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  1. If there is such a thing as a mod here feel free to delete this thread. I will just learn/stay solo. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am very much interested in bombers and the art of flying them within game. While I can pilot aircraft and get in the air, the nuances of the little things have so far eluded me. I use a Saitek X52 with Joystick and Throttle assembly. I would like to join with a squad that is very active (I log in daily at various times), and is willing to help me, help *our* squad, be the best we can be. Please do contact me and let me know your website, info etc. 07 Benny
  3. We had a large (considering daily game pop) para jump to capture Velbert last night. I do not know how to embed.
  4. 12:53 am Friday, 3 May. Germans are shooting through walls, walking through walls. Even dropping from top floors down to bottom floors. Running up to walls an shoving barrels through. It is impossible top defend against this. Does the server need to be reset or some code fiddled with? Please do it now if yes.
  5. Trench warfare was WW1. Long static lines hardly moving more than meters. Also would equal boring attrition battles I think.
  6. Sunday, Aug 12th. As of today I can no longer use this to contact other players. Is this intentional or an unintentional side affect of something related to free play?