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  1. Hi, I am interested in joining the Freedom fighters. I was once a player when the game first came out, and have returned. It is a bit different, than before, but fun. I have been playing solo for a few months, mostly Axis inf, get sniper soon. Despite being a pilot for real, I have only flown a little in game, frankly it is lethal out there alone in the air. I am happy to help, happy to truck, well happy to be happy. Let me know if interested, I did not go for the other ones as they were all a bit serious about it all for me. That said, in game, I like team work, it adds nicely to the play. I have team speak 3, though never bothered using it in game as I have been solo. oxo_sdj@live.com to mail me (thats oh ex oh underscore) Steve... AKA.... XYLOGY