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  1. "Try again later" ??
  2. Wouldn't hold your breath waiting on 2.0. You'll turn blue and die... a billion times over before / if it happens.
  3. Didn't read all comments, but it's important to mention that enemies always render before friendlies. edit: enemies are SUPPOSED to render before friendlies.
  4. RIP
  5. The FG42 is nothing like the .30 Browning. FG42 is a para rifle. The M2 Carbine I've been fighting for is more comparable. It's also a better fit against the Stg44 than the M1 Carbine they are adding.
  6. got it
  7. That makes sense... if all this game was about was capping. Luckily, this game is more than that. A battle can last 4 hours. People might spend 20 minutes capping. I'm looking for a fair fight during the actual battle around town. Another example... If one baseball team had 9 players and the other had 4, then the low pop team should get 2 points every time they make it to home. Can you imagine how many runs the overpop team would score before the lowpop team even had a chance to bat? The overpop team would just keep hitting the ball to where the 4 guys couldn't cover. In WWII Online, the low pop team is camped and beaten down and demoralized. And after dying 10 times and finally getting into a cp, there are 4 enemy defending it. Rinse repeat. Rinse repeat, until you just get lucky enough to find a CP unguarded. No fun in that. I want a fair fight during the actual fight. Not a crutch on the off-chance I finally get to a cp. I enjoy the fight WAY more than the cap.
  8. I can see 17 post from you in the last week. 2 in the last hour. Are you seeing those?
  9. soon (™)
  10. blacklist? um... why?
  11. It's always been a problem. Even when we had much higher numbers playing this game. It will always impact. It's like a snowball rolling downhill. Once one side gets rolling because they are overpop... then others will automatically want to join the roll. It happens every campaign now.
  12. Sounds like "deafen" would work in this case at least.