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  1. Been so long, I can't remember the last time I logged in. For all the reasons that, from what I've read today... are still around. But at this point... The main reason I don't log in, is because the game is 18yrs old. It plays like a game that is 18yrs old. Question: Do infantry STILL get stopped by a fallen tree log? Can't jump over it and the game didn't even have the ability to step over the damn thing. THAT's how old this game is. LoL . edit: And I had to delete my Profile pic becaue it uses Gravatar and I don't want my Business Page Pic showing on this forum. I see most everyone else has done the same. So, blank profile pics is the norm now. Yeah, that's dumb. This was my first post in 9 months. Nothing to see... I'll check back in , in another 6-12 months.
  2. CRS

    I suggested F2P be locked to the underpop side. CRS decided to get rid of F2P.
  3. I remember some used to say the best place to shoot the 88 crew was in the foot. Now that's a ringing endorsement for the coding.
  4. There are only 20 regulars on the forums now days. Everyone else is gone. Close them. Get rid of them. They are negative and detrimental to the game. You're better off without them. But save OT. A lot of people pay a sub just to post in OT. Yeah, they're weird.
  5. Blah Blah Blah... This is STILL the same old argument we were having 10 years ago. Nothing ever changes around here. Same complaints. Same whines. Same bugs. Same lack of need changes stay in game. Same lack of fun.
  6. You can take your "Historical Baseline" and throw it in the trash. It means exactly squat-all when all the players aren't in the game. As has been said a million times before. The Allies are missing their biggest advantages during the war. The 8th Air Force and Artillery. Artillery was as much a factor in winning the war for the Allies as anything else and it's not even in this game. So, I think it's a mistake to talk about Historical accuracy. History is irrelevant in this game.
  7. Scotsman left? ... Hmmm. As I've stated before, the entire HE and ballistics performance realism thing was a bridge too far. It's wasted time on something that will only break other things and in the end will only pi$$ more people off when it doesn't work the way they want it too. Perfect example of why the forums are so negative, right there. The forums are negative because people are unhappy with the game. Duh! Sometimes, you guys put WAY too much thought into this. It's a game. One built in 2001. Quit trying to make it the ultimate simulator in the history of simulators. It's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Here's an idea. Fix the sh*t that's broke. You have a great game. Stop trying to make it something it's not and just make it work for a change. And stop trying to moderate the forums. You're looking for unicorns and rainbows. That's never going to happen either. You want some place for the new and un-tarnished to visit and keep a positive attitude? Fine, start a new section for them and moderate the hell out of it. We will never want to go in there with our crap. I won't be any fun. We'll stay down here in the Wild West were the Mods can't pick favorites and hand out TOS's when they feel like it and NOT hand out TOS's when they like the guy... Yep. Please don't EVEN try to deny it. I've been here WAY too long and have witnessed the double standard MANY, MANY times. Just leave these forums alone. Walk away. Start a new one for the faint at heart. You want to know how to "get beyond the negativity in the forums". Hahahahah. You can't. It's human nature.
  8. His Sig and his forum title say Allied Commander in Chief. I would have assumed he had HC access.
  9. And there it is But you're right. I do have passion for this game. Some times I let it spew forth lol. But nothing ever changes. So why do I keep making a fool of myself, I keep asking. I've hoped to see the game come out of its nose-dive. But it hasn't. I should stop. There is no point really.
  10. I guess I'm trying to point out, again, that CRS continues to listen to a very limited and narrow opinion strain. Popularly know here as "fanboys". It's been a downward trend for years that, in my opinion, has contributed to the loss of subscriptions. CRS continues to listen to the same group of people over and over. They keep getting the same fanboy suggestions that they've come to know and love... and feed off of. But I don't believe these suggestions as a whole, or type, have been productive in a subscription count kind of way. Sure, the changes are making the fanboys happy. CRS is keeping MOST of the old subs. But I assume everyone is hoping for more. But, they keep expecting to reach this goal by using the same old formula that hasn't worked for 10 years. More of the same stale ideas from the same stale fanboys. CRS needs fresh ideas from the people they are trying to entice into subscribing and STAYING. Ideas and suggestions from the younger crowd. Not a bunch of has-been fanboys. But I'm sure voodoo will put me in my place with a nifty reply that will make me look stupid and irrelevant. Someone will "like" his post, because BOY! he sure got me good. And life will go on as usual in these forums. CRS will continue taking the same stale advice and suggestions from the same old has-beens. Nothing will change. And the subscription level will continue to dwindle. But, man... I was sure put in my place and made to look stupid and irrelevant before the game died.
  11. Actually, people say that all the time in these forums. I've had it said to me personally on many occasions. In game polls may help to measure the temperature of the people that play the game NOW. You've already sold most of them. Their opinion might help a little. But, is that really your target market? No. You're asking the wrong people in this specific case. I'll assume you have other marketing strategies for learning what the OUT of game crowd want in a game and what they are looking for in a MMO like WWIIOL? (??)
  12. You guys act like he's an isolated, unhappy individual. What you don't realize is, he's an example of a much larger sample that never bothers to post. But you guys just keep saying.... "Fine, leave... we don't need you anyway. We like the little niche game we've built" How's that workin for ya so far?
  13. That would be OT
  14. I'm surprised this hasn't been "moved" to the Game Suggestions forum section.