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  1. Same happened to me. Not impressed at all. Glad our Squad uses our own Teamspeak client. I think I've been on Allied TS twice in the last year.
  2. So far... it sucks. Luckily, our squad has its own TS
  3. I believe they've stated that "foundation" work as described above will not be implemented in this version of the game. You will have to wait for WWII Online Version 2 to be released. I'm thinking in the year... NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN !! So, I would love to see new toys asap please.
  4. But it's NOT quad 20mm AA. The picture they released clearly shows it to simply be a single bofors we have in game now... plopped on top of a truck. How original lol And if they do (some day) introduce the quad AA. Screw the 50 cal. I want the Allies to get a quad Hotchkiss 25mm. Although the 50cal is pretty sweet :-)
  5. You just made me shoot a little coffee out my nose. lol
  6. Give them both a cyclic rate of 220 - 260 and be done with it. Different but equal. They had similar muzzle velocity of about 900 m/s. BUT... the Flak 38 had an effective range of 2200 m and the Hotchkiss 3 times that effective range at 6800 m. (Not that anyone could hit a moving target at that distance) But it's a hell of a sniper rifle. :-)
  7. Nope
  8. Yep. I've tried expensive ones. The Logitech works as well and last just as long. As for a headset. Best one I've found is the Sennheiser PC 363D. Maybe a little pricey, but still middle of the road.
  9. P1's, P2's and a few P3's. No mention of the StugB. Had to be one or two of them in France. They're the bane of our existence Tier 0 in BoF.
  10. Never used Range. I think it's on more Axis than Allied equipment, but I don't know that for a fact. I'll put 3 or 4 shots into a pz and THEN they will finally locate me and... boom! I get one-shotted a LOT from 1000 meters and more. So I assume there a quite a few Axis that use the ability lol. Only been playing this game for 14yrs. I guess I should learn which equipment has range finders and adjustable sights. I might actually live longer lol.
  11. VERY steep learning curve. After playing this game for a few years, I decided to dedicate an entire year to flying... in the hopes of getting good at it. It didn't work. I learned that some people will NEVER be good at it lol. I've accepted that I suck at flying and now I rarely fly... and when I do.... I accept my limitations and prepare to die.
  12. I like that this is NOT a pay-to-win game.... but it is difficult to gain rank in this game. Especially air rank lol
  13. Bump! Just ponied up... But I'd take the Quad 50cal over the twin 20mm for Allied SPAA. Now, if it's a quad 20mm ... :-)