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  1. oh, it was on other account, it was Tomppeli2k not tomppelix... but im sure i have been "commented" in that topic with this account? can i log into tomppeli2k account even its not active account atm?
  2. i had a topic with 4 - 6 pages about ideas and suggestions of mine... in the title was in the end something like ...update 5 (remove update 4) i have looked for it for over 10 pages of topics and its not many weeks ago i was checking it?? it is important to me :/
  3. player visibility should be already increased since players have more better computers etc than back then... i would say, double the visibility limit, when it hits steam increase it if people want, OR make it just adjustable like how many and distances. like: now 250 players in 500m, increase it to 500 players and in 750m? for planes, tanks should be seen very long distance, not like 3km or under? also what i have been noticed that im not sure if AA gunners see it so but at least inf can see enemy plane only from 100m if too much people in same place also they cant hear it, so its kinda annoying because you cannot adjust what you can see, how much and how far :/
  4. yeah, some different destroyers, some cargo ships as ammo ships, then landing boats, something between gun boats and destroyers, and of course remodel those old ships. this should be enough for long time for new and old navy players. of course i would like to get naval infantry models!! look from this page? also read my suggestions and comment please
  5. at least one ctd i experienced yesterday, wile multicrewing stuka, we spawned, and then i started to fire rear turret but got immediately CTD?
  6. damn, that video :/ i know what video it is. it was the round bunker with the net over it and something, not in center of town.
  7. i think artillery would be very fun in all forms, but if it was like like called from off-map. it would be boring because you see that in every game...
  8. well... in winter war, we mostly had antitank weapons only few antitank cannons, and then molotow's cocktails... for armored... nah.. we had only one tank ready for combat lol. it was ****ty renault if i remember... also we had russian captured rifles "m/28 Pystykorva and some more variations of it. (modified mosin nagant, which appears to be one of the most accurate weapons still), also we had Lahti Saloranta "assault rifle" or something like that, but that was not very good for assaulting, its ammo capacity was not huge, it was better in defending point. here is some more info of weapons we used/had but we had m-31 (suomi KP, SMG) which russians stole and made their own version called ppsh41... aaand im not sure of the planes, but in whole war, we had like 2000 planes, USSR had about 80 000 or so? we had very much different kind of planes but one of them was not much usually. actually we have 2 DC-3's in finland and the one of them have been in flight condition for all the days after war, for finnish air company, and its still flying in finland and europe i think this one is the most beautiful plane in the world because its "color" and shape :3 if you ever come to finland you should take a flight in this DC-3, i never been in airplane yet but some day i will fly in this one and i cant wait for it! the second one damaged somewhat in the war, but last of its days of flying was in 50's or 60's... now its restored and almost ready to fly but im not sure if they going to fly it... these are pretty rare today. i dont remember the numbers now but it was like that... also infantry, finland: about 300 000, USSR: 2 000 000
  9. i have been telling and yelling about this game and its awesomeness and what it will be in future in YT and real life and somewhere else since 2010 i found this game
  10. wait what third person view??????