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  1. XOOM made a mistake Let's screencap this and pull it up in a pointless argument with CRS in 4 years
  2. Could it be Google Chrome? Haven't tested on any other browsers yet, but sometimes individual browsers have tissy fits for no reasons with stupid things like this.
  3. There's still a difference between whining and coming up with solutions to the problems the game faces. Just complaining about something without giving input on how to fix it is useless and annoying.
  4. That's because whenever the LW has numbers on the spitfires run and hide Happened several times this map already, we get numbers into the air just to find nothing to shoot at. Once we go ground and/or leave the game they all come back. Last map was particularly bad because ZULU was Allied, causing a huge imbalance of the few flyboys there are in the game.
  5. I have, and I fly both about equally well. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I know there are some balance issues, but I just wish people wouldn't whine about it and would come up with real solutions, not just nerfing the enemy or massively overpowering their own equipment.
  6. There are several players, on both sides, that seem to do nothing but whine when they log in. The problem is that they never seem to come up with solutions to these equipment problems that don't involve massively buffing their equipment while nerfing the enemies. Please oh please, if you have an issue with equipment find a way to fix it while making it balanced and fun. Saying that you want to be invulnerable while the enemies die by looking at them is a bad way to get your complaint heard. Don't go to CRS with a problem, go to them with a solution for the problem and they're much more likely to listen to you. End rant.
  7. Someone sounds butthurt, do you need a bottle before your nap?
  8. HC aren't being removed, but rather their job is changing. They are now going to focus on leading attacks and making sure they can get players organized. With the new town based supply, you no longer have to worry about moving brigades around. This also means that there is an even amount of supply across the map, so you can't lose half the map because of TZ3 softcapping. This should improve gameplay because you're forced into battles, not just sneaking things that can't be defended. Also, AO's are still dictated by HC. This allows HC to have a coordinated effort as to where the fights should go, and what are strategically the best targets to take at that time. In the event no HC are on it'll resort to the fallback system where the game will place AO's if no HC place one. This means that AO's will still be placed, albeit sometimes in poor locations, even if no HC are on to do it. Any more questions?
  9. No longer need HC on 24/7 to make sure that fallbacks are set, supply is rotated properly and we don't get tons of stuff cutoff. Because only a small number of people join HC, and few of those take map, there are only a handful of players that do all of these things. By making it so we don't have to worry about that it won't be nearly as stressful or difficult to be HC.
  10. Essentially removes our current brigade system and is replacing it with supply in every single town. This heavily heavily heavily lightens the burden on HC and should improve gameplay overall.
  11. Our own devs can't understand the code half the time
  12. Now, I'm no expert or anything, but isn't forcing your players to do something they don't want a bad way to gain new subscribers? I understand everyone's frustration but you have to realize that CRS needs more players, and forcing them to play a side they may not want is not a good way to get new players. I think the equipment restrictions we have now are a fairly good way to keep people interested in the game and willing to subscribe, without giving them too much to work with. Remember that CRS is a business, and they need to make money. Shutting a door to a whole new group of customers is a VERY VERY bad way to run a business.
  13. I don't like the AI we have now. Is it needed, unfortunately yes, doesn't mean I like it. Now you're proposing in addition to ATG pits and Ai towers we need even more AI that is even more deadly? No thank you.
  14. This ^ If you can handle a second account, make a free one and grab a rifle and ride on your tank. Deploy him behind and swap to him ever so often to help scout for sappers. Much more likely to nab them that way.
  15. We can get to plenty of roofs as is.