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  1. *waaaahhh* goes the baby -- shouldnt you be inb to the only AO/DO FB while its still intermission blowing the only action on map...? Re.: Event: Was fun & interesting for the 2-3 Hours it went back and forth - shuttling inf around - resupplying and all but yeah - unless FRUs and CP spawning can be turned off server side completely it requires supervision and can be rather taxing on the personell available
  2. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ + 1AP more for his 3b to finish off that Matty already or were gonna have to read "99AP matty no kill" for another 100 times
  3. If greyed out it means your Win10 install has most likely auto-installed some update or some other BS a week ago / 10 days ago which messed up chipset drivers or something and is only using/recognizing 1 Core out of 4 available since- hence the 25% utilization = 1 core maxed out = everything slows to a crawl... If you can do a fresh Win10 install and see if its back to normal
  4. "Never more than 25% utilization of CPU" say its a quad core - 25% utilization usually means theres one core out of the 4 pegged to 100% actually...or is that 25% across all 4 cores combined ie CORE0 10% / Core1 5% / Core 2 5% /Core3 5%? If one core only is pegged to 100% and the others just idling along..hmm Go Task Manager / View / CPU History and see if you have option to check Graph "ALL CPUs" or "One Graph per CPU" or if greyed out
  5. Check temps while running anything? maybe cooler got loose & isnt touching CPU anymore hence CPU throttles down due to temps..check that
  6. Ramsgate was first thing recapped along w point c. - LW = Training *o_0*
  7. Thing is this re. "beta" or "Training" Server & why we are not all on there blowing stuff up: a. only inf fights - i wanna play CoD, i play CoD...course that doesnt stop getting the spawn CP camped by ETs as soon as you cap it b. spawn a PZ on the off chance that someone else spawns one as well and you have a little duel going on...sitting 2-2.5k from town...6-10mins later you have someone sitting next to you, drooling and with a zook pointed at you - yeah thats right..instead of spawning a tank hes actually walked 6-10mins just to zook you even tho you were not even close to town or an FB or anything which makes that moot as well - 2nd time you spawn a Pz theres gonna be an EFRU then just for zooks 2.5k from town c. getting flags kicked to training by same aforementioned slightly excessively salivating individuals - on the TRAINING/BETA server... d. in case you actually spawn into a CoD fight in town chances are also rather good you get your FB blown away by the individuals w the saliva problem mentioned above e. f2p cant join Training/Beta Server
  8. I would like to reserve judgement on that until such time as seems neccessary to come to a cautiously guarded, non-commital train of thought eventually approaching an answer with regards to aforementioned question, firmly keeping it non-discriminatory towards either pro or con and ready to be flip-flopped on at a moments notice...
  9. Elaborate the consequences of the energetic, maximized, progressive cosmic flow of translucent emotional energy based on the existence of gender-neutral neutrinos saturating our dimension parallel to all other dimensions, same time, same place, infinity and beyond since eternity, based upon the following visualization (simplified):
  10. Imagination --- Interpretation --- let it flow, embrace it, cherish it ---