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  1. 101st used to do these. They were fun. But alas, our squad has moved on to other games. We're lucky to get 2 or 3 to log into WWIIOL any more.
  2. He makes a VERY valid point. Spawn-Kill-Die is typically the ONLY way to take a town.
  3. But actually... I just ment the Forums in general are D.E.A.D.
  4. Wow. Not a single post in the most used section of the WWII Online Forums... in 13 hours. The bell tolls for thee.
  5. Pretty cool. The tower has way more detail than you'd expect from something done in '02
  6. Another post deleted. Pretty sure that one didn't meet and most certainly didn't exceed the TOS. Yep. I must have a bell around my neck. Think I'll add one to my Signature for laughs.
  7. I'll be interested to see how this affects the Allies ability to hold the 2 front-line airfields. Will it be easier, or harder? Because, once you lose them...behind them is.... nothing for a long-azz way.
  8. So just the 2 Allied major cities are getting split up? Why not ALL the cities that are of that size on both sides? Or at least an equal number of cities on both sides at fairly equal distances from the starting line? Fair and balanced?
  9. Hmmm. I'll have to crunch numbers and decide if paying the monthly Premium sub for a bunch of crap I never play is still worth it when I rarely play now anyway. Base game for $4.99, plus a few one-time charges for the things I play most. Sounds like a money saver for me... if I decide to stick around. But, if I pay for a light armored vehicle and they're always unavailable because some nooblet wasted them all in 10 minutes. I'd be one upset owner of a useless investment.
  10. You will continue to only see weak excuses. This has been a problem since the day the HC concept was first implemented. MANY of the player base warned of this happening and were ignored. MANY,... MANY left the game, never to return because of the foreseen, failed implementation of the HC. Many more continue to leave the game because of the failed implementation of the HC. And so it continues. ...
  11. Define irony. A group of people continually pushing the player base to join a system they DON'T WANT TO JOIN.... and then give excuses why they don't want join that system themselves.
  12. And there's your answer right there. Axis complained. It got changed. *clicks timer*
  13. I like this guy. He says all the things that MAKE SENSE, without getting his post deleted ... like mine do.