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  1. Oh the map is over? I can get back to tier 1 then yey
  2. Not a problem Xoom, feces happens lol. A bit late, but up and running on my end too.
  3. I’ve used both, same issue. And the app won’t open at all, so can’t check about.
  4. Have the boys gone home for the day? I guess they probably already know what’s going on. Or maybe a kind windows user soul can message them in game telling them we got a few peeps standing outside in the snow locked out and crying. Omg my poor Bf109, all alone and vulnerable, the horrible things the allies must be doing to it while I’m gone!
  5. Oh ok, so it’s not just me then.. fewww... I always get paranoid It’s my computer and everyone else is honky dory. Guess the Mac version will take longer
  6. Guys, I downloaded, deleted my old copy and moved the new copy to applications. When I try to launch I get a message saying it is damaged and should be moved to trash, and will not launch the loader. What did I do wrong?
  7. I’m gonna order Thai food while I wait on the Mac update... dang Macs.. lol
  8. OMG how could I miss this!! Well I actually also got back after a few years off, with moments here and there where I would pop in. Im so happy to see so many originals returning, and what you all did for Wench is beyond words. Sorry I’m too late to help out, but just wanted to add my WELCOME BACK!! S!
  9. Welcome back!! So happy the original players are trickling back in. S!
  10. Yey!! U guys rock
  11. OH NOES!! Hurry with Mac! HURRY!... not Hurri but Hurry lol
  12. WOW! Another BKBer. I spent the better part of the 2000’s with them! Miss those days. My old forum signature is somewhere... I had made it myself and was so proud of it lol. WB!
  13. Cuz the game hasn’t changed over the years WB dude!
  14. Just came back from the Christmas 7 day trial. Decided to resub. Now getting Auth error. To be frank I am now at my Academy's accomodations and during the trial I was at a friend's home using their connection. I am in the uk and I do believe both providers are BT so I'm hoping it's not my flat's router setup or something. I hope this is just temporary or I will have to unsub... again. After 2 years of waiting to come back. Great...