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  1. The Axis Whine Brigade. Have you heard that term? You should have. Why? Because they invented the idea of threatening to unsub if they didn't get what they wanted. And it usually worked for them. But again... I'm not unsubbing and I'm not going to stop supporting the cause. I'm just tired of the same thing happening over and over and over and NOT BEING FIXED until someone points it out over and over to the Rats. It shouldn't happen in the first place. But, it most def shouldn't happen over and over. I'm done. See you guys soon. bye
  2. Didn't say I was unsubbing. Just taking a break. Really sick of seeing the same mistakes over and over and over and over. But even when I take a break from the game, I've continued to support it with my subscriptions for 14 years now. And then there's the donations to the GoFundMe things the Rats put on every once in a while. I believe I'm up to $5000 now. How much have you put up for the cause since joining in 2016?
  3. Probably nobody lol
  4. I'm done for now. Bad feelings. Haven't played other games for, literally years. But now... I am.
  5. Then, when there's an AO or DO where the battle consist of only 1 Brit Bgd vs 1 Axis Bgd... I'm NOT participating. Rifles are almost useless in city fighting and trying to capture or clear a CP. The Smg and the Semi-Auto are King. Well, and the Axis LMG of course, but that's different argument. Who in their right mind would want to try and engage in a city fight with house to house fighting, where one side gets 50 semi-auto rifles and the other gets 100? In what world would that be a fair fight?
  6. But ALL Country Bgds should field the same number of Semi's, Rifles, SMG's, etc. That's just common sense and good, fair game play. You're going to lose some subs over this, CRS. You're going to lose mine if it happens again.
  7. I'm so F'n SICK of this sh*t happening. And then, getting the "gee, not sure how that happened, I'll fix it" response. Totally unacceptable and NO WAY to run a successful business. Strike 2.5 for me CRS. One more F*ck-up like this, and I'll have to seriously rethink my loyalty to this cause.
  8. I hope the Axis do make a comeback. I love long maps and friggin HATE intermission. Dumbest thing EVER.
  9. I'll just lol now.
  10. I have NEVER been able to "rubble a CP". Using every single HE round my tank has, I can never seem to "rubble" a CP. I just waste my HE.
  11. You could do the same as other games, and just have everyone pay a one-time fee of $59.95 up front, to download the game. That would have saved me about $4940 ... so far
  12. It's never happened to my 2nd account. But, then again... my 2nd account has NEVER played anything but 1 side... Allied. And typically, it's just driving a truck for tow and setting the FMS.
  13. Yes, give the French a RED stripe on the the top of their hat... so they can be easily spotted in the green bushes.
  14. No FF in this game. You might have died when a building you were in, collapsed when hit by a friendly bomb. We should really consider banning all assault buildings in this game.