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  1. oh, it was on other account, it was Tomppeli2k not tomppelix... but im sure i have been "commented" in that topic with this account? can i log into tomppeli2k account even its not active account atm?
  2. there is a picture of old version's menu where you can see japan, china, commonwealth wtc.. would be cool
  3. i had a topic with 4 - 6 pages about ideas and suggestions of mine... in the title was in the end something like ...update 5 (remove update 4) i have looked for it for over 10 pages of topics and its not many weeks ago i was checking it?? it is important to me :/
  4. just different types of bunkers, also dinant should have the old castle as capturable base. btw, anyone wants bigger mortars to the game? it would be cool to have both, maybe f2p would have the little mortars, big ones for paying customers and from tier 1 or 2? i would like heavy mortars instead if we cannot get artillery guns yet. actually there is nothing much to do but 3d models and modify the weapon specs?
  5. player visibility should be already increased since players have more better computers etc than back then... i would say, double the visibility limit, when it hits steam increase it if people want, OR make it just adjustable like how many and distances. like: now 250 players in 500m, increase it to 500 players and in 750m? for planes, tanks should be seen very long distance, not like 3km or under? also what i have been noticed that im not sure if AA gunners see it so but at least inf can see enemy plane only from 100m if too much people in same place also they cant hear it, so its kinda annoying because you cannot adjust what you can see, how much and how far :/
  6. i would also love some variations, here you see that this bunker is inside another "bunker+net" thing, this is what i want some places too and maybe the mortar bunkers would be nice too?
  7. this... i would really love if we get someday "soon" something capturable to alps, some n a z i fortress and other little stuff. and maybe when they can start working on terrain, maybe change the snowy textures to better, also make the hills a bit more separate that not just big flat hills but so it is a bit harder to move? also we have to get some limit to the infantry running speed, did you ever notice that it feels infantry runs like 2x faster to 45 degrees going up to hill than on normal level of terrain?
  8. yeah, some different destroyers, some cargo ships as ammo ships, then landing boats, something between gun boats and destroyers, and of course remodel those old ships. this should be enough for long time for new and old navy players. of course i would like to get naval infantry models!! look from this page? also read my suggestions and comment please
  9. okay, this looks and sounds good and it is. -Truck deployed only. -Infantry and light guns can spawn from it. -Can withstand a significant amount of damage, but can go down. -Replaces the FRU. -Two shooter ports for infantry in the front. -Designed for concealment (uses terrain textures). -There will be no country flag draped on top of it (perhaps inside or the rear, pending consideration). so, this is what it is gonna be, i like every of these but im not sure about light guns spawning from there? also maybe replacing FRU, hmm... it would just give some variations to tactics and something that i cannot explain well (lol) what more PPOs the more variations on battlefields and tactics and like that but maybe when CRS is making other new addon PPOs into game maybe solve this then?
  10. im so excited about these 1.36 plans i would really want to know more about town based supply? btw, when are you guys starting to work on the terrain/buildings? i think the Dinant castle would good to start for one "special" buildings to CAPTURE? Wasn't Dinant the very first town in the game?
  11. yeah thats true. and i agree, bolt management should be optionally more manually.
  12. about rifles... you can reload rifle after shot when you want, just hold the fire button so it doesnt reload instantly.
  13. haha yeah :DDDDD i have been inside factory, it was funny journey, we were big group engineers who supposed to blow the **** up. we landed our junkers about 5 - 6km from the factory town while our amazing opel racer with his opel #13 had to drive from some town for hours to get to the place where we would land and then we hopped on the opel and headed to the factory town then i only remember parkouring on the roof or from roof through window to inside the factory or something :DDD