aleutians were a major clusterfuk, bitter cold, fearful seas, and the enemy needing to be rooted out of every cove and inlet. Early on, the Middleton dragged her anchor, ran aground and couldn't be floated til spring. The USS Worden (DD-352), suffered a worse fate in the same gail. So, his first winter at war was in Dutch Harbor. The highlight of that winter was a nightly poker game run by a tech sargent named Dashiell Hammett. Tarawa he remembered as bloody. First day Marine casualties piled up at the tide line. The Middleton's beach party was mauled by mg fire. They ferried casualties and cargo for 5 days. On the return voyage to Pearl, there were many burials at sea. Eniwetock and Siapan deserve another post. Here's a good read on the USS Arthur Middleton: http://www.uscg.mil/history/webcutters/APA25ArthurMiddleton.pdf
  2. This game is addicting because it's hard. There's no easy way to learn this game. People will help if you take the time to learn how to use the comms. Or ask questions on the forums. Good Luck!
  3. Did a clean install, and after a reboot, playgate works. Thx for your help, !S.
  4. But the log in screen isn't lanuching.
  5. Strange, hang for a second or 2 and nothing? Offline mode works. Anyone have a quick fix for this?
  6. If i'm reading you right..., 6am here. You'll need to edit the cfml file for each aircraft..., or the universal 'air cfml' file. Copy and paste the command to the file --back-up files first, ofcourse. Find the folder in 'my docs'. Make sense? ratszo
  7. Did the tweak on XP. Running on 56k, so smaller packets sounds like a good idea. Hard to say if it helps, tho it hasn't hurt anything. Think it helps the 'white-out' problem on the map abit. ratszo
  8. ok, i'll gve it a try. ratszo
  9. When you buy the game, it comes with a month free play included. Guess that's the 'grace' period. So, you'll need to set up a payment plan in the 'manage account' page to play past the first month. ok? ratszo
  10. hi, maybe roll back the vid driver? i got a 6800..., with 94.24 driver. ratszo
  11. Not much you can do 'bout that. Try increasing the contrast on your monitor. ratszo
  12. Sign me up! Stuka, 2ed wave. ratszo