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  1. The problem is that the 2500k is pretty fast even with single threaded apps, but it isn't enough for this game? Why is it that FPS drops that get close to 20 are only in big cities? I always thought that it was CPU intensive because so many things had to be tracked, but I can go into a big city that is completely empty and still get those low FPS. It seems nothing makes a difference when it comes to those cities, which makes me wonder what the deal really is.
  2. I have a pretty good system with a 2500k Sandy Bridge processor, and a Nvidia 670 FTW card. I started a trial account just to see how the game was coming after taking about a year off and I was getting 20 fps in a big town. This game is 11 years old, and modern hardware still can't run it well. This game CAN'T be that intensive that it requires more processing power than any other modern game. My system runs any game I throw at it with ample FPS, but this game has been and always will be a problem.