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  1. I just want a balanced game that allows both sides a fair shot at winning and for a campaign that last long enough to see all Tiers. Don't give a damn about intermission.
  2. I couldn't tell you what happened. But here's my 60 minutes in game this campaign... I logged in on Tuesday night. We were WAY underpop and getting slaughtered. Everyone was complaining about HC mistakes and logging. I grabbed a rifle..., fought hard, but got tired of being the baby seal getting clubbed over and over. So, I logged too. Losing interest in WWIIOL, I went to Steam and bought 2 new games for the first time in 3 years. Won't be back this campaign.
  3. Is that an actual photograph?
  4. I've seen several post / comments regarding 1.36 lately. Has CRS posted something that should make me believe it will be released in before 2020?
  5. Less rifles and more fake-a$$ ezmode shotguns for the Axis. Great idea. F2P Vets will make good use of them.
  6. That's good. lol... I really liked the last one. But you forgot the most important one. PoP BALANCE. CRS will continue to fail until they fix this game killing issue.
  7. How exactly is THAT a subscription destroyer? "Oh noze! You suicided. I'm canceling my subscription because you suicided!!" Really?
  8. It will now be fixed.... Soon™
  9. It was discussed when the new forums were first introduced. Most wanted Barracks first. But... we were ignored. And no. HC is irrelevant to all but the HC. They should be at the bottom.
  10. I agree Ender. Hopefully SOME of the Steam F2P accounts stick around and become paying customers, which in turn keep the lights on long enough to.... well, keep the lights on. I think that's about all we can hope at this point.
  11. CRS decided a Loooong time ago they did not want Squads to be the center of WWIIOL. So they did everything in their power to destroy them. And in the process, they destroyed the game AND themselves. Enough said on that... I lost count of how times I told the Rats on these forums that they were rushing the Steam release. They needed to fix the game before they introduced it to the Steam crowd, because this was their one and ONLY shot at success. A once in a life-time opportunity. As usual... they ignored everyone (not just me) who gave the same advice. People like me that have 30 years of marketing experience and running a successful business... unlike CRS. They just saw the stars and went for them.... and blew their one shot. We will have to see if they can sift through the ashes of this mess and survive once again. Maybe some day they'll learn to take advice rather than just roll their eyes and assume all we are is hot-headed forum ranters. We might also be successful businessmen that have more experience and better ideas than they do when it comes to running a company. But what do I know. I'm just a hot-headed forum ranter.
  12. Pretty sure that's not in game... is it?
  13. Should we start comparing all tanks to all tanks again? There's nothing like the Tiger either. There's nothing like the Stug either. There's nothing like the ... and on and on and on ...... FFS this gets so f'n old.
  14. They did. All ATV's used to be a lot faster.