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  1. Thanks for your help OHM. I'll give them a call and start the process.
  2. No. What would I need to look for? I'm thinking about buying an aftermarket modem. I figure the one from SuddenLink is old and crappy. But not sure what I'd do if it was my outside lines or how to even check for that lol
  3. No Nothing on my end has changed. Ya'll seem to be changing things on your end on a weekly basis lol I was finally able to get in. It's hit & miss. Sometimes I have to log in 2 or 3 times before it sticks.
  4. Still getting the milky screen of death with the pop up box that says "WWIIOnline is not responding" when loading the game. Started a couple weeks ago, but would usually load after a couple tries. But, now... since the 2 day offline.... it's like that all the time. Can't log in.
  5. No such thing as a bad suk?
  6. See a movie. Read a book. Walk the dog. It's all gunna be ok. Now. About that CAPITAL letter. What exactly would you consider "In Good Standing"??
  7. Yep. As games (and communities) go ... this one is pretty docile.
  8. I'm sorry. Wud'ya say. I can't concentrate on anything but your sig.
  9. I still miss the old forums. lol
  10. When would an Axis LMG EVER need to use a pistol in a CP?
  11. Remember the old (aka confusing as hell) way of determining mortar range? lol
  12. There would be if FTP was required to join the game on the Low Pop side. Oh... and I agree with everything you said in your post.
  13. I used an AMD and it worked great until it became obsolete. My new one is an Intel. As for FreeSync. In this game... Not worth the extra money from what I can tell.
  14. You get a pistol when you sub :-)
  15. It works!... woot!! Now... How exactly do we use the Attachments section? :-)