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  1. So I hear... overall the Allies had a 1.35 KD, but it was a total Tiger campfest and Allies lost 15 towns. Is that true? Not sure how the 1.35 KD works with that. That's an exaggeration, right?
  2. Wonder how many F2P greentags unsubbed after that slaughter. Or more likely switch to the overpop Axis side. lol.
  3. I know it's my connection. This thing hiccups all the damn time simply when watching movies. I miss my old Time Warner Cable Roadrunner hard-wired high-speed cable back in 2001. That thing was quick and constant compared to this lame-azz wireless crap we have now. Seems to work good enough for though merlin. :-)
  4. I say remove vets that are freeloading as F2P
  5. I've almost gotten to that point now. I logged in last night and couldn't even force myself to spawn in. I just logged off and watched a movie instead. My frustration level is at an all time high.
  6. Well, I have to admit.. I was just trying to generate a heated response. What can I say... I was in a mood. But honestly, this type of thread is pointless. It gets nowhere and only makes people (that could under normal circumstances be friends) angry with each other and that anger festers into long-term hatred. I tire of it. It never goes anywhere and only causes problems. Rarely solutions. Very rarely. So, I have to get a laugh out of it occasionally. It keeps my sanity and my ability to continue playing this game instead of just throwing my hands up and saying F**k it. Moving on now
  7. Wait... it's possible to kill more than you die?
  8. Caught one! Dude, I've spawned Axis. I die just as easy no matter what I spawn. 'Cause I suk. I was just trollin. Hence the first pic of the.... trawler. I was just have a little fun. Ok. Ya'll can go back to your talk about equipment. I quit these arguments last year.... because... These discussions are pointless. CRS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PARITY.
  9. I believe the proper Axis response would be either ... 1. get guder OR 2. Learn 2 Flank But guess the best response would be ... if it don't work... don't do it. But Keep trying if you like.
  10. Every time we bring up the Tiger, Axis tell us to quit whining and list all the ways to kill a Tiger. How 'bout the Axis quit whining and consider all the ways to kill an ATG ... then reduce the Tiger numbers.
  11. The Tiger ratio problem has been a known issue for quite some time. Rats don't care.
  12. I have rank and yet ... I'm still spawning Panny's, and Stews more than any other tank. Your argument is lame.
  13. P2W? Pay for Rank? Uh... no thanks. That's why I DON'T play those other lame games.
  14. I think my point was ... most people understand how to customize a keymapper. I do it with every single FPS I play. So I'm pretty sure most of these guys can figure out how to open the key mapper and see how to go prone, etc... Most are just too lazy and would rather ask, and that's fine. But my point still stands. There doesn't need to be a mandatory tutorial on how to move or shoot. That's more fun to learn as you go. But you do need to know the basics of attack and defend. How to. Where to.