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  1. They used all blanks.. Earlier in the day they had live ammo demonstrations from weapons from WWII... obviously
  2. More pics German Camp Vid.
  3. Feel free to delete this post if you feel its spam. I apologize This would be a great location to advertise Battleground Europe.
  4. Join us for D-Day Conneaut 2012 in North-East Ohio's beautiful Ashtabula county. Right on Lake Erie sits Conneaut Ohio; who's shore and beaches offer an uncanny resemblance to the Normandy cost of France. Come early! There is plenty to see and do for the reenactors, veterans, and families. Visit our Schedule page to see a complete listing of last years 2011 schedule and events in and around Conneaut, all designed to help honor and celebrate the accomplishments of "The Greatest Generation". Where is Conneaut Ohio? Conneaut Ohio is located just off of Exit 241 of Interstate Route 90, 4 miles from the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line.